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Savitri Devi 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi asking Doctor how is he feeling? Patient says she is feeling good. Patient’s son says he is taking him for MRI. Sanchi stops him and says there is no need for MRI scan. Patient’s son thanks her. Sanchi asks Nurse to complete formalities of his discharge. She says now you can take him home. Patient and his son thank her and leave. Dr. Awasti sees her angrily and goes. Jaya thinks Priya is not picking call and gets worried. Someone comes and gives card to Jaya. Jaya opens the card and is shocked to see Priya and Vikrant marriage invitation card. She gets call from Dr. Malhotra. He asks did you get card and says it is beautiful and according to my standard. He says you can’t do anything and says I am always ahead of you in this life chess and asks her not to come as

you are not invited, and asks her to hang the card in the photo frame as it is sign of her defeat.

Jaya thinks what to do. Dr. Malhotra gives Jaya’s pics to security and asks them to make sure that this woman don’t enter inside. He says whatever you do Jaya, I won’t let you ruin my daughter’s marriage. Dr. Awasti comes to Dr. Kabir and asks him to handle his interns. He says Sanchi is interfering in my work and raising question on my treatment. He says I would have complained to Dr. Malhotra or Adarsh, but I don’t want to ruin her career and that’s why informing you.

Pragya and Sanchi tease Isha showing the cake and Pizza, as she is on diet. Sanchi gets Dr. Kabir’s message and goes. Servant comes and asks Priya to wear bridal dress. She nods. Veer asks Priya to refuse for marriage and he will talk to Dr. Malhotra. Priya asks him to let it happen. Veer says if Maa would have been alive, then she wouldn’t have allowed this. Priya says this is Papa’s decision and I have no problem.

Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir and says you called me. Dr. Kabir asks if it is your hobby or habit to interfere in someone’s work. Sanchi says I didn’t understand. He asks why did you get involved in Dr. Awasti’s case. Sanchi says he has prescribed the test which was unnecessary and increasing patient’s bill. Dr. Kabir asks her to do her duty and not to interfere. Sanchi says she is doing her duty. She says MBBS degree teach us to save patients and not to kill them with heavy bills. She says she has taken oath to save patients and not to kill them.

Vikrant gets ready wearing sherwani with his name written and asks Mrs. Chawla to take off evil eye off from him. Mrs. Chawla takes off evil eye from him and burns chillies. They cough. Vikrant tells Servant that he will bring Priya. Mrs. Chawla tells her husband that she can’t handle him anymore.

Sanchi asks Nurse fernandes about Veer. She asks her to talk to Dr. Kabir if she has problem to do Veer’s duty. Sanchi says it is not like that. Pragya comes and asks her why did Dr. Kabir call you? Sanchi says I will tell you and asks her to come. Jaya comes outside Dr. Malhotra’s house and thinks how I will go inside, seeks God helps.

Sanchi and Pragya ask Isha to be careful while coming back in the night. Isha says I know you will handle. Jaya enters the house and thinks she will meet Priya and stop the marriage anyhow. Veer hopes that he can stop marriage somehow. Jaya collides with Veer and Monica’s Pan Card fall down. Veer is about to pick it, but goes as someone calls. Dr. Malhotra asks Ria why she is upset. Ria says she wants to assist Kabir and wants to be like him. Dr. Malhotra thinks Ria wants to become like him although she is not his daughter and hopes Veer accepts Gayatri. He asks her to get ready and says Dr. Kabir is coming.

Ria thinks to look best so that Dr. Kabir couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Pragya and Isha teases Sanchi without taking Veer’s name. Sanchi says she is tensed and don’t know how is he? Pragya says we didn’t take his name. Isha says this happens in love. Sanchi says I don’t want to hear your nonsense. Dadi gives Savitri’s necklace to Priya and says it is yours now. Jaya is standing outside Priya’s room. She sees Gayatri coming and hides. Gayatri comes and asks her to wear diamond set which they have brought for her. Dadi says this is her mum’s necklace, let her wear. Gayatri is about to take it out.

