Savitri Devi 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri instigates Veer against Sanchi

Savitri Devi 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Constable getting ring in Veer’s pocket. Sanchi is shocked. Gayatri thinks Veer has stolen it. Dr. Kabir asks Veer why did he steal to lower Sanchi and says she couldn’t do operation because of you. Veer tells Sanchi that he didn’t do anything, but Sanchi don’t believe him. Dr. Kabir sees wax on his apron and says I haven’t seen such disgusting man. He asks Police to arrest him. Mr. Patel asks Sanchi to discharge his wife immediately. Veer is silently going with Police. Ayesha stops Police and apologizes to Mr. Patel. She offers him 50 lakhs surprisingly everyone and asks him to complete all legal formalities. She tells why Veer will steal the ring and says he is Dr. Malhotra’s son. Mr. Patel accepts the deal and gets 50 lakhs cheque and also asks Inspector

to leave Veer. Ayesha smirks.

Veer thinks who had stolen the ring and put in my pocket. Who hates me so much. Gayatri and Ria come there and says whatever happened was bad, and says Ayesha did something which nobody can do. Ria says Sanchi should have done this, and says she took revenge on you. Gayatri says you loves her, but she don’t love you and hurts you. She tries to blackmail him emotionally and refers to him as her son. She asks him to love Ayesha and says she is liking you which is not bad, and says she is a good hearted girl. She asks him to go and thank her. Veer says ok.

He comes back to hostel. Veer asks why did you come here? He says I am repenting for my doings and have confessed my feelings. Sanchi is about to talk to him, but Veer goes and gives her 50 lakhs rs. cheque. Ayesha says I can’t take money from you. Veer asks her to take it and says please. Ayesha takes it and says just because you are insisting, and says whatever she has done is for her love. She says I have to bear the pain of one sided love.

She traps him in emotional words and says my happiness lies in your happiness. Veer apologizes to her for judging her wrong. Sanchi thinks Ayesha saved Veer and Hospital today and says she shall thank Ayesha. Ayesha talks to her boyfriend Rohit and says she got 1 crore from Veer and Gayatri by fooling them. She says she will ruin Veer. Sanchi hears and thinks what to do to expose her.

Sanchi shares plan with Isha to expose Ayesha for Veer. She injects her truth Serum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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