Savitri Devi 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikrant’s cheap condition leaves Priya and Sanket embrassed

Savitri Devi 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi hearing Kusum saying Bittu is her and recalls Dr. Kabir’s concern for her. She thinks how can I do a big mistake and couldn’t understand that Dr. Kabir was talking to me about myself. Dr. kabir comes and asks Sanchi when did you come? He asks her to sit. He asks what she would like to have. While he orders the food, Sanchi sits in the cab and leaves. Dr. Kabir gets shocked. Jaya tells Savitri that she found about sister KM in the register. Gayatri tries to hear her, and thinks she can’t hear anything.

Sanchi comes back to her hostel and cries in the washroom while washing her face. She thinks how she can be a big fool not to realize Dr. Kabir feelings, she blames herself for hurting Dr. Kabir and Veer. She asks how did this happen. Isha and Pragya come

there and asks what happened? If Veer did something. Sanchi says no, I have insulted Veer. Pragya asks what happened? Sanchi says Dr. Kabir loves Bittu very much and she is none other than me. Isha and Pragya are shocked. Sanchi cries.

Sanket asks Vikrant not to take stress. Vikrant says he has one important work. Sanket asks him to tell what is the work. Vikrant says he has promised his mum and dad that he will give them baby in 9 months and asks Sanket and Priya to get involved physically. Priya refuses and tells him that she is his wife and not a toy which he wants to share with others. Sanket tells him that Priya is his boss to him and he can’t think of that. Vikrant says in that case, he will ask his Servant or Driver to get physical with her. He says he has book a room in the hotel room. He asks them to tell their decision and asks Priya to choose between Sanket, Driver and Servant. Priya is shocked.

Dr. Malhotra comes home. He asks Savitri about her meeting with Jaya. Savitri says it was good. Dr. Malhotra tells him that Jaya misbehaved with him and his family and accused them. Savitri asks what? Dr. Malhotra says she accused me to kill Sunil. Savitri says you had done his operation. He says I had done his operation as I don’t trust anybody. Savitri says I don’t remember anything and asks him not to think and get stressed. He hugs her. Savitri determines to expose her.

Sanchi tries to take off the ring. Isha says your finger is swollen. Sanchi says he gave this ring to Bittu who doesn’t love him. She tries to take off the ring. Veer comes there, holds Sanchi’s hand and see the ring. He says Dr. Kabir made you wear this with love and you have accepted this happily then why you are acting. He asks her to show her melodrama to Oscar jury and says he was fooled enough and not anymore.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir gets stuck in the lift. Sanchi falls on him. Lift opens and everyone including Veer see Sanchi hugging Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks hasan for speedy update…..I was eagerly waiting for the update as I have stopped watching the show….I just don’t understand why kanchi scenes were shown if the sanveer pair was confirmed… kanchi is not the pair….I want to say LET THE SHOw Go OFF AIR SOON

  2. For the first time sanchi thik boli ki she hurted both kaveer wah nd how fool she is sahi kahi pehlu bar???
    New spoiler really spoiled my thoughts
    Precap is nice
    Dont know what happens at the end

  3. Niyaaa

    Hey guys new spoiler of soumi di..
    Sanchi gnna tell Kabir that she is cmmitted and nt in lv wd him but the whole sequence will take place with a twist miss at your own risk (Specially Kanchi fans)
    Kabir will become kharus and chirchira agn Splly with Veer he become extra harsh and rude.
    Malhotra will get to know abt SD faking ML

    1. Niyaaa

      Well pehli baar cvs ne sanchi ko bilkul sahi dikhaya.. Maine show dekha jab sanchi roh rahi thi mujhe or mere cousins ko hasi aa rahi thi.. Sorry but m hum majak nahi bana rahi the actually uski acting ko dekhkar aisa lag raha tha jaise has rahi thi.. Swardha in emotional scene r always bad… Like she did it forcebily.. Nd rahi baat pair ki to ab koi farq nahi padne wala mujhe maine khud ko samjha liya h.. Bas itni wish h ki sanchi ki wajah se KaVeer k bich koi problem create na ho.. I love their bromance..

