Savitri Devi 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi comes to Dr. Malhotra’s house

Savitri Devi 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha asking Ria why she is upset and haven’t done make up also. Ria asks her to mind her own business. She sees pragya and tells Ayesha about her. Pragya comes to them and asks Ria why she hasn’t done make up today. She says hi to Ayesha and make her fall down. She says she won’t let anything wrong happen with Sanchi. She calls all doctors and tells that all lady doctors shall hen party. She asks ria to be happy and says your two brothers are getting married. Sanchi, kabir, Veer and Ayesha come to Shagun Garden to book it for their wedding. They book it for the same day. Veer and Sanchi write each other’s name, then strike it off. The employees of Shagun garden realize that they did booking on the same day. One of them plan Sanchi’s wedding in the corner as she wants

simple wedding.

Ria is crying in her room. Gayatri asks if Ayesha have done something. Ria says no and tells that s he loves Dr. Kabir. Gayatri says why didn’t you tell me before and says now this is needed to get the hospital. She thinks if we have hospital then more Kabir will come. She thinks why did her daughter love hi.

Sanchi and Ayesha come to the party. Pragya asks them to pick their hat. Sanchi is about to pick Veer’s bride hat when Ayesha takes it and says it is mine. Pragya mixes tablet in Ayesha’s drink to expose her. Pragya asks them to have drink. Someone takes it, Pragya asks her to keep the drink back. Ayesha asks what is in the drink. Isha says it is a wish drink and asks if it didn’t happen in their college. Ayesha says of course it happened. Sanchi and Ayesha take drink. Ayesha challenges sanchi to dance. Sanchi accepts the dance. They dance on the song twist kamariya……Ayesha makes Sanchi fall down. Sanchi drinks the wrong drink. Pragya thinks why Ayesha is not affected. Isha says may be Sanchi drank it. They ask Anisha where is Sanchi. Anisha says Sanchi went out. Pragya and Isha come out.

Watchman tells them Sanchi took taxi to go to Malhotra Mansion. They leave. Ayesha comes out. Ria tells her that Pragya spiked her drink which she swapped. Ayesha thanks her and says if Sanchi told Veer about deal. Sanchi calls everyone and tells Veer that he is a Mamma’s boy and that’s why her don’t understand love talks. Sanchi asks Gayatri why she don’t wear full clothes and laughs. She asks Dr. Malhotra why he has killed her father. She tells Savitri that she is good, but trapped by bad people. Dr. Malhotra calls Jaya and tells that Sanchi is drunk and doing drama at his house.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir sitting for marriage. Veer comes there. Sanchi gets up. Dr. Kabir holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yar yye cvs wale pakka kio bada surprise plan kar rahe hai viewers ke liye so those who want kachi or sachiveer must watch this serial atleast for this week…
    May be iss week ke end me sub clear ho jayega….
    Hope for kachi…..????????

  2. its nice going track & i am eagerly waiting to see sanveer to be united

  3. I think that the bada dhamaka will be that kabir is also anand malohtra and savitri devi’s son. I don’t know why but i hav a feeling like this. All i want to see kaveer’s bromance in the show. I just love their chemestry but nowadays cvs have completely butchered kaveer relation. Both the boys r doing sanchi bhakti only.

  4. Please make SanVeer as pair.

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