Savitri Devi 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir steals Sunny’s letter and burns it

Savitri Devi 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer seeing Dr. Kabir and Sanchi intimate and gets shocked. He gets shattered and goes inside the house. He hits hand on the wall and gets drunk. He throws the vase and finds the letter fallen out. He opens the letter, but couldn’t read it as he is much drunk. Pragya comes there to discuss the case and takes Veer with him leaving the file on floor, seeing him drunk. Servant comes and picks letter and keeps it in the file. He keeps the file in Veer’s room and goes. Pragya takes Veer to his room and asks him to drink less. She makes him sleep and says she will ask him tomorrow about the case. Sanchi cries and feels pain. Dr. Kabir comes and asks her to be silent. He says it was needed else. Sanchi asks him to shut up and says I don’t want to hear your nonsense. She says you

have nobody in this world, but I feel the pain and says Veer must be broken fully today. Dr. Kabir says I was broken when my love was someone else, I bear the pain, now it is his turn. Pragya thinks to go home and thinks it is too late. She lights the candle so that he feels better. She is about to go and sees Satish missed calls. Satish says where were you and says you are spending more time with Veer than me. He asks if you will leave me for Veer. Pragya thinks if she is giving more importance to Veer. She leaves.

Veer comes to his senses and thinks Sanchi can’t do this. He sees wine bottle and tries to put in the glass, but it falls on the candle and it catches fire. File is kept nearby. Sanchi comes there and set off the fire. She feels pain seeing his condition. Savitri comes there and asks what is she doing here? Sanchi says she saw smoke coming from his room and that’s why she came. Pruya comes and asks her to go. Veer takes Sanchi’s name in unconscious state. Sanchi cries. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri to remember where is the letter? Gayatri says she hid it in the vase only. Dr. Kabir hears them and thinks to find the letter before anyone could get. He calls the Servant and asks how is it broken? Servant says it was broken in night. He asks about the letter. Servant says he kept the papers in Pragya’s file.

Dr. Kabir thinks to check the file. Veer wakes up in the morning. Savitri comes there and asks him to get ready for breakfast. Veer goes to bathroom. Dr. Kabir comes to his room and searches for the file. He thinks Veer can come at any time. Veer washes his face and freshen up. Dr. Kabir gets Sunny’s letter. Veer comes out of his room. He sees the room messed up and thinks who came to my room. Pragya comes and sees Dr. Kabir coming out of Veer’s room. She asks Veer what Dr. Kabir was doing in your room. Veer says I don’t know and tells that he messed up the room. Dr. Kabir takes the letter out of his pocket and burns it. Veer sees him burning the letter and gets doubtful.

Veer comes to the lift where Sanchi is already there and asks her to tell what is the secret between her, Dr. Kabir and Sunny. He says there is something for sure else you would have never left me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. RuCh23

    Now that’s like a smart villain ???. Destroy all the evidence that can get you in trouble ???. Dr. Malhotra, Gayatri and all villains in this show doesn’t have that much villain-ish parts these days. But its fun to watch Gayatri in this avatar ???. Personally I liked villains in many shows coz they are way more intelligent and cunning than others. Shout out to all the villains in tv shows. Hip hip hurray!! ??? (No comments on the dumb duo ???)

  2. Though Kabir is playing negative here but right now I find this track more interesting and best part is that now most of the characters of the show Kabir sanchi veer pragya savitri malohtra Gayatri and ria r appearing almost everyday. Otherwise after sanveer marriage show k Baki characters to useless he gae the. Whatever will happen in future but right now I am loving the show.

  3. Currently track is good kanchi and pragya-veer and remaining cast members are shown no SAAS bahu drama only love hate games only hope sdch aise hi track maintain rake

  4. Currently track is good kanchi and pragya-veer and remaining cast members are shown no SAAS bahu drama only love hate games only hope sdch aise hi track maintain rake hope rs Mam kanchi ko hi couple take like beauty and the beast type no devdas type please

  5. Backwas story. Showing a wrong side of Kabir. End this serial by making Veer Pragya, Kabir Saachi as a pair. Waste of time by watching this type of serial. Producers plz end this as soon as possible

  6. I am loving the current track
    God knows what will happen ahead kanchi will sepreate or be together
    But I am loving that VS is shown the male leads nowadays and that should be continued because his acting skills deserve to be number one
    Hope the track continues the same way!!!

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