Savitri Devi 18th June 2018 Written Episode: Blackmailer Dr. Kabir gets blackmailed by Gayatri

Savitri Devi 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir telling that Sunny’s tickets have come. Jaya says he is my son and he will not go. Sanchi says he is my brother and I was trying for his admissions for long. Jaya says I won’t let him go. Veer tells Sanchi that Jaya is right. Sanchi says it is Sunny’s dream to study in US. Sunny tells that he wants to study in US. Jaya hugs him and cries. Veer feels helpless. Dr. Malhotra thinks Gayatri will never know that I have hidden papers in their photo frame. Gayatri comes. Dr. Malhotra tells that her 24 hours will soon be over. Gayatri asks him to do a deal and asks him to give 1 crore to her. Dr. Malhotra laughs and refuses. She says I have done so much for you and counts her favors on him. Dr. Malhotra says I want to take revenge on you for ruining my daughter’s life.

He says if you want money for your doings then I will give you 50 lakhs Rs. Gayatri says I need cash. Dr. Malhotra agrees. Sanchi tells Sunny that he has to go to airport directly from hospital.

Sunny thinks Dr. Kabir will ruin Sanchi’s life after I leave and tries to talk to Veer. Dr. Kabir comes and scares him with his looks. Sunny asks him to take care of Sanchi. Veer promises to take care of her always. Jaya says I will take you to airport. Sunny says Dr. Kabir will take me. Dr. Kabir takes mobile from his hand so that he can’t call anyone. Sunny thinks he will make Sanchi puppet. He tells that he needs to go to washroom. He goes to washroom and writes a letter to Veer asking him to save Sanchi from Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir thinks why Sunny is taking time and goes there. Sunny asks a ward boy to give a letter to Veer. Dr. Kabir comes to him and asks him to come. Sunny says ok. He looks back. Ward boy gives letter to Veer’s driver. Driver keeps it in his pocket. He comes home and gets his wife’s call. He drops the letter in the letter box and goes. Servant comes and takes the letters from the letter box. Savitri checks the letters, but don’t see Sunny’s letters. Veer comes and checks the letters, but don’t see Sunny’s letter. He is about to read it, just then Dadi slips and he runs to her. She tells that Servant has thrown water. Veer drops the letter there itself and takes Dadi to room.

Gayatri thinks don’t know where is Anand. She gets the letter and thinks what is it? She reads it and gets happy. She asks if I am really that lucky and thinks she got kuber’s treasure. Dr. Malhotra comes and gives her 50 lakhs in cash. Gayatri tells her that she don’t need the change and refuses to take the money. Dr. Malhotra thinks what happened to her? Gayatri says when destiny gives something, it gives everything. She thinks SDCH will change now. In the room, Sanchi thinks about Dr. kabir’s blackmail. Veer says it would be tough for you to send Sunny to US and says you didn’t tell me that you are searching university for Sunny. Sanchi asks can’t you understand in one go and goes to sleep on sofa. Veer gets sad.

Dr. Kabir comes to his cabin and sees Gayatri seated on his chair. He asks how dare you? Gayatri says your mouth will be shut soon. She closes the door and gives him Xerox of Sunny’s letter. Dr. Kabir reads it and throws the paper. Gayatri says it is just a photo copy, I have original. She says if I show this letter to Veer then your plan will failed to get Sanchi and other option to blackmail Sanchi will also go. Dr. Kabir asks what do you want? Gayatri says she wants Jaya’s chairman position. Dr. Kabir says I can’t do this with Jaya. Gayatri asks him to recommend her for this position. Dr. Kabir agrees and says he wants that letter before that. She asks if she is fool and says first position and then letter.

Ria gives injection to Gayatri and tells that once you give it to Jaya then her memory will get weak and she will not be suitable for any work. Gayatri is about to give injection to Jaya, but Dr. Kabir stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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