Savitri Devi 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi saves Veer and others from kidnapper

Savitri Devi 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming inside. Pragya tells her that they were tied with bomb. Sanchi asks what do you want. Man says he wants dean of the hospital. Sanchi says she is the dean of the hospital and asks him to leave everyone. The man slaps Sanchi and she falls down. He says he wants Dr. Anand Malhotra. Veer asks why he wants to meet his dad. Man holds Veer’s neck and asks him to call Dr. Malhotra else he will kill Sanchi. Veer calls Dr. Malhotra and asks him to come there.

Dr. Kabir calls Sanchi, but there is no network. He thinks to go to hospital and tell her truth. Veer asks Man why he is hurting Sanchi. Man says it seems there is some strong connection between you both. Sanchi asks what is his enmity with Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Kabir thinks to tell sanchi about his past and

says until she believes me, I can’t help her with investors. Man tells Sanchi that Dr. Malhotra had done something bad that nobody can bear it if hears. Police comes there and tells that they have surrounded hospital. Man tells that if Dr. Malhotra don’t come then the bomb will blast. Dr. Malhotra thinks the voice seems to be familiar.

Gayatri stops Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra says that man kept Veer in his captivity and have tied bomb on his body, I have to go. Gayatri says she won’t let him go. Inspector tells him that they will not let anything happen to Veer. Constable tries to go inside, but the man shoots him. Man says I will kill Sanchi first. Gayatri gets happy and thinks Sanchi shall die. Sanchi tells the man that although she hates Dr. Malhotra very much, but she will not do what he is doing. She says Dr. Malhotra will not come here and she has a plan to bring him here.

Man says he will not hear her plans. Inspector asks the man to surrender. Man says you have just 15 mins left, and says if you don’t come here within 15 mins then I will blast this hospital. Sanchi laughs and says I have seen someone doing foolishness. She says Dr. Malhotra don’t care about us or his son, and says you will lose your life. Man asks her to stop her nonsense. Sanchi tells him that she has a plan to get Dr. Malhotra punished, and says she has a file and proofs against Dr. Malhotra, because of which he can get punished. Man agrees. Sanchi asks him to diffuse the bomb first. He diffuses the bomb. Sanchi tells that the file is in her cabin. Man takes her to room. Veer and Pragya comes out. Dr. Malhotra thanks God seeing Veer fine. He tells Inspector that he has nothing to do with Sanchi and don’t care if she dies, and asks him to shoot the man. Sanchi pretends to search the file and gets worried. Veer thinks to help Sanchi. Man asks her to tell the truth else he will bury her alive right here.

Man is about to shoot Sanchi, when Veer is about to jump there through the ceiling window.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Itna sab kuch horaha hai and wt kabir is ding

  2. Swethaa

    why no one informed about this to kabir and no one thinking about him also…
    don’t know what will happen now??? Also confusion between like/dislike….

  3. Anu88

    Our One and only request please make kanchi pair……… please CVS please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make kanchi pair…………..

  4. Omg Dr.Kabir’s dad is here and he is not informed.I think Dr Anand was responsible for kabir’s dad imprisonment.Anyway I would be happy if I get kanchi pair but it will not happen in future.So I only see written updates and kabir scenes in voot.

  5. I think the man is kabir’s father….

    1. Apoorva shetty

      Yea exactly even i thought like that only

  6. Ye Puri story hi sanchi aur veer ki family se Judi h mtlb ye h ki makers ko ye show krna h ki etni uljhan k bad bhi sanveer kese sath hote h..kanchi pair k liye makers ko story Puri change krni pdegi…fb scenes dikhakr..vese bhi yr Kabir aur sanchi ki acting skills poor h..agr bharosa nhi toh veer k bina episode Dekho..Kabir aur sanchi ka vhi serious vala drama ladhae na jhagda na mnana how boring…Dr. Kabir toh sanchi ko mna bhi nhi payenge …aisa unki acting se lgta h

    1. no offence
      aisa tumhe lagta hai but not for everyone..

  7. actually kabir ka acting itna bura bhi nahi hai yaar usko sahi role nahi mila maine last week jamai raja mein kabir ko dekha as. daval uss serial mein unka role bahut acha tha…………actually negative role but acting skills superb
    I feel actors ka koi mistake nahi sirf CVS ka hai story mein koi development nahi hai…………..

    and finally happy makara sankranthi frnds……

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