Savitri Devi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok calling Vaidehi. Gayatri asks her to pick the call. Vaidehi says no and asks Gayatri to tell what happened at Mr. Chawla’s house. Gayatri sees Dr. Ashok’s call and asks what happened? Vaidehi tells her that she got his factory closed. Gayatri is shocked and asks I told you not to do anything , if Anand comes to know about it. Vaidehi says I don’t care and says she took revenge. Dr. Malhotra comes and asks what they are talking? Gayatri says ladies gossip.

Priya comes to kitchen and sees pastry in the fridge. She thinks she will take just one bite. Vikrant comes to the kitchen and acts as something has happened to him. Priya asks him to wake up and asks him to drink water. Vikrant gets up on his bed and it turns out be his imagination and he wakes up Priya,

asks her to take bath and starts jaap.

At hospital, Veer comes out of storeroom. Sanchi asks her what is in his bag. Veer says books. She asks him to show. He shows the books and says he was studying there. Sanchi says good and asks him to get ready for test. He gives bag to Vinod and asks him to take it to its right place. Jaya sees Khushboo making food in the kitchen on a other stove. Jaya asks why she is making food at other stove. Khushboo blames her for dividing the house and separating them. Dadi comes there. Jaya is teary eyes. Khushboo asks Dadi to decide with whom she wants to have food. Dadi says she will have food made by Khushboo. Jaya cries. Khushboo thinks Jaya will be out of house and this house will be in her captivity.

Dr. Kabir brings his mum to ward.. His mum asks if he don’t like any girl and says she saw 20 girls in the hospital till here. Kabir says no. His mum asks if he is fine o have any medical problem. Dr. Kabir asks her not to watch TV shows. Sanchi comes to the ward. Kabir gives his mum responsibility to Sanchi and says she is a BP patient. Sanchi says ok. Ria thinks how could he do this. She greets his mum. Mum blesses her. Ria says Dr. kabir don’t bring you to us, His mum says he has work all the time. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to take care of his mum. Sanchi greets her. Veer comes there and tells Sanchi that he needs to go to loo. Dr. Kabir’s mum tells Sanchi that she will not listen to her about this matter. Dr. Kabir asks Veer what is this new drama? Veer says sanchi asked me not to do anything without asking her. He asks shall I go. Sanchi holds his hand and takes him out. She asks what do you think of yourself. She asks him the questions. He couldn’t answer. Veer asks her to give him doctor’s work. She explains to him how to make stitches. She asks him to stitch all pillow covers, asks him to come to ward boy level then only think of becoming doctor. Veer gets his phone.

Gayatri and Vaidehi come to Mr. Chawla’s house and tells them that she has kept some puja for them and asks Priya to distribute fruits and sweets to kids. Priya distributes sweets and fruits after puja. Priya asks Rukmini to serve her food. She says mahurat is over when you was having puja and says you will get food tomorrow. Priya cries.

Ria comes to the cafeteria to get food for Dr. Kabir’s mum. Pragya tells Sanchi that Ria is trying to get Dr. kabir’s mum bangles to be her bahu. Isha says Dr. Kabir’s mum likes Sanchi more. Sanchi says he is our senior. Pragya asks if anything has happened? Sanchi informs them that she asked Veer to stitch pillows all night. Isha says it is Saturday tomorrow, he have party. Sanchi goes to check the storeroom and sees Bye Bye Sanchi Maam written with thread. She gets a card asking her to come for party. She thinks to get him scolded by Dr. Malhotra. She hears Nurse scolding ward boy as glucose stock is missing from the store room.

Sanchi realizes Veer coming out of store room. Veer serves glucose with wine and says he don’t have money, but have mind. He says cheers. Veer’s friend informs him that Ms. Fernandes is coming to raid. Ms. Fernandes says I know everything and asks Ward boy to take it. She tells him that this is hospital property and warns him. Veer scolds Sanchi for ruining his party and says everyone hates you. They all say that they hate him. Sancbi asks when did I tell that party will not happen and asks them to continue, and says Veer will not attend the party. She asks him to complete the backlogs of all intern. Veer obliges angrily.

Priya comes after bathing and looks for Rukmini. Vandana says Rukmini went out and asks her to make food for herself and others. Priya makes food for the everyone, just as she is about to taste, Vikrant comes and stops her. Rukmini also comes and asks her to go to Kali temple with Vikrant. Priya tells her that mahurat came to have food.. Rukmini says you can have food after coming home. Vikrant asks what is more important, his life or food. He weighs her and her weight gets less by 2 kgs, and comes as 46. Vikrant gets happy. Servant smirks and calls Gayatri. She informs her that Vikrant is making Priya follow whatever Pandit ji said. Gayatri thinks Priya needs a shock.