      1. Dhruti

        niya sahi me aaj sanchi ko pehli bar sahi dikhya……but jab vo ro rahi thi pata nahi per muje kyu hasi aa rahi thi (please don’t take in -ve way)………per kabir ko bahot bada vala zatka lagne wala he when he know about sanveer………and i don’t understand why sanchi run behind veer always because he never trust sanchi and trust is base for any relationship so and and when the fake identity come in front of veer he again never trust sanchi but i think kabir will support her because he understand her that she was done this because of some reason……….it was just my guess guys i hope this will happen and sanchi understand kabir and isha and pragya too……………..i also convince myself that ok ab koi farak nahi padta ki pair kon he bas itni wish he ki kaveer k bich me koi problem na sanchi ki vaja se…………..because i also love their bromance……but also little hope for kanchi……….but ab to TU ka hi sahara he………baki show ko to hum alvida keh chuke he………..

  4. Priyanshipp

    Today I was quiting the show. But after seeing the precap I will watch the show tomorrow also. Galti se hi sahi kaanchi scenes to honge. Nd saanchi , what type of girl she’s. Veer doesn’t trust him anymore nd then also she is running behind veer. Trust is the base of every relationship. .nd veer doesn’t trust him anymore. Why saanchi can’t understand that now only veer hates him then when he will come to know that she’s only saanchi mishra then what he will do. This is ridiculous. ???. If she don’t like kabir then no problem but why she’s running behind veer who doesn’t trust her anymore.
    Anyways what can I do. ……rather than praying for my kaanchi. Fingers crossed ✌✌✌

  5. anay bangalore

    They can copy the story of kahin to hoga. Let sanchi and kabeer marry then kill kabeer in some accident after that veer and sanchi will marry.

    1. Riyarocks

      anay yaar have u lost it… seriously…….kya tha ye??????…..hum yahaan kanchi ya sanveer ki pairing ke upar discuss kar rahe hain…..& u r giving such comments……I’m a kanchi fan, but even if the cvs make it for sanveer in the end I don’t hv any issues with it…..but death sequence!!!!!!!! like seriously??????? not at all……& sorry if this by any way sound rude to u……

  6. Riyarocks

    yaar, ye cvs sanchi ke character ko itna dumb kyun bana rahe hain??? first thing, agar veer ke saath hi pair up karna tha toh bekar main itne dinon tak kanchi ki umeed kyun di hame & secondly….yaar aisa kyun hota hai ki smart & intelligent ladkiyon ko hamesha “good for nothing” kind of guy ko choose kyun karti hain??? matlab agar sanchi ka dimaag ka level veer ke level ka hota(sorry if I hurt any sanveer fans….even I admire Varun sir’s acting…this one’s only for cvs…)..matlab thoda bewakoof types hoti, toh hame itna boora nahi lagta…..anyways, what can we do….writers ko jo karna hai, wo wohi karenge…..they don’t give a damn at our requests……ab toh ff/os ka hi sahara hai….warna inn SDCH walon ne toh dimaag ka o my mata kardiya hota….

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey prinku sahi kahan tumne but finally wo hone wala h jiska sabko intzar h sanchi mishra ki identity reveal hone wali h tab jakar pair ka confusion bhi durr hoga kon trust karega sanchi per or kon nahi.. Ab pair k liye kuch kahna sunna to bachcha nahi jo hoga padh lenge update me…

      1. Riyarocks

        haan yaar…u r right….bas jaldi se ye identity revealation ka nautanki khatam ho & hame finally lead pairs mile…..ab kuch kehna baaki nahi hai… bhi hoga…we’ve already prepared ourselves for that….kanchi ho toh amazing……sanveer ho….toh bhi hame koi issue nahi hai……bas Vikram sir ke liye thoda boora lagega…..

  7. Varun kapoor is such a fab actor in other shows before but here dey have made his character an insecure one who depends on sanchi for everything… sanchi mishra i have no more words for her… i use to love sdch for dr kabir bt now i dont wanna evn see his scenes with sanchi since its all misunderstandings… so hasan thank u for the updates since we dont watch the show anymore… n thank u to all telly update writers

  8. There will be a great twist in the story ( specially for kanchi fans). So just wait and watch

  9. Today I have not watched the serial but tomorrow I will watch bcoz of kanchi scene

  10. Yuk. How cheap every body. Everyone is lying. Whether it is savitri, priya and of course sanchi raani. I had never seen such a hilarious triangles as the serial is showing of all these useless character

  11. Anonymousaa

    You know what guys in the live video Akansha was saying Swarda is one of her best actors in SDCH sets” Jab yeh roti hai na toh mujhe bhi rona aata hai”
    Perhaps Akansha would feel sad”Haye rabba kaas maine SDCH cast join hi nahi kiya hota.Yese acting kon karta hai.Ye makers paagal hai jo inhone mujh jese actorko vamp ka chota role dediya.”
    Seriously whenever I pretend to cry, my mom comes to console me thinking my act real.I think I am better than Swarda.
    RS !! I am coming to India.Keep one FL role ready for me in ur new show.

