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Savitri Devi 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming to the bathroom. Interns are standing there and tell slogans against her. Sanchi says I have to take bath first as I have to reach hospital being head intern Madhu refuses to let her take bath first. Isha and Pragya come there. Ria stops them. Pragya acts and says Dr. Kabir…you are here with your mum. Everyone runs from there. Pragya, Isha and Sanchi go to bathrooms. Madhu takes Sanchi’s clothes and spoils it. Ria asks them to spoils her all clothes. Sanchi sees colored on her clothes and asks Isha to bring her clothes from their room. Isha goes. Sanchi thinks who could do this.

Priya is doing the Jaap and is much unwell. Vandana tells Rukmini that she is really worried for Priya, if anything happens to her then what we will answer to Dr. Malhotra. Rukmini

asks her to talk to Vikrant. Priya couldn’t see the book. Vandana asks Vikrant to let Priya eat and says her condition is really bad. Vikrant asks if I am your son or she is your daughter. Just then Gayatri calls Vandana and asks about Priya. Vandana says her condition is really bad and that she didn’t have food since 3-4 days. Priya suddenly faints. Vikrant runs to her. Gayatri thinks if something happens to priya then Anand will not leave her. Vikrant tries to wake up Priya. Rukmini brings water and asks him to make Priya drink. He refuses and says if she drinks water then I will die. Gayatri hears on phone and is shocked.

Isha brings her clothes and says it is also ruined. Sanchi asks how I will go to hospital now. Isha asks her to wear her clothes. Sanchi says sorry and says she can’t wear her short clothes. Pragya says she will bring hers.

Gayatri calls Pandit, but he is not picking the call. Vaidehi says this act is dragged for long and says if anything happens to Priya then Anand will not leave her. Neeta hears her and thinks why she is afraid. Vandana asks Vikrant to call Doctor. Neeta calls Priya and asks if she is fine. Rukmini answers the phone and tells that she is unwell and fainted because of fast. Neeta says ok and ends the call. Neeta thinks to trouble Gayatri and calls Dr. Malhotra.

Pushpa comes to Jaya and tells that all workers are afraid about yesterday’s incident. Suman says even your workers agreed and asks her to think about Sunil’s mukti. Dadi asks Jaya to agree and says Suman is right, why you are troubling us and Sunil’s soul. Khushboo asks her to give him mukti for everyone’s peace and asks why you are doing this with us. Jaya goes to her room. She takes Sunil’s ashes from there. Dadi says but. Jaya leaves. Suman tells Khushboo that their work is done. Khushboo says just like I kick Sunil’s ashes out, I will kick Jaya also out and gets happy.

Sanchi comes to her class and asks Isha about Pragya. Isha says she went to see her patient, she is critical. Everyone laughs seeing her clothes. Sanchi is embarrassed. They ask if she has borrowed the clothes. Dr. Kabir comes and says good morning. Sanchi greets him. He says you are looking different today. Everyone laughs. Dr. Kabir tells that Sanchi will assist him in the important surgery. Ria says I am your assistant and says she will assist him. Dr. Kabir asks her to study, work hard and come on top and be head intern. Then asks him to make her assistant. Ria says Dr. Kabir. He asks her to become a good doctor to assist him and says you can’t be a good doctor by troubling others. He says Sanchi is a head intern and have proved herself many times. She is the best to assist me and that’s why he is giving her chance and don’t trust anybody else. Ria and Veer gets angry.

Sanchi gets Jaya’s call and goes. Veer gives 5000 Rs to Madhu and Bala for making Sanchi feel low down as she was about to cry. He says next 5000, he will win. Kusum asks him about Dr. Sanchi. He says she is a hardworking, nice etc. He says she is best in this batch. Kusum writes +1 for Sanchi. She asks him to tell who is good Ria or Sanchi. He doesn’t answer her. Kusum says she won’t go without searching nice girl for him. Ria comes there and offers head massage. Isha comes there and greets Kusum. Kusum thinks they are in queue to impress her and asks her to do leg massage.

