Savitri Devi 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer breaks Sanchi and Pragya’s strong friendship

Savitri Devi 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling that they fooled Sanchi and she didn’t realize that it was them in disguise of Madhu and Bala’s parents. Sanchi comes there and says BP Machine is not working. He says he was checking it. She asks him to take the readings and leaves.

Doctor checks Priya and says she have problem because of pollution. She asks Vikrant to take care of Priya. Vikrant says yes. Priya says I will take care of myself. Vikrant says it is about my baby’s life and says they will shift to another city until her delivery.

Madhu and Bala scare a patient and his relative. Nurse calls Pragya to the OT. They tell Pragya that they can’t do the surgery. Pragya says Sanchi showed truth on them and asks to do the surgery. They refuse and asks her to do the surgery. Pragya

says she can’t go against Sanchi’s orders. Madhu and Bala ask them to do the surgery. Patient and her relative tell that they won’t let them do the surgery. Pragya calls Sanchi, but her phone is not reachable. She decides to do his surgery.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that someone has cancelled the meeting. Sanchi says lets go to hospital. Dr. Kabir says lets have some pav bhaji. Sanchi says ok and gets down the car.
Priya is worried. Vikrant shows her world map and says we are going to new country. Priya is shocked. Vikrant says we are going to New Zealand and our son will get their citizen ship. Priya says our family is all here. Vikrant says your everything is just me and asks her not to forget. Dadi comes and asks who is going? Vikrant says Priya and me. He says Priya wants our baby to be born there and asks Dadi to see her face now itself. Dadi is shocked and asks Priya if she is happy. Priya worries for her and her baby. Sanchi gets call from Veer and surprisingly she don’t identify his voice. He says you have snatched chance from my daughters, she lost trust on herself. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that they have to go right away.

Vikrant tells Dr. Malhotra that they have decided to shift. Priya asks Savitri to get up and says don’t know when I will meet you. She sees movement in her hand. Dr. Malhotra says she is still unconscious. Vikrant says it is time to leave. Dr. Malhotra asks Vikrant to come and says till then she will meet Savitri. Madhu and Bala act and tells Veer and Ria to take them. Veer as Madhu and Bala’s parents tell Sanchi that Pragya has snatched their daughters’ chance. Madhu and Bala act to cry and tells that Pragya thrown them out. Pragya defends herself. Veer says how dare she to talk to my daughter like this. Ria says I wants to complain against this girl. Pragya says my father gave me this right and says she is HR head and MLA’s daughter. Madhu says you can’t talk to me like this. Bala says you took our surgery and now showing dada giri. Pragya says you gave me forcefully. Madhu and bala tells that you are jealous. Pragya gets angry.

Sanchi scolds Pragya and shouts at her. Pragya says they are acting. Sanchi says why can’t you follow the order and showing attitude to them. She says you have crossed all limits today. Pragya says they are lying, you are not trusting me. Sanchi says it is not about friendship, I am dean here and I have to take care of everything. She says you are wrong and that’s why you will apologize to them. Pragya refuses. Sanchi says I didn’t know you will take advantage of position and my friendship. Pragya asks what wrong did I do that you are saying this, and asks her to keep her friendship and position with herself and leaves.

Pragya tells Isha that she is resigning from admin and HR head position. Dr. Kabir looks on. Veer thinks Sanchi doesn’t know what will be his next attack.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Really today’s episode made me ??
    Both Sanchi and Pragya could not recognise Veer. Think this series needs to pack up as there is no end of revenge

    1. Sanveer

      Yeah really lol? The story is not going anywhere sorry to say

  2. Felt so glad to at least see some Kanchi scenes.They look so good together and their chemistry is soooo wow!!!
    Veer is getting on my nerves.If he can then he should win challenge by fair means!!There is no point at winning through conspiracy!!For him Sanchi is daughter of someone who attempted to murder his mom but for Sanchi also he is the son of her father’s murderer!He should understand that he is not the only one correct.
    Hope Dr.Kabir supports Sanchi fully to save her from that Veer and Riya’s evil plans.

    1. Who has used my name to write such comments about Sanchi, Veer & Kabir?? Becoz, this kind of language is not mine…??

  3. Cute kanchi scene

  4. I think they will veer character like vardan (devanshi)& end up series with kanchi

    1. If they end it with kanchi then i will be so happy.

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