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey dear sahi pakde hain.. Akansha ki baat sunkar to mujhe chakkar aa raha h.. Phir to VK ka kya hoga jab swadha best h to seriously itna to mat feko ki hum catch hi naa kar paye.. Gave me hi-fi m bhi sanchi ko dekh kar has rahi thi infact mera to bura haal tha..hehehe.. Nd maine to kanchi k liye ab hope chod di h ab bas ye chahti hin fatafat ye show band ho or vikram new show me aaye.. Sorry gud mrng..

    2. Niyaaa

      Hey or auditions k liye m bhi aa rahi hun.. Kya pta mujhe bhi chance mil jaye or tumse milne ka mauka…hehehe.. But yaar RS k show me kaam karogi to aise hi role milenge kya hoga isse better kahin or try karna.. Apna tym khotti kyun karna story plot to usne aise hi banane h..

      1. Anonymousaa

        Does RS conduct even auditions for leads??
        I am shocked how did Swarda get selected for FL.Perhaps she was the only candidate.
        Auditions ki jarurat hi nahi hai sidhe mujhe aur tumhe appoint kar sakti hai woh nischint hoke FL ke roop mein
        Yeah waise I would prefer being an audience rather than FL like Sanchi.
        Mujhe bhi rona aata hai Sanchi ko rote huye dekhkar”Hey bhagwan mein yeh bakwas acting wala show kyun dekhrahi hoon???”
        Sometimes I laugh thinking it is comedy show.

    3. Riyarocks

      sahi hai yaar……..actually even I was confused…..sanchi has rahi thi ya phir ro rahi thi…..pata hi nahi chal raha tha;P…..

  12. Please I request sdch that Sanchi to not break the heart of kabir and I want them to be united…….. Kanchi forever….. I really feel sorry for veer but as time goes he’ll be back again with other good girl……. Maybe better than Sanchi…… I want kanchi…… ????????love you soo much….

  13. Bharathi Lydia

    Please cvs don’t break kabir heart….. we ( kanchi fans)
    can’t see kabir broken heart….

  14. Bharathi Lydia

    If cvs there going to pair sanveer means why Telly reporters channel done JAB WE MET segment with Kabir & Sachi…. That segments only done for real couples in life & also with reel couple in the serial…All 20 segments interview done with Jodi’s…

  15. Bharathi Lydia

    What girl really means? This interview also done for Jodi’s…. why there done for kabir & Sachi? 1) JAB WE MET 2) What girl really means? This two interviews done for Jodi’s…. If Kanchi is not pair then why the SDCH production department allow the interview with kabir & Sachi….

  16. Pls dont break veer’s heart…Im in love with varun Kapoor..If sanchi is paired with veer then i will be happy, but if varun is paired with tejaswi or helly then this serial will be the best n i wont miss this show..He is such a cute actor…Kabir i dont like his acting seriously….sorry if i hurt any kabir fans feelings .

  17. I love to watch Kabir & Sanchi together. I love them <3

  18. Shabnam

    can’t seee veer hurt precap is horrible love you sanveer

  19. Shabnam

    can’t seee veer hurt ??????precap is horrible?????? love you sanveer??????????????

  20. Are kanchi fans itna dookhi mat ho. Kabir ka Dil aaj nehi to Kal to tootna hi Tha. Accha hua ki abhi ho Gaya. Varna baad mein hota to our bhi painful hota.vese bhi ek twist and vala Hain. I request all kanchi and sanveer fans not to quit the show before that.

  21. I love sanveer

  22. love sanveer….

  23. Boring episode…..but loved precap….waiting for kanchi scene

  24. Boring episode no sanveer scene… Actually i dont know why everyone want kabir wit sanchi,he is not such a good actor as varun though want kanchi to be paired…If sanchi is paired with veer then we will have funny scenes,fights,romance bcs he is good at everything but with kabir we cant expect more from him bcs he knows only to smile ,he cant put any expressions on his face if sanchi says smthng….

  25. Kabir fans may feel bad for some time but if veer is made a lead then am sure you will love him..You ppl fall for him..

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