Sanchi comes out to meet Jaya. Jaya asks why did you wear Pragya’s clothes. Sanchi says it is a long story, I will tell later. Jaya takes you aasthi’s from her bag. Sanchi asks if everything is fine here. Jaya says yes and says you are working hard for fulfilling your Papa’s dream, and I thought you will not forget your aim. Sanchi gets emotional and hugs her. Jaya asks her to go and says if anyone sees you with me then it will be a problem and blesses her. She says I will pray that you will get your destination soon. Sanchi takes ashes with her. Jaya feels apologetic to Sunil and thinks I am happy that you will stay where you wanted to be always (hospital). Sanchi comes to her room and keeps the asthi kalash infront of Gods’ idol and seeks strength from him.

Doctor checks Priya. Gayatri and Vaidehi also come there. Doctor asks Vikrant to make her eat something else she will die as pulse is dropping. Vikrant says if she eats anything then I will die. Doctor asks him to understand and says she is hungry. Vikrant asks him to go. Vandana asks Vikrant to give her something to eat and says you love him naa. Vikrant refuses to give her anything and says she has to kept fast for me, being my wife. Dr. Malhotra comes there. Gayatri tries to speak to him. Dr. Malhotra gets shocked seeing Priya unconscious and tells her that he got to know what she has done. He asks Priya to get up and have juice. Vikrant says she can’t eat anything, as she has kept fast for me. Dr. Malhotra asks him to shut up and asks if he has gone mad and believes on this blind faith, and says nobody’s life gets increased if anyone keeps fast. He makes Priya have juice or water. Vikrant says now I will die. Pandit ji comes and says I have checked your kundli and says your dosh is gone, now nothing will happen to you. Vikrant gets happy and says he will make her have juice.

Dr. Kabir appreciates Sanchi for the operation which she assisted with him. Sanchi takes her belongings from Nurse and asks about her keys. Nurse says she doesn’t know. Sanchi asks Isha and Pragya about hostel room keys. Dr. Kabir hears them. They say they don’t know. Sanchi comes to Kusum. Kusum asks why she is wearing jeans. Sanchi says it is a big story. Dr. Kabir brings xray report of the patient. Sanchi is shocked to see keys inside patient’s stomach. Isha says this is hostel room keys. Ria, Veer and his friends smile. Dr. kabir asks how could you be so careless. Sanchi thinks how it can happen as I didn’t take keys to OT. Veer says now her head intern post is gone. Sanchi tells him that she didn’t take the keys to OT and asks him to give her a chance and says she will do xray again. Dr. Kabir says ok. He says if that patient have keys in him then he can file case against hospital, then you have to pay heavy price for this. Sanchi looks at the xray report.

Vikrant makes Priya have juice and feeds her with his hand. He says my baby didn’t have anything. Priya thinks how can anyone be so stupid, he don’t want to see that pandit was fooling him. Dadi and Neeta come there. Dadi says you would have called me. Neeta asks Dadi to make Kada. Vikrant takes her from there. Neeta asks Priya why did she bear and tells that Gayatri bribed the Pandit to take revenge on her. Priya is shocked. Neeta asks her not to bear anymore. Sanchi comes to the patient and asks him to come as they need one more xray. Patient panics. Veer comes there and tells puts keys in the patient’s pocket so that it comes in the xray. Sanchi takes him.

Jaya comes to her room and cries. Sunny sees her crying. He asks if she has thrown ashes in river. She says she gave it to Sanchi. She asks what did you want for your birthday. He says her happiness.

Dr. Malhotra scolds Gayatri for asking Pandit to make Priya fast for Vikrant. He tells her that he doesn’t believe on such nonsense and tells that Priya’s life is valuable for him. Vaidehi thinks that Dr. Anand scolded Gayatri for the first time and asks who told him. He says Neeta informed him. Gayatri gets angry.

Neeta asks Priya to be bold. Adarsh asks her to take care. He then asks Neeta why she is so much worried for her. Neeta says she has replied to Gayatri for her behavior. Sanchi awaits for xray. Veer comes and irritates her. Dr. Kabir comes and checks the xray and says key is inside the patient. Sanchi is shocked.

