Savitri Devi 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming to Adarsh. Adarsh asks how can I help you. Sanchi says she wants keys for disaster management room. She says she wants to check the supplies in the room. Adarsh says sorry, but I can’t give you keys. Sanchi says one key shall be with administration in case of emergency. Adarsh asks why I shall give you keys and refuses. Sanchi thinks to talk to Dr. Kabir.

Priya is in her room and makes sketch. Vikrant comes and says you didn’t tell me that you do sketching also. He asks her to sketch him live. Priya thinks he will get angry if sketch is bad and tells that she is not that good. Vikrant says he trusts her. Madhu and Bala asks Ria to do something to win Dr.Kabir’s mum heart and whispers something in her ears. Ria gets idea to impress her. She brings juice

for Dr. Kabir’s mum and gives her Prasad, says she went to temple. Dr. Kabir’s mum thinks she is very sanskari. Ria massages her hands. Dr. Kabir’s mum asks where did you go last night. Ria says she was studying. Dr. Kabir’s mum tells that Sanchi told that she is partying. Ria says Sanchi was partying instead of me and tells that she even cheated in exam. Priya makes sketch. Vikrant says he is tired and asks her to show his sketch. He is angry seeing the sketch and says he didn’t see such bad state and asks her not to touch pen, pencil again and goes. Priya thinks why this is happening with me, what wrong did I do?

Kabir and Sanchi come to Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Kabir tells him that Sanchi is right, one key shall be with administration if Adarsh sir is not in the hospital. Dr. Malhotra says you are right and asks Adarsh to give one key to Sanchi. Adarsh hesitantly gives. They thank him and leaves. Adarsh asks why did you ask me to give keys. Dr. Malhotra says what else I could do. He asks him to keep an eye on Sanchi Agarwal.

Suman opens the cloth and acts to gets shocked seeing lemon color changing to black. Dadi is shocked. Suman says my brother’s soul is here. Jaya says it is a nonsense. Suman says my brother’s soul is not at peace. Dadi says Jaya. Jaya goes.

Veer is going out of hospital. Sanchi stops him and says you have to come with me to the disaster management unit. Veer asks her to take Garv. Sanchi says you are my assistant, not Garv. They go to disaster management room. Sanchi asks him to make list of the things which is here and which is not here, but needed here, and list of extra items. Veer says you needs treatment, who made you doctor. Sanchi asks him to do as she says. She sees pharmacy boxes and opens it. Just then table falls on Veer. He asks for help. Sanchi tries to help him, but she falls over him. They have an eye lock. Veer says it seems like a scene from a hindi film. Sanchi feels awkward and asks him to make list and give her.

Neeta asks Dadi why she is not having food. Dadi says she is not hungry. Dr. Malhotra says you are missing her, even me. He says we shall invite Priya and Vikrant for dinner. Dadi says it is good. Vaidehi coughs. Gayatri says she was about to invite them, but pandit ji says that this time is not right to call daughter and son in law home. Dr. Malhotra says ok and goes. Neeta gets doubtful and thinks to find out what they are upto. Vaidehi asks Gayatri to stop Vikrant, and says if anything happens to Priya then Dr. Anand will take our lives. Gayatri says I will not back off and will take revenge from Priya.

Veer is very much tired after making the lists. His fellow interns ask what happened, why he don’t take anything. He thinks it is because of Sanchi and says he will not leave her. He tells that his body is pained. Some intern take Sanchi’s side while others talk against. Veer tells Garv that if they provoke all interns against Sanchi then Dr. Kabir have to move her from head intern post.

Sanchi comes to her room and tells that she went to disaster management unit and tells that if any accident happened here, then nobody is prepared. Pragya and Isha tell that nothing will happen. Jaya asks her worker to keep chakli in room. She sees someone’s reflection and shouts. Jaya and others come there Worker tells that she saw someone reflection and goes being scared. They see message on mirror asking them to give mukti. Dadi asks Jaya to make Sunil’s ashes drown in river. Jaya looks on. Khushboo and Khushboo smiles.

