Savitri Devi 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer takes out his anger on Sanchi

Savitri Devi 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Sanchi to show her acting to jury and asks her not to fool her. Sanchi asks him to believe her and says she really don’t know that he likes her. Veer laughs and asks if she was blind not to see his love and care, and says even his mum likes you. Sanchi says she thought Dr. Kabir likes her because of her capabilities and says she can’t see him with that sight and will tell him everything. She goes. Dr. Kabir calls Isha and tells that Sanchi is not picking his call. Isha picks the call and says Sanchi is unwell and that’s why returned to hostel. He says he will come and check. Isha says she will manage.

Adarsh tells Neeta that they shall find Dr. Awasti’s replacement who can work for them and not like Satyawadi harishchandra like Dr. Kabir. Neeta says

yes and tells that Dr. Kabir lied to them and tells that there is something going on between Dr. Kabir and Sanchi. Adarsh says he thought Veer likes her. Neeta says both of them likes Sanchi and we have to take advantage of the situation.

Priya comes to hotel room. Sanket asks her to relax and says nothing will happen between us today, it was our dream but I will not touch you as your husband forced us. Priya thanks him for the understanding. She looks at the café where they used to meet and shows to Sanket. Sanket tells that destiny wanted something else. Priya says we are here today because of Vikrant. Sanket holds her hand and says you will be freed soon from Vikrant’s clutches. Priya thanks him for the help. Sanket touches her hairs. She rests her head on his shoulder and hugs him. Vikrant brings Dr. Malhotra, Mrs. And Mr. Chawla and tells that Priya told him that she is going to Malhotra mansion, but she is spending time with him here. Priya tries to say. Mr. Malhotra slaps Priya.
Savitri thinks about the nurse KM and calls Jaya. She says Komal Motwani who was head nurse at that time. Jaya thanks her and says your house is breaking because of me. Savitri says house is broken 15 years ago when he tried to kill her. Jaya says where we will search Komal Motwani. Savitri says she will search in the house storeroom about her. Jaya says she can’t put her in trouble and says Adarsh might suspect her. Savitri says she will help her go to storeroom. Jaya smiles.

Dr. Malhotra asks how dare you to touch Priya. I warned you to stay away from her. Vikrant asks how do you know Aniket. Dr. Malhotra says he is not Aniket, but Sanket. Vikrant acts to be shocked and questioned Priya why did she keep her boyfriend at his house while changing his name. Priya says I didn’t lie and tells everyone that Vikrant sent them here. Vikrant says why will I send her here with a stranger man and says if I had known I wouldn’t have keep him at home. He says he has lost, he always loved her but she never loved him. Sanket asks him to shut up and says you don’t love priya, but just tortures her. Vikrant slaps him repeatedly. Priya asks him to leave him. Vikrant asks Priya if she can’t see his hears and asks Dr. Malhotra to get Priya and Sanket married. Dr. Malhotra asks what you are saying and says this is not possible. Vikrant says it is ok, I don’t care about our reputation and says he will call lawyer. Sanket tells Dr. Malhotra that Priya’s life is in danger there. Dr. Malhotra asks him to shut up and calls Security asking him to kick him out. Sanket says you are doing mistake.

Sanchi is crying in her room. Jaya calls her and asks how is she? Sanchi says she is feeling tired. Jaya asks her to take care and ends the call. She feels Sanchi is burdened with hiding her identity truth and thinks once CD truth is revealed, everything will be fine.

