Savitri Devi 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunny hears Dr. Kabir blackmailing Sanchi

Savitri Devi 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya slapping Sanchi hard on her face and asks how dare you to do this? She asks did I give you these values? Sanchi says Please Maa…you said this when I got married to Veer. She says you wanted me to marry Dr. Kabir, so what is your problem now. She says I have realized that Dr. Kabir is suitable for me and says Veer can’t become like Dr. Kabir. Pragya asks her to come to her senses and says Veer is your husband and you loves him. Sanchi says nobody have a right to decide about her life and says she will take her own decisions. She walks out of the conference hall and slips. She shouts Maa. Veer and Dr. Kabir run to her. Veer holds her hand and asks are you fine? Sanchi says no and says her foot is fractured. She says I can’t walk. Veer says its ok, you don’t need to

bear the pain when I am with you. He lifts her and says let me tell you that your husband is always with you in all your problems. Dr. Kabir fumes as Veer takes Sanchi with him.

Priya tells Savitri that Veer loves Sanchi a lot and it is very difficult for him to accept the truth. Savitri says I am very worried for Veer and says he might do something wrong. Priya says he is very understanding and will be fine. Veer brings Sanchi home in his lap. Savitri asks what is this? Sanchi asks him to keep her down. Veer tells that she had a fracture. Priya thinks if anybody can love someone so much. Savitri thinks it is a limit. Gayatri searches for the shares papers in the store room of the house and cries thinking she will be bankrupt now. She thinks she will lose 2 crores and asks God to help her. She sees file on the box and tries to get it and the flour falls on her face as the box is open. Dadi and Servant come there. Dadi laughs and asks her to change her clothes. Gayatri goes to the room. Dr. Malhotra laughs seeing her and says you will lose 2 crores, you have just a day left.

In the room, Veer gives painkiller and water to Sanchi. Sanchi takes the medicine. She tells Veer that why he is behaving good with her after whatever I have done with you and asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Veer says why don’t you take off the mangalsutra and says our love is stopping you. He makes her rest on bed and massages her foot. Sanchi sleeps. Savitri comes there and sees Veer with Sanchi. She asks what are you doing? Veer says I am fighting to save my relation and I know that I will win. Savitri gets emotional. Gayatri thinks why Anand is confident that I will not get papers and thinks where it is? She searches in the vase. Dr. Malhotra says you understands me plans and says you have betrayed me big. Gayatri gets angry.

Pragya tells Veer that she never thought Sanchi would do this with him and says she don’t want to listen to anybody. Veer says I will make everything fine and says I have trust on myself and on my love. Pragya says even I have trust on you. She says you are a wonder, Sanchi is very lucky to have you and I am very lucky to have a wonderful friend like you. She hugs him. Dr. Kabir sees them and gets upset. Sanchi gets Sunny’s reports and says now you are fine and will be discharged soon. Jaya comes there. Sunny says I will be discharged soon. Jaya gets happy. Sunny asks why you both are ignoring each other. Sanchi says it is nothing like that and asks him to rest. Jaya and Sanchi leave. Sunny gets her mobile and thinks to give her phone. Dr. Kabir takes Sanchi to side and asks her to remove the mangalsutra so that Veer signs on the divorce papers. He asks her not to force him to become bad and says I still have Sunny’s video. He asks her to remove her mangalsutra before 5 pm and says if I want then I can ruin your entire family. Sunny hears him and thinks Dr. Kabir is blackmailing Di and she is ruining her life to save me. Sanchi agrees.

Dr. Kabir thinks he shall give the good news to Veer. He goes to Veer and says you trust your love much, but very soon you will realize the power of my love. He says you will lose and asks him to get ready to sign on the papers.

Dr. Kabir tells everyone that they are getting engaged in SDCH. Sanchi steps on the decorated stage and stands beside him. Jaya and everyone look shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. After end this sanveer patch up and break up drama………and ruined kabir character…….cvs will be seen us pragya or isha blackmailing veer for divorcing sanchi for some silly excuse then also start sanveer patch up and break up drama ……………..and also ruined pragya or isha character………………. medical show ki nam pe ghatiya show………….I only ask cvs one question why you are seeing us vikram and swarda love bala scene………….fans ka feelings lekar khelna toh app logo ka hobby hae……………by the way why I say this all in tu because cvs or rs mam don’t check this forum……………they only check facebook or insta…………….so friends agar app logo ko comment karna hae iss episode ke upor toh fb mae jakar ki jiye ga please………………….there not present any kanchi fan…………..

  2. Dear comment karne see much nahi hone Wala hai bcoz no one will listen u. Agar RS ko samjh ata to sanveer ki shadi k bad trp decrease hone pe hi samajh aa Jata ki audience ko kya chahiye? Any ways those who r intelligent completely Left the show bcoz they understood that there is nothing in the he show for them this show is made only for sanveer fans it’s nothing to do with story. Still some r watching it in the hope kanchi or something good for Kabir’s character but I must say in the end they are going to cry only. It’s bitter but true.

  3. Ha yaar you are right ………….but kya karu yaar ae dil vi samajh ta nahi rs mam ki tarah…………..only one wish hae rs mam se iss show mae nahi toh kisi or show me please vikram or swarda ka pair banaye…………….I am just mad for both of them…………….

  4. My dear don’t keep high hopes from the CVS. At this point I think this show is copying Haassil. At the end Kabir will be sent to mental assylum and if u will keep thinking that CVS Will give you kanchi then don’t mind but will also accompany Kabir there. So better stop keeping any hope. And chill.

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