Savitri Devi 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi shocked knowing she is Bittu

Savitri Devi 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir treating Ria’s hand and says you should be more careful, it can be deep cut. Ria says sometimes small accident happens. Dr. Kabir says he will bandage her hand. Ria asks did you enjoy last day event. Dr. Kabir says yes. Ria asks did Bittu come? Dr. Kabir asks how do you know? Ria tells that everyone knows and asks who was that mystery girl. Dr. Kabir says for now he is happy that Bittu knows about his feelings and he will tell everyone later. Sanchi sees them together and thinks Ria is Bittu. Doctor treats Vikrant leg and head and asks him to rest. Vikrant says I had planned to become Papa in some month and says this is not done.

Savitri asks Jaya to come and asks Dr. Malhotra, Adarsh and Neeta to go to hospital. Dr. Malhotra says even we will talk to

her. Savitri says she is not going to share her friend with anyone. Jaya says even I want to talk to you. Savitri tells them have a nice day. Dr. Malhotra says he can’t take risk. Sanchi thinks Dr. Kabir’s Bittu is Ria. She thinks to give ring to Ria and thinks Dr. Kabir shall give it to her. She gets Dr. Kabir’s call and he asks her to come for dinner at 8 pm. She asks if Bittu will accompany us. Dr. Kabir thinks Sanchi is teasing him and says ofcourse yes. Sanchi says ok and thinks she will give the ring to Ria.

Priya tells Sanket that she got saved because of him, now she don’t have to go on a honeymoon. Sanket asks her to have strength and says you will soon be freed from the psycho’s clutches. Someone hears them.

Veer thinks to go to his ward. He thinks I can’t see Dr. Kabir as I remember Sanchi’s betrayal. He thinks Dr. Kabir is my senior, I have to work with him and keep my personal and professional life separately. He knocks on the door. Dr. Kabir says come in. Veer goes inside. Dr. Kabir asks him to sit. Veer says no and asks him to sign on the papers as his patients are waiting. Dr. Kabir asks about the patient and asks him to continue a patient’s medication. Dr. Kabir asks what happened? Why you are dull. He asks you were about to propose someone on dandiya night and asks if he talked to her. Veer says I couldn’t talk to her as she was busy. He asks Dr. Kabir about his love story. Dr. Kabir says it was on track, she said yes. He says I never thought she will love me the same way. He says even we are going for dinner tonight. Veer takes the file. Dr. Kabir asks him to come and have coffee with him in canteen.

Veer says he needs to go to OPD and sees patients. Dr. Kabir says ok. Sanchi tells Pragya and Isha that Ria is Dr. Kabir’s Bittu. Isha says I thought he will choose good girl, but even he is blinded. Pragya says love is blind, Sanchi likes Veer and I like that Champu Satish. Sanchi says I hopes Ria don’t break his heart, his love is genuine. Pragya says lets go and finish duty. Isha says I need my beauty sleep. Sanchi sees Ria and smiles, she comes to her and says hi. Ria asks why you are smiling today. Sanchi says no work, I want to tell you that Dr. Kabir loves you a lot, so don’t break his heart. Ria asks what you are saying? Sanchi says don’t be shocked, but you are his Bittu. Ria gets happy. Sanchi asks her not to do anything which will break his heart and says lets meet in evening as we are going to have dinner with him. Ria says ok and gets super happy. Waiter asks Dr. Kabir to give order. He says he is waiting for someone.

Ria comes there and says you called me. He asks when? Ria says you wants to surprise me, but didn’t tell me that who is Bittu. Dr. Kabir asks what you are saying. Ria says I love you and I am thrilled that even you loves me a lot. She says I like my name, but now I like this pet name Bittu. She says she likes him a lot and have done so much to be around him. He says if I had known your feelings then. Dr. Kabir says you are not my Bittu and I have no feelings for you. He says I am going to washroom and asks her to leave before he comes back. He goes. Sanchi comes. Ria scolds Sanchi for the bad joke which she did and says she will not leave her. Sanchi is shocked. She sees Kusum’s call on Dr. Kabir’s phone and picks it up. Kusum thinks Dr. Kabir is on call and asks him to talk sweetly with Bittu and not to bore her. She says Bittu was our code word and asks where is Sanchi. She asks him to tell her that her code name was Bittu. Sanchi is shocked and teary eyes.

Sanchi goes to washroom and washes her face. She asks how she couldn’t identify Dr. Kabir’s love for her. Veer, Isha and Pragya come there. Veer asks her not to fool him and says he knows that she has accepted Dr. Kabir’s love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hlw evrybdy.. Me think it’s going to be sanveer cz sanchi loves veer , so it’s cleared she ll marry veer…. BT I want kanchi as lead pair…. If they are not going to pair kabir n sanchi then why makers showing sanchi n kabir romantic scenes…. It’s really very bad of giving hopes to kanchi fans…. Hope sanchi choses kabir over veer n marry kabir soon… ?

  2. I want to see kanchi as main lead

    1. Kanchi can’t be lead as veer is Malhotra she n and also sanveer loves each other so pair will be sanveer only

      1. If that’s the case then kanchi fans stop watching the show

  3. Sanchi should choose Kabir as he more understanding than veer . Veer should be paired with Isha

  4. It’s son not she

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