Savitri Devi 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets hurt seeing Sanchi and Kabir striking romantic pose accidently

Savitri Devi 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha and Riya hiding seeing Sanchi coming. They plan to sprinkle itching powder on Sanchi’s dress which she is going to wear on photo shoot. Once she goes, Ayesha sprinkles powder on both dresses. Sanchi asks Ayesha if she checked her patient. Ayesha says she checked already. Sanchi says some intern is checking that patient. Ayesha says she will go after giving measurement. Sanchi goes to try the dress. Dr. Kabir says it is good. Sanchi says it is chosen by my favorite surgeon. Veer thinks she is talking about Dr. Kabir. Sanchi feels apologetic for not wearing dress chosen by Veer due to the promise given to Savitri. Suddenly she feels itching. Dr. Kabir says let me check. He finds itching powder on the dress and scolds Veer. Veer says why I will do this and asks her to

change dress and take shower. Sanchi goes. Dr. kabir asks him to stay away from Sanchi. Ria and Ayesha smiles. Sanchi doubts on Veer seeing the rashes on her body and thinks he has done this to make her move from cover page.

Dr. kabir tells her that he has given her medicine and she will be fine. Veer comes and puts ice cube on her skin. Sanchi says you gave me pain and then applying ointment. Veer says I feel pain seeing you in pain. He applies ice cube on her hands. Sanchi asks him to go. Dr. Kabir comes, shouts at Veer and asks him to go. Veer asks did you do this? Sanchi asks them to stop arguing. Veer asks Sanchi to ask him to leave. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir is her friend and you are nothing, that’s why you will leave. Veer goes.

Later During photo shoot, Ayesha comes and asks Photographer to click her pics with increased hotness. She poses for pics. Veer comes there. She runs to him and asks how is she looking? Veer asks if the cloth was less. She pretends to be angry and falls. Veer holds her and says you are looking nice. Ria tells Ayesha that Sanchi haven’t come till now, it seems she is unwell. Sanchi comes and says Mishra have first right on hospital. Photographer calls them perfect couple. Sanchi thanks Dr. Kabir for bringing her and gifting her dress. Veer gets jealous as Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s pics are clicked. Sanchi removes her sandal. Ayesha asks Photographer to click Dr. Kabir and Sanchi’s romantic pics. Ria, Veer gets pic clicked. Ayesha breaks Sanchi’s sandal and keeps it back. Sanchi sees her and asks what she is doing there. Ayesha says her ring fell down. Photographer asks Sanchi and Dr. Kabir to pose again and tells that their pic is not good. Sanchi wears sandal and falls on Dr. Kabir in RK Pose. Photographer clicks pics fast. Veer is hurt.

Sanchi asks Media to publish all staff pic, but Ayesha gets Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s pic posted. Sanchi shows the magazine to everyone and says surprise. Veer feels bad. Sanchi is shocked to see her pic with Dr. Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    superb episode…………kanchi is best…………..

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