Savitri Devi 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer conspires to Separate Sanchi and Pragya

Savitri Devi 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with higher authorities telling Dr. Malhotra that the problem is resolved as they got the funds now. Dr. Malhotra asks Sanchi who helped her to get investors. Sanchi says her team is strong and she don’t want to bother. After Dr. Malhotra and Veer go, Sanchi thanks Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir gives credit to Pragya. Sanchi thanks her. Pragya says I am your friend.

Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that she is feeling as if they will lose hospital. Dr. Malhotra gets angry at Sanchi. Gayatri tells him that Veer is coming. Dr. Malhotra says Sanchi is so cunning that she is making honesty and goodness defeat and pretends to cry. Veer tells that he has a plan and asks him not to feel sad and says he will break Sanchi’s support so that she returns the hospital.

He comes to the

hospital indisguise of an old man and Ria as his wife. He says we are Madhu Bala’s parents. Sanchi greets them and asks how can I help you. Veer says I thought I have done a mistake by sending them here and says whenever I ask, they tell that you gives much importance to Pragya. Sanchi tells them that Madhu and Bala are not serious and tells that their friend Ria is with them and is an ex dean’s daughter. Veer acts and pretends to cry. Sanchi says I will personally take care of this. Veer and Ria thank her. After coming out, Veer thinks he will separate sanchi and her friend.

Priya talks to Dadi. She sees Vikrant coming and asks her to go and shout. Vikrant says I am with her. Dadi goes. Vikrant says she is so irritating and asks her to get ready for exercise. She says if you do exercise then our son will be of stronger.

Sanchi says I am not biased and others shall not feel that I am biased and they are not getting opportunities because of them. She gets up and her photo frame with her friends breaks. Vikrant gives dumb bells to Priya and asks her to exercise. Priya gets weak after doing for some time. He gets worried for baby and asks her to rest.

Sanchi hears Madhu and Bala talking that they are just compounders in the hospital. Sanchi hears them and asks them to come. She asks Pragya to let them do the surgery. Pragya says they will do the surgery who can’t even give injection. Veer tells Ria that he will do something and ruin her relations. Sanchi comes there. Veer gets tensed.

Sanchi blames Pragya for taking advantage of her position. Pragya breaks their friendship and leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Veer doesn’t deserve Sanchi because he never trusted Sanchi
    Sanchi should be with Kabir

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