Savitri Devi 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: The mysterious attacker turns out to be Dr. Kabir’s father

Savitri Devi 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling that Sanchi is in trouble. Sanchi gets tensed. Veer tries to rescue her. Sanchi gets Dr. Kabir’s call. Dr. Kabir tells her that he wants to tell her something and tells all his story. The man keeping Sanchi at gun point drops the gun. Sanchi is surprised. Dr. Kabir tells that he was helpless to support Dr. Malhotra and apologizes to her. The man looks on helplessly.

Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she can’t talk to him right now. Dr. Kabir looks on sad. Sanchi asks the man why he is affected with Dr. Kabir’s words. The man tells that he is Dr. Kabir’s father. He tells that he used to handle finance dept in SDCH and came to know one day about Dr. Malhotra doing illegal works. When he tried to complain against him to Dr. Sunil Mishra, Dr. Malhotra got

him arrested and that’s why his wife and son got against him. Sanchi says you knew Sunil Mishra. Man says yes, he knew and tells that he was an honest and idealistic man. Sanchi says I am his daughter. Man gets happy and apologizes to her for hurting her. He says he came here to punish Dr. Malhotra and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Sanchi promises him that she will unite him with Dr. Kabir and says she will help him elope. She asks him to meet her after 4 hours. Man escapes. Dr. Malhotra sees him leaving and sees his face. He takes his name. Veer gets stuck in the window and gets injured. He comes to Sanchi and hugs her. Sanchi sees blood on his back.

Sanchi comes out. Interns tell that they are proud of her. Dr. Malhotra accuses Sanchi for helping him to elope. Pragya says you can’t blame her. Dr. Malhotra tells that she eloped him. Pragya takes Sanchi’s side. Dr. Malhotra says he himself saw her helping him. Inspector comes and asks did you see his face. Dr. Malhotra lies and says no. Inspector says we will search him. Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri that the man was none other than Kailash Nath, Kabir’s father. He says if the secret comes out then everything will be ruined. Gayatri says she will do something. She calls goon and asks him to search Kailash and kill him. Dr. Kabir comes to hospital and says I came to know about kidnapper. Sanchi tells him that she needs to tell him something and brings him somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wohoo got to see KABIR and today KABIR had so much of screen space and tomorrow also we will get to see him and I am sure if they continue to show him regularly and with more screenn space,the trp of this show will increase.Love u cvs for showing us KABIR and KAANCHI scenes though it was not romantic but I am very very happy.LOVE U VIKRAM SAKHALKAR AND MISSED U.

    1. Thanks for photo info

  2. Wow…thnks Hasan fr so much early update…but precap…??

  3. Anu88

    Thanks hasan for early update……..and thanks CVS for today episode…….hope for kanchi…… please CVS make kanchi pair………

  4. Dr.kabir……. Happy to see vikram sir in ig post with his family…..

  5. Today very happy to see Dr. Kabir scenes……..

  6. It was the worst episode … ??????

  7. Boring episode. ..

  8. Yr ye sanchi aur Kabir ko JB acting aati nhi h toh Kyu rakhha h show me..

    1. Niyaaa

      Hello…Jo koi bhi ho tum tumhari problem kya h jab dekho kabir sanchi ki buraai krte rahte ho…acting achii nahi h.. To sanveer ka raag kyun alapte ho..jab pasand nahi h to… Or wase bhi kabir ka role hi aisa h ek strict serious personality ka to khaduss face m hi rahega naa.. Joo character h usse hi play karega yaa jo mann m aaya wahi krne lag jayega..agar itna hi napasnd h to mat dekho..hum kabhi veer ki buraii nahi krte to better h tum bhi naa karo..wrna sabko pata h kanchi fan yahan kitne h sunane lag gye to bhaad aa jayegi..agar pasand naa h to buraai bhi mat karo??

      1. Well said Niya….I don’t understand y people put such comments…..s if kanchi fans have not said anything abt veer don’t not mean flawless…

      2. Sahi kha niyu….kanchi fan bolne pe utar aaye toh sanveerians ki watt lag jyegi

      3. Lokesh

        Well said

    2. Don’t make us to open our mouth aganist veer….

      1. well said seema…

    3. Ari kuch nhi h inlogo ko dar h kahi kabir or saanchi ek na ho jaye. Ab jab inke hisab se show nhi hoga to or kya bolenge. Bas aa jaate h burai krne. Or waise b aaj tak kisi kaanchi fan ko veer ki burai krte dekha h infact dekha jaye to veer ka character or dumb bana diya h cvs ne. Or ek baat Mr. Agar aapko unki acting achi nhi lgti to kyu dekhte ho bematlab ka aadha ghanta barbad ho jaata hoga aapka. Or agar saanchi ki acting achi nhi lgti to phir sanveer b ache nhi lgte honge. So it’s my kind request to u har update me kabir ki burai krna chod de kyuki agar ek baar humara muh khul gya na to agli baar se aap yha aana nhi cahoge. And for your kind information telly updates pe kaanchi fan ki puri sena h sabhi chup h iska matlab ye nhi ki àapke man me jo aayega bakoge. Last time b maine aapka comment dekha tha us waqt chup thi laga ki ek baar bhadaas nikal diya but ye kya aap to har baar yhi kar rhe ho. Aapse koi aapki suggestion nhi maang rha . So it’s better that from next time u think before commenting.

      1. Well said Priya.I am totally agree with you.I only see sdch because of Dr. Kabir’s character and makers have made Veer a love seek inferior character though I like vk a lot but sanveer scenes are intolerable for me so I skip them in voot and see only kabir and ka nchi scenes.

      2. Lokesh

        Well said , we have power of doesn’t mean we can’t say anything

    4. o hello…………mr avik navik tavik whatever………..apni zubaan pe lagaam rakhna seekh lo………..warna aisa na ho, ki dobara TU pe cmmnt karne se pehle hazaar baar sochna pad jaye tumhe……..kabir aur sanchi ki acting boori lagti hai tumhe………..ok………koi baat nhi………..ek kaam karo, colors ko 6.30 se 7 tak dekhna band kardo…………bekaar mein kyun tumhara “precious” time waste karna………… show dekho, aur na hi WU pe apna darshan do…………aur ek baat, kanchi ki booraai karne ka khayal bhi apne dimaag se nikaal do, coz agar hum kanchians apne pe utar aaye, toh veer ke saath saath tumhare image ki aisi watt lagayenge, ki sambhalna bhi chahoge, tab bhi nhi sambhal paoge……… aage se, zara sambhalke………..

      1. I totally agree…..well said

  9. Just now watched the episode….bcoz seeing Fridays precap I thought it would be sanveer epi…..I am happy to see kabir….kanchi pair is so cute….I am so happy to see the epi…..thank u sdch team for giving us such a sweet pair….thank u samira for informing us abt Vikram’s family photo

  10. Happy to see kanchi scenes

  11. Swethaa

    awesome epi

  12. Finally a super duper episode with our lovely kabir thanks cvs … lovely episode Kanchi??

  13. The best episode of SDCH till date! I just love vikram sakhalkar as dr kabir! Was waiting for this day since 8 months! Thank you rashmi mam and colors and whoever is the writer for giving a character like dr kabir! He truely is the best character of the show!

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