Sanchi comes to the disaster managerment unit and sends message to all interns asking them to come. They come there and asks why did she call them. Sanchi tells that they came 30 mins late and says whenever you gets code black/disaster call then you have to report here. They all leave. Veer gets an idea and tells Garv that whenever there is hot iron, one shall hammer it. He goes.

Khushboo and Suman give money to the man who acted to be soul of Sunil. Sunny comes, sees the man, but don’t see Suman and Khushboo. Suman appreciates Khushboo for her idea and recalls changing the lemon. Khushboo says she will kick Jaya out of house and will break her ego.

Vikrant asks Priya to play chess with him. Priya says she has no energy to play and sleeps. Vikrant sprinkles water on her face and wakes her up. Veer calls everyone to disaster ward and provokes them against Sanchi. Sanchi comes there and asks what is happening. They all get angry on Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes and asks what is happening. Sanchi tells that she didn’t send code black again. Veer asks him to make head intern to someone else. Dr. Kabir says I know what would have happened here, and asks them to come top in exam if they want to become head intern like Sanchi, and asks them to get back to work.

Sanchi asks Veer to get back to work. Veer says I will show you in next exam. Sanchi asks him to do what she said just now. Veer goes to cafeteria. Arjun says Dr. kabir is with her, and now we can’t do anything. Veer asks everyone to get habitual to Sanchi’s orders and says she will top all exams. Other intern says there might be some way to get freedom from her. Veer says we have to do something so that Sanchi leave this head intern position. They says it is difficult as she is strong headed. Veer says you all have to think. He asks Garv to give money and says we will fill up the money in the box, and says you will get the money when you make Sanchi cry, but if you can’t then you have to pay double money. Garv thinks his last 500 is gone. Veer thinks I will trouble you more.

Priya in night does the jaap sitting on the bed and acts as mad.. Vikrant asks her to go and take bath, and says I am afraid of you. He gets scared and asks her to go and take bath. Priya goes. He wonders what happened to her. Sanchi comes to take bath and sees her pics which is strike off with red ink.

Dr. Kabir appreciates Sanchi for saving a patient with her good understanding. Sanchi looks for her hostel room keys. Dr. Kabir shows xray of patient and asks if she could identify what is it? Isha says this is hostel room keys. Veer says Sanchi is over now. Dr. Kabir looks angrily at Sanchi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It is boring now a,days:(

  2. I like that Dr kabeer ne sanchi ko support Kiya because veer ne prank Kiya Tha but ye Kya next episode mein sanchi firse trouble mein. I hope kabeer again sanchi help plz CVS ko pata hona chaye ki kabeer sanchi ke liye perfect life partner hai not veer. because veer is a prankster.plz next episode mein sanchi ki help kabeer KO karni chaye.

  3. Hello frnds! Guys don’t u think its time to change the storyline ? its becoming boring day by day. Always veer does some stupidest of pranks n sanchi gets into trouble ? its boring now. Give kabir some good scenes n dialogues instead of always scolding mood . His pairing with sanchi
    wl be awesome .
    its jst my opinion☺☺

  4. now enough of this veer’s childishness,its so unbearable.just one doubt who made him a doctor.hope that the writers haven’t forgot that it is a medical drama based series and doctor’s life isn’t a joke so plzzz stop showing such crap…..

  5. I m waiting for dr kabir n saanchi to pair up ??

  6. I love Veer???? jaldi se sachi ko kabir k sath bhejo… And get new girl for Veer ????? cute like hellu… I wish k hellu ati… Missing SwaSan???

  7. Kriya agarwal

    I agree with u guys veer is such a stupid prankster always sachi fall in trouble bcos of vir show going 2 boring pls cvs walo se koi khe kabir is perfect 4 sanchi not veer this is my opinion n with strong reason

  8. Kriya agarwal

    I agree with u guys veer is such a stupid prankster always sachi fall in trouble bcos of vir show going 2 boring aisa lag rha h writer ko koi ndw topic nhi mil rha sivay veer k stupid prank k pls cvs walo se koi khe kabir is perfect 4 sanchi not veer this is my opinion n with strong reason

  9. NICE☺☺

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