Priya says how dare you and says she will remove her bridal wear and will marry in simple clothes. Gayatri says nobody cares for my feelings and asks her to do whatever she wants. Vikrant comes with his baraat. Gayatri, Dr. Malhotra and others are surprised to see Vikrant having sherwani of his own name. Guest says groom is strange. Gayatri does his aarti and is about to tilak. He moves back and asks Gayatri to come inside. He asks how is he looking? Dr. Malhotra says unique.

Veer tells Dr. Malhotra that I don’t hope from you that you will get Priya married to mentally unstable man. Girls come and tells Priya that baraat came. Dr. Kabir comes and goes to Dr. Malhotra without seeing Ria. Dr. Malhotra introduces Dr. Kabir to Mr. chawla. Dr. Kabir asks Dr. Malhotra to tell him if he can do anything. Dr. Malhotra asks him to train Ria well. He says sure. Pan card flies and falls near Adarsh. He picks it up and is shocked to see Monica’s id card. He shows it to Dr. Malhotra. Dr Malhotra asks Adarsh to search Jaya. Jaya reaches Priya and search for the card, but she couldn’t get. She thinks to talk to Priya and convince her.

Adarsh comes there and asks his mum to take Priya downstairs. Adarsh identifies Jaya and stops her. He says you might be searching this card. Jaya realizes colliding with Veer. Adarsh says I know you very well and uncovers her veil from her face. He says you have crossed all limits. Jaya says I came here to tell truth to Priya and will not stop. Adarsh holds her hand and asks her to try. Jaya asks him to leave her hand. Adarsh says how can I let you go and locks her in the room. He asks guards to keep eye on her and says she shall not come down until this marriage happens.

Priya comes downstairs. Veer looks sad. Vikrant says you are looking amazing. Ria smirks. Vikrant asks how am I looking? Priya says looking good. Vikrant says just good and asks her to say something good. Jaya knocks on the door and asks someone to open the door. She thinks what to do. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands. Vikrant tells Priya that he is trend setter and asks her to tell something good. Gayatri signs Mrs. Chawla. Mrs. Chawla tells Vikrant that mahurat is going and asks him to take garland. He gives garland to Priya. Priya makes him wear garland. Veer thinks there is some problem in this guy, don’t know why priya is marrying him. Vikrant makes her wear garland. Sanket is in police lock up. Jaya tries to break the door lock and calls for help.

Pandit ji recites the mantras and asks Priya’s parents to do kanyadaan. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri sit to do kanyadaan. Priya is lost in thoughts. They do kanyadaan. Adarsh comes back to Dr. Malhotra and says he has locked Jaya in the room. Dr. Malhotra says good and asks him to be careful till marriage happens. Vikrant asks Pandit ji to do marriage fast. Neeta does their ghatbandhan.

Sanchi is locked in the cellar. Veer is also stuck there. She calls for help and tells Veer that someone must have close the door. She helps him get up. Veer smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    please somehow somebody stop priya n vikrant marriage please n veer n sanchi looked up ohhh woww waiting

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  5. Wow in the upcoming episode there would be many sanveer scenes. Excited to see it. Today was!!!Okay episode.., but want Sanveer scenes everyday.☺

  6. WardhaRosYY

    This serial repeats on TV at 11:30pm. I like Kaanchi Jodi.

  7. I like Sanveer,excited to see their track,ideal Sanchi n prankster veer,wow..

  8. I think it is Sanveer and I am super happy.

  9. Sanchi and Veer ,waiting to see Sanchi realising her love and admitting it to Veer and his reaction.

  10. Swarda and Varun make a good pair,I mean acting wise.chemistry is good ,will improve with time for sure.

  11. Today epi is super… I think ria os gayathri first husband daughter… Just guess …i hope jaya breaks the marriage. And veer also help her….

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  13. I really wish kabir and sanchi pair up. I don’t like SanVeer pairing. Veer Pragya make a better pair.

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