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Savitri Devi 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya telling that if this is a hospital or something else. They see mall and gym inside. Sanchi sees Goddess’s idol and greets God. Isha peeps in the gym and sees the doctor. Pragya and Isha are smitten by the Doctor as he works out in the gym. He pick his water bottle and comes out of gym. Pragya and Isha hides. Isha then turns towards him and asks if he is a model. She says if not you can become best model. He asks who are you? Isha says we are interns here. Pragya sees his name and calls him Kabir. She introduces herself. Isha says we will meet being here. Kabir says I know and goes. Sanchi is looking at the hospital trophy and thinks she will become famous like Dr. Malhotra. Veer goes past her. She then hears his voice telling that he will die. She goes inside the ward

and sees Veer in old man’s disguise. She is asked to give CPR to him. She is about to give him CPR. Nurse laughs who is in disguise of a relative. Sanchi stops. Veer says you would have eaten mint after golgappa. He gets up ad says he is Dr. Veer. Sanchi says how dare you do that. He asks shall I take CPR forcibly. She slaps him and asks him not to dare do this again. Veer gets angry. Sanchi gets Jaya’s call and says she will call her after seeing list. Pragya and Isha get happy seeing their names, but Sanchi is shocked as her name is not in list.

Isha checks and is shocked too. Pragya says you are blind and checks the list. She is also shocked. Sanchi is disappointed. Pragya says it must be printing mistake. They ask the nurse. Nurse D’souza tells that if any name is not in the list then it means admission is cancelled. Sanchi gets sad. She gets Jayas call, thinks what to tell her, her dream. Isha says how can anyone remove name after giving admission letter. Pragya says I will do something. Sanchi says I can’t work here. Nurse D’ souza takes their attendance. She then calls Sanchi Agarwal, but nobody turns. Sanchi gets sad and her name Sanchi Mittal is not in the list. She thinks about her mum’s dream and feels apologetic. She thinks you shall know this truth. Pragya takes the phone and asks are you mad?

Sanchi says who told you that they have no solution. Sanchi refuses to take their dad help. They ask her to change her name to Sanchi Agarwal. Sanchi says if Sanchi Agarwal returns then what will happen. I don’t want to break anyone dreams. Isha says she won’t come. She asks her to give interview on Sanchi agarwal’s name and says later they will try to figure out why her admission didn’t happen. Sanchi refuses to agree. Pragya asks her not to use her mind and agree. Isha asks her to agree and says there is no risk involved. Sanchi refuses and says she wants to be a doctor and not to be a fraud. She hears a woman shouting that her son swallowed a coin and calls Doctor. Sanchi tries to help him and tries to take boy spit the coin. Dr. anand comes and asks her to keep the boy down. Sanchi asks for 2 mins and makes boy spit the coin. Boy’s mum thanks her. Dr. Anand asks who are you? Isha says we are new Interns.

Sanchi says her name is Sanchi. Dr. Anand asks what is her full name. Sanchi gets tensed. Isha says her name is Sanchi Agarwal. Dr. Anand asks if you are her spoke person. Pragya apologizes to him and says she got nervous. She says you are our inspiration.

Dr. Anand praises Sanchi for saving the boy using her presence of mind. He says everyone have to follow hospital rules and protocol and asks her to remember that she is a Doctor and not Dadi of the house. Pragya tells Isha that it was good that you handled else she would have said truth. Sanchi says I will see what happens when they see Sanchi Agarwal’s pic. Pragya says politics is in her blood and tells that she took out Sanchi Agarwal’s pic from her form. Isha asks her to think about Jaya. Sanchi says how to lie to maa. Isha picks the call. Jaya asks if everything is fine. Isha tells that Sanchi is away and she will make her call once she comes. Jaya says Sanchi is going to fulfill my dreams and ends the call. Isha asks Sanchi to think that it is Jaya’s dream. Sanchi is worried.

Dr. Anand Malhotra calls Sanchi to her cabin. He says you can’t become part of the hospital and asks her to get out. It was Jaya’s dream and she shouts no. Her mum in law comes and says she can understand her worries when Dr. Malhotra is near her. Jaya says this fight is mine and I will tell truth to Sanchi when right time comes.

Priya asks Servant to make arrangements and says nothing will change without my permission. Gayatri’s mum tells her that Priya will take credit for the party. Gayatri says what to do. Sanchi prays to God and says I don’t know if I am doing right or wrong. She says she is feeling bad to lie and asks for his sign. Pragya says you got his blessing as flower falls down. Sanchi goes to give interview as Sanchi Agarwal.

Dr. Kabir tells that you have no place in this hospital when you are nervous. He says you are weak academically. She says she is not weak. Dr. Kabir asks her to consider herself lucky and asks her to work hard. Sanchi says she is not scared to work hard. She promises to give her best. Kabir says we believe in work and asks her to go. Other interviewer asks for her photo. Sanchi gives her photo. Isha and pragya ask her to call Jaya and give her good news. Isha calls Jaya and makes Sanchi speak to Jaya. Sanchi tells her that she got admission. Jaya says she is making halwa for her. Sanchi feels bad. Pragya asks her not to have any reason to feel sad. Isha says I have an idea to cheer her up. She says we will go to your house and will return to have golgappa. Priya orders chocolate cake and asks not to do any mistake. She makes Savitri Devi hospital write on the name. Gayatri asks her to order her dad’s red velvet cake.

Priya asks her not to worry and says she has ordered it already. They bring the stuff to keep in the hostel. Veer tells his friends that Ms. Golgappa is here. Pragya asks why is he calling you Golgappa. Sanchi says it is a long story. Veer comes and says we will stay in touch. He asks her to understand him, and asks Sir to give him room opposite to Sanchi. Sanchi says she wants some other room. Sanchi says when you can change his room, then why not mine. Warden asks her to be polite else he will complain to her seniors. Pragya and Isha makes her quiet. They say we shall go home as aunty must be waiting. Veer says I gave her right name, Ms. Golgappa. Dr. Anand recalls seeing Sanchi Mittal’s name and thinks why that name is not going from my mind. Adarsh comes and tells that he talked to Minister and told that they have admission to his daughter only if he gives funds to us. Dr. Anand is worried. Adarsh asks what happened? Anand tells that he is bothered with Sanchi Mishra. Daughter of Jaya Mishra.

Jaya comes to know that Sanchi came to attend Malhotra’s party and comes home. Malhotra sees her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I love the bonding between isha,sanchi and pragya.
    AnAnd finally veer”s entry its awesome he is such a naughty cutiepie???

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  4. Wat a lovely entry by varan looking so cute and miss golgappa too ?????????????????

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  7. Gayathri.visu

    Finally VK’s entry….yahoo! I gonna watch this show only for Varun. I don’t like Sanchi. But Pragya , I like her. Happy journey guys. I can’t able to comment here. If possible I will comment here in future. So bye.

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