Savitri Devi 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi warns Dr. Malhotra

Savitri Devi 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer thinking of Sanchi’s words. Sanchi thinks about her relation with Veer. Jaya comes and says I am sorry Sanchi. Savitri wipes Veer’s wet hairs. Veer tells her that Sanchi haven’t forgiven him and says she did right as I don’t deserve her forgiveness. Savitri says she will talk to Jaya. Veer asks her not to talk to her and says I hurt her also. Veer says sorry. Savitri says she will get Dr. Malhotra punished.

Jaya asks Sanchi if I am the reason for your tears. Sanchi says no and says her aim is to get justice for her father and send Dr. Malhotra to jail. Jaya tells that she will meet SP tomorrow. Dr. Malhotra comes to hospital. Nurses gossip about Dr. Malhotra that he is walking freely after killing his friend. Ward boy also gossip that he is walking with

ego after murdering someone. Dr. Malhotra tells them that he heard them and threatens to fire all of them. Veer asks him why is he shouting at them and blames him for provoking against Sanchi and hiding the truth. Dr. Malhotra tells that Sanchi is not suitable for him. Veer tells that you are not suitable to be my father. Dr. Malhotra slaps him. Veer promises to break his ego and make him feel guilty.

Priya brings bread and butter for Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to apply butter on it properly. Priya sees Dr. Malhotra’s pic in the newspaper and snatches it from his hand. She reads the news and tells that she will go to Malhotra Mansion and talk to her Papa. Vikrant stops her and tells that there is nothing as such as he knows that his great father in law can’t do this. Priya says let me go for once. Vikrant says no and asks her to take bread.

Jaya and Sanchi come to the police station to meet SP. Constable asks them to go and says SP is busy in meetings. Jaya says we will stay here and inform us when he gets free. They sit down there. Dr. Malhotra tells Adarsh that he can’t bear any more tamasha here and asks to stop it soon. He says we have to do something to that Jaya, and asks if he knows what she is planning. Adarsh says he made sure that Jaya couldn’t file complaint in any police station. He asks him not to worry. Jaya and Sanchi are still waiting at police station. Sanchi thinks it seems they have stopped us intentionally, and asks Constable when SP will get free. Constable says SP is not free for you. Sanchi says we will not wait any longer and gets in SP’s cabin. They couldn’t find SP in the cabin and are about to go out. They hear SP talking to Dr. Malhotra sitting in the lawn and assuring him that he will not file any complaint.

Sanchi taunts SP about his work. Dr. Malhotra tells SP that Sanchi wanted to trap his son, but as she couldn’t succeed she is doing this thing. Jaya throws juice on his shirt and says just like stain will not go from his shirt, your sins can’t be washed away. Dr. Malhotra tries to slap her, but Sanchi holds his hand and tells that till now she held only medical equipments, but can do anything when the matter is about her family.

Sanchi warns Dr. Malhotra and gives him 24 hours. She tells that she will get him arrested soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. SRK-Meri Jaan

    The show has lost its could have been more glorified but not at all happy..The track could be more interesting.just there is a need to act more powerfully and should prefer being more kabir at all.halaki I love sanveer but still kabir deserves more space but not a single glance of him..not knowing why??Disappointment…
    Want sdcah that was superb at once back…
    Rs please do something.

  2. more sanveer scene

  3. Story tho age hi nahi badrahi hi

  4. Anu88

    2 din se kabir ka kohi scene hi nahi dekha rahi hae

  5. Another super boring epi ? and no Kabir..? ??? He’s such a talented person and still the makers are doing this with him… I was so excited to know his reaction after Dr Malhotra was exposed.. But he was silent when Sanchi was being kicked out and it’s been two days since we saw him in screen… Started to hate the show even more..

  6. Please CVS put SAnveer pair they make the best couple!! They look darn gooood together! Sanveer only!! ❤?

  7. Please CVS add more Sanveer sceces

  8. Intresting story saanchi aur veer ko ek kardo
    Saanchi and veer is best

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