Savitri Devi 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi places Rudraksh in Malhotra house

Savitri Devi 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand saying I will go hospital, I m feeling bored at home. He asks Veer to come along. They leave. Riya says I m also going to hospital. She leaves. Gayatri tricks and sends Savitri to temple. Savitri goes. Gayatri takes Kabir out. She sees Veer coming and hides Kabir. She gets worried. She asks Veer why did you come back. Veer says my case file is left here. Veer goes ahead. She takes a vase to hit Veer. Veer goes other way to his room. He shouts on servant. He comes out and sees Gayatri. She says I came to give you this vase. Veer goes. She sends Kabir out with goons. Riya looks on and says mom is hiding things from me, I will find out what she is doing. Sanchi comes home and shouts Savitri aunty. She sees the photo frames breaking. She sees Naintara and gets shocked.

She sees her bracelet with Naintara. Naintara tells how she got the bracelet. She says if I have any of your belonging, I can go anywhere with you, I have come out of hospital. Sanchi asks for her bracelet. Naintara teases Sanchi.

Gayatri comes home. Naintara lifts a sofa to hurt Gayatri. Sanchi gets shocked and pushes Gayatri. Gayatri gets shocked seeing the sofa in air. She asks what is this. Sanchi asks her to go to room and lock the room. Gayatri says come with me please, I won’t go alone. They go. Naintara smiles. Veer sees tantric and asks him to leave. He scolds tantric. Sanchi thinks to keep Rudraksh. Naintara looks on. She takes Rudraksh by her saree cloth. She says I will not let you win easily. She bounds Sanchi in black saree. Sanchi gets shock touching the saree. She thinks to keep Rudraksh at right place. She chants mantras. Sanchi gets free. Naintara attacks her with vases. Sanchi falls down. She gets up and goes to find Rudraksh. She gets Rudraksh and keeps it a corner. Naintara’s powers don’t work. She disappears. Veer asks tantric to leave. He tries to reach tantric and stops by some shield. He says why am I not able to go close to him.

Gayatri comes out and looks for Sanchi. The lamp falls over Gayatri. Gayatri faints. Sanchi thanks Mata Rani. Sanchi prays. She sees Gayatri unconscious and checks her. She sprinkles water on Gayatri. Gayatri gets up and asks what’s happening. Sanchi says everything is fine. Gayatri says sofa was flying. Sanchi says don’t worry. Gayatri says I know you have done all this. Sanchi says I didn’t do anything. Gayatri says you are taking revenge from me. Sanchi says calm down. Gayatri says Veer is not at home, there is no one at home, go from here. Sanchi asks where is everyone. Gayatri says they have gone to hospital. Sanchi worries that Naintara might be there too.

Tantric asks Sanchi to sacrifice herself in fire. Sanchi agrees. She says I want to spend some time with Veer. Sanchi and Veer have a romantic date.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. By the precap they proved that they can do anything for their sanveer

    1. Guys riya aur kabir ki shaadi hogaye

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