Dr. Kabir and Sanchi get stuck in the lift as it is stop mid way. Later when it is opens, everyone sees Sanchi in Dr. Kabir’s embrace. Veer and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Priya tho bahut buri tarah phas gayi
    New update is veer proposes sanchi grandly mean lamba wala speech but sanchi’s answer dont know
    But hoping for kanchi
    I dont think ki kabir will turn negative
    If sanveer happens may be he take it and devdas banga tyag karega aur kya
    But kanchi ki hope tho main chodungi nhin

  2. Readers guess what today I watched the episode hoping for kanchi scene……after that I realized that kabir is idiot…. After sometime I thought priya & sanket r idiots……afterwards I concluded that I am big idiot bcoz I watched the whole episode….only writers of this show r creative from where do they get these ideas God knows

    1. Haha…..omg ….right we are idiots who hope something from CVS.

    2. U r absolutely right dear?☺

    3. Dhruti

      i also felt same i watch full episode hope for kanchi scene but at end i reached one conclusion that i’m biggest idiot that today i watch full not full i just watch only kabir asking about sanchi and isha answer and last sanchi talk with her mother and precap that’s all so i’m not that wala big idiot but at end i except that i’m idiot………………and guy i seen youtube that anand knows soon that savitri make fool him maybe its right or not? and muje lagta he ki neeta veer and uske emotion ko use karegi kabir ke against and kabir ko ese situation me fasayegi ki solution na nikal paye kabir se…………i hope sanchi iss bar kabir ko bachye …………..and new person will come in replacement of dr.avasthi may be he/she play big role in this love triangle……………ok this was my guess……….sorry for my bak bak…………………….

  3. I thnk abhi sanveer ka pair show krenge nd jb shadi hone wali hogi to kaanchi kr denge
    Hope for kaanchi?

  4. Ohno one more entry. No no it’s going to be two more entry. I think it may be girl who might be rival/batchmate of kabir. Oh God. This serial is going to be even more worst

    1. what entry dear nd who are coming

      1. Neeta and her hubby is talking about replacement of Dr. Awasthi. And a nurse whose initial is K .M. it’s only a guess.

  5. my heart is still telling that kabir is somehow related to the core characters. one thing i couldnt understand that why kabir and neeta has so hatred between them. from the day kabir said no to neeta i can find that kabir hate neeta a lot.earlier adarsh also used to such cheap things(in the episode when haryanwi couple were leaving, he told him clearly that he is happy that one bed of hosp. will not be empty). if my assump. is correct then Kanchi is bound to happen.

    1. I think neeta and her useless husband will try to spoil the image of kabir by using veer against him and another grey villain which I assume might be girl and she will be puppet of neeta will add some fire in the luv story.

  6. I just wish this new entry add bring some new thing in the story….now the track is not going anywhere….

  7. Mujhe lagta he pair is san-veer…tabhi to open fight hoga ghar me..purana dushmani…bt kanchi k agar mrg hoga to kitchen politics nhi hogi..ho sakta he k pehle kanchi k mrg fix hogi badh me riya-veer kanchi se shaadi karegi..ya phir dr.malhotra kabir ko emotional blackmail karke riya k sath mrg fix karega…don’t know..kuch v ho sakta he..

    1. M bengali..bengali me ek serial hota tha jiske sath iss serial ka bht sare similarity he..uss serial ka story aisa tha k sanchi nd kabir love each other..veer k entry..then veer negative hoke sanchi se shaadi..nd dr.malhotra kabir ko emotional blackmail karke riya k sath mrg fix karega bt mrg nhi hoga…then end me sanchi nd kabir k mrg hoke happy ending…baki sb similar he..aurdr.malhotra,sanchi nd kabir k papa frnd the..nd dr.malhotra ne kabir k papa ko marne ki try kiya tha bt wo mad hoke missing the..sbko pta tha k wo mar gaye..thats all..

  8. Boring episode…..I guess even RS has made her mind to stop the serial…. If they don’t bring some fresh story then it is really it is difficult to save the serial……I just hope they start kanchi romance….or suddenly sanchi realize that she loves ksbir not veer… entry add some jealous track like new entry is a girl & she is after kabir….sanchi is jealous….bcoz love jealous track click in Indian dramas

    1. RS production is going to mix diff. Concept of other serial in ongoing episode. Eg lift drama, alcohol drama between kanchi to create misunderstanding between the sanveer. Let’s see whatz happened after that. I personally don’t know why in serial or movie always girls scared of darkness. I two time locked in lifts and all but not such things happen if?.

  9. I guess new entry will bring twist in story….I hope they bring kanchi together

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