Savitri Devi 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer rescues Pragya, Gayatri and Ayesha exposed

Savitri Devi 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer finding Pragya captive in the farm house. He comes inside and opens her rope. Goon comes and hits him. Veer fights with the goons and beat them. He takes Pragya with him. Pragya hits goon while going. Goon calls Gayatri and informed her that Veer got Pragya freed from there. Savitri asks jaya where is her son? Jaya says I don’t know, my daughter is with me and is very happy. She says seems like your son was unhappy with the marriage. She tells Savitri that she won’t let her daughter marry Veer and swears on Sunil. Savitri says it will be better. Jaya says my daughter needs me and goes. Gayatri informs Ayesha and Dr. Malhotra. Ayesha says if I don’t marry Veer then will not leave Sanchi.

Savitri is about to faint. Dr. Malhotra runs to her and asks Priya to take

her home. Jaya tells Pandit that she wants to do navgrah pooja first. Veer comes there with Pragya and asks to stop the marriage. Pragya tells Jaya that it was Gayatri who shot Savitri and not her. She says she had a pendrive which proves that. Veer asks how dare you to do this. Pragya then tells that Gayatri hired Ayesha to separate Sanchi and Veer. She says Ayesha is not a doctor, but a fraud.

Veer says Sanchi is mine and asks where is she? He thinks Sanchi was always right. Isha says Sanchi is missing. Veer asks where is Sanchi. Jaya says I will search my Sanchi. She sits in car and asks driver to take her to Durga temple. Sanchi is waiting at the temple. Jaya comes there. Sanchi asks why did you send me here? Jaya asks her to trust her and says I have sent you here as you wouldn’t have married there peacefully. She says your groom would be coming. Jaya asks her to come. Kabir and Kusum comes there. Pragya get pendrive in Jaya’s purse. She understands Jaya knew about it. Veer’s friends tell about Dr. Kabir going to temple.

Pragya shows pendrive and says Jaya knew the truth. Veer, Pragya and Isha are on the way. Jaya prays that Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s marriage shall happen. Veer comes inside and asks Sanchi not to marry Dr. Kabir. Jaya says Sanchi will marry Dr. Kabir. Ayesha comes and tells that Sanchi trapped both Dr. Kabir and Veer and says she won’t let her marry anyone. She says my marriage was cancelled because of you. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri comes there. Veer tells Ayesha you knew that I always loved Sanchi and our relation was just a compromise. Ayesha says you are my stubbornness and she will get him. She shoots at Sanchi.

Veer promises to keep Sanchi happy etc. Jaya asks Sanchi to take rounds with Dr. Kabir. Veer is sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dumas001

    Jaya is destorying her daughters life for her own ambition and anger she does not care that her daughter does not love Kabir and is willing to destroy three live for her own revenge .

  2. I want sabir if not then bye bye sdch forever

    1. Sabir wnt ever happen aftrall sanchi loves veer n veer in return 2…

  3. Jaya is destroying her daughter’s life. Sanchi loves Veer but is getting married to kabir. Precap is very bad to watch for us SanVeer fans. I want SanVeer to get married. If in today’s episode, Sanchi and kabir gets married, i will stop watching the serial.

    1. Dumas001

      Sasachi needs to stand up for herself .

  4. If sanchi is shot then how is she taking rounds

  5. I think Jaya is correct and kachi is better than sabir

    1. Relax guys shaadi to veer ke saath hi hide

  6. If not sabir…..then bye bye sdch

  7. I think kabir will backoff and let sanveer marry. Bcoz kabir wants sanchi’s happiness. He is not a pshycho like veer. And a pathetic character like sanchi doesn’t deserve kabir.

    1. Completely agree with you.Psycho sanchi mata deserves psycho like Veer.

  8. Another stupid serial waste of time .

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