Accident patients are brought to the hospital. Sanchi asks veer to call interns and send code black. Veer nods. Sanchi attends the patients.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please update soon

  2. Please update soon dear.eager to know .??

  3. Hii guys I am a silent reader of this page.. I love veer and sanchi. They r so cute together..

    1. Yes,their nok jhok is good.

  4. waiting to see more of kabir & sanchi moments……….veer should be taught a lesson by kabir for his pranks . kusum is so cute and funny,just love to watch her…..

  5. God! What nonsense. Everyone got fooled by the Xray. Like seriously?

    1. Ya seriously…….I don’t know bt I think x-ray s done on bare body. They hv to think that there s a chance of tht object being in the patient’s pocket….

  6. Veer and sanchi soooooooo cute

  7. Kriya agarwal

    Yaah what nonsense seriously veer had ho gayi dimag kharab h stupid prank ki wajah se patient ka 2nd operation ho skta h ye to sochna chahiye so damn this time i think kabir ko usse sabak sikhana chahiye luv kabir n sanchi

    1. Mona146

      seriously this time veer is going overboard. he leaks he paper n becomes the reason of sanchi getting framed in the name of help, he is the reason of her injury, flirts with her and seriously plans to harm by defaming her. She can get rusticated for this kind of mistake and worse.

  8. Veer can go to ny extent to defeat someone… being a doctor he cannot play with a patient’s life….prank to sm extent s good…BT ths s serious, he needs to understand…..nd in precap sanchi vl ask him to send code black, bt I hv a feeling that he vl nt send just to degrade sanchi

    1. Being soo irresponsible hw cn he help sanchi, if he has to help sanchi in fullfiling her father’s dream

  9. Yes.. its very childish of Dr. Veer. seriously… he is a doctor !!! Though, I would love 2 see Kanchi pair. But whats this Kabir…. stop doubting Sanchi on & off.

    Its high time, strict action to be taken against Veer.

    This present track of veer’s prank & Sanchi ‘s helpness is too stretched….

    Eagerly waiting 4 next episode

  10. Sanchi looks hot in jeans..

  11. Abhilasha

    This is enough of veer….. I like varum in every role but in this he is too much and remember that sanchi falling on veer seems makers r trying to make their pair but if it happened I won’t watch sdcah….. Sanchi should have thought that it could be beer’s prank
    Seeing this it looks that veer is like a vamp creating problems for sanchi….
    I love kaanchi….. And instead veer should be paired with isha air pragya… Pragya suits her.. She will teach her some lesson!!

    1. Manjula20

      You are right Abhilasha Veer is too much I think they are planning to plant hatred amid Sanveer so the making Veer’s charecter bad. I think Jaya will appoint Saanchi for make him walk towards the right path. Maybe Jaya will tell her that Veer is a good human being inside but absence of Savitri made him like this. Why don’t they pair Devanshi n Veer

      1. Abhilasha

        Exactly… Helly and varun suits to each other….. Even I don’t like that vardan and in sdcah sanveer nokjhok is gud but they don’t make a good pair also they are spoiling beer’s character too much and his role looks like villain.. Our varun deserves more….. I want swasan (varun and helly) …… Veer should stop doing silly things…

  12. Kriya agarwal

    U r rt abhilasha i like varun as sanskar but not here pragya can teach some lession to veer

    1. Abhilasha

      Ya yar….. Hope all bud happens later…… Bcoz its up to maker about pairing…
      Wish for the best and hope veer get some piece of mind

  13. nic episode

  14. Soumi VaHe Fan

    Woah!!!!!!!!!!!Like seriously Veer is this veer is that and rest are pure and pious right???
    I mean seriously wht the heck do u all expect from someone who is troubled by some self-claimed heir of Hospital.Being just a head intern Sanchi behaves like mommy to Veer…if anyone tries to screw mah life i will screw him/her life 10 tyms mr and do u guys really think he will let the patient operate agn???

    KaNchi/SaBir fans u wnt ur pair fair enough Varun fans is nt dying for Sanchi she cn go to hell for all we care….just ask her to keep her extremely increased nose in cntrol so that ppl do get a personal space

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