Sanchi is at the party. Pragya tells Isha that she didn’t believe that Sanchi will agree for party. Sanchi says she will go and see Veer. They ask if she is going to see Veer or to impress Kabir’s mum. Veer attends the patients. Sanchi comes there. Veer says you are a horrible person and returning my favors this way. Sanchi says, I brought coffee for you. Veer throws the coffee. She gets Dr. Kabir’s message. Veer asks her to go and impress his mum.

Sanchi gives medicines to Dr. Kabir’s s mum. His mum asks her about Dr. Kabir. Sanchi says everyone likes him and he is famous among lady doctors. Dr. Kabir comes there. His mum says you are famous among the lady doctors and asks if he has girl friend. He says no and laughs. Sanchi thinks he laughs too. His mum note downs Sanchi +1, Ria -1. Veer comes to Sanchi Agarwal and gives her injection. He badmouths about Sanchi repeatedly taking her name. Sanchi Agarwal moves her fingers. Veer is shocked.

Someone informs that coma patient gained consciousness. Sanchi, Pragya and Isha are shocked. Sanchi thinks her journey here is over.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks for fast update
    Superb episode (just sachi & veer part)
    And when will veer know about priyas physco husband…..
    Precap ????? ab KYA Hoga
    Par ho sakta he koi aur patient ho

  2. priya vikrant track is horrible one thing is confirmed kabir is not malhotra son but he is spineless who can’t take stand against malhotra he need someone like sanchi who can take stand against wrong beside veer sanchi has zero chemistry varun look kid infront of swarda Lol I think pragya is second FL & varun neha look cute together I hope Kanchi & PraVeer are couples

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yap agreed Priya vikrant track is the worst thing in the show like some innocent girl suffering without any reason I think there is major track related to that that’s why they r giving it so much importance

      1. Mona146

        i cant see her suffering. Surprising element is her in laws do not even think how she will survive without food. Husband is just a psycho and veer should bother about his sister. her boyfriend is a loser and just does not deserve her at all but atleast jaya should come to know of it. Someone should help her. I cant see priya track for long as I will suffer her pain.

  3. Mona146

    i feel bad for priya. How much she will tolerate? Come out of that marriage priya.

  4. This episode is awesome……

  5. Please CVS make Sanchi and veer as an pair i love them

    1. Manjula20

      Me too love them ???

  6. Finally kabir laughs???
    Hope to see his romantic side too??
    Hope kabir helps sanchi out of this situation .☺

  7. What advantage will gayatri get by ruining priya’s life?she has already become chawla ryt?

    1. Mona146

      priya knows gayatri well and can spoil her intentions of throwing saavitri’s impact in their home.

  8. Lila

    Forget Sanveer and Kanchi… I want Isha and Kabir togther. They will look so good together. Someone serious like kabir wouldn’t suit someone similar like sanchi. Yes I have a unique imagination??. Triangle between Isha kabir and ria would be perfect. Ria already has tashan with isha it’d be fun to see her expressions of isha and kabir got together.

    1. Otakustuff

      I totally agree with u?
      Just imagine Dr.kabir and pragya??? she wud call him “abay ooo”

      1. Lila

        Hahaha???? that would be funny. But I really really want isha and kabir since first epi. I really hope they become a couple??

      2. RANdomfANCreationz

        Omg Pragya and Kabir this is even more funny ????

    2. Manjula20

      Yeah Lila you are right Ishbir can make a nice couple infact she looks perfect with Veer too

      1. Lila

        Yes that’s true also. I don’t mind either VeSha or Ishbir.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Isha and Kabir? ???? Never thought of that haha ???

    4. Manjula20

      Yaar did you watched today’s episode Isha went to impress Kusum ur prophecy is right

      1. Lila

        Yes I did and I’m so happy. Nw I want kabir to notice isha cuz he’s always inoticing sanchi?

  9. “kachi” is the best couple,finally got to see kabir’s soft corner for his mother………he’s looks so cute and adorable while smiling.veer is not at all responsible and treats life as a joke. kabir is THE BEST match for sanchi.only he can help sanchi in achieving her goals.

    1. Very true . Dr. Kabir n dr sachi are best couple……………

    2. Mona146

      he is nice and his bonding with his mom is cute. I dont want makers to make a triangle and finally hurt kabir since veer-sanchi couple is any how predecided.

  10. nice episode sanveer scene was so amazing. today one thing has confirmed that kabir’s mom will want to make sanchi as her bahu but do not understand whom sanchi will like.In this show I like only varun and I only watch veer scene.I always like brother sister I wish priya and veer will struggle together. I do not want veer and pragya will be pair.I want another new female lead.I wised that the real Sanchi agarwall will look so beautiful and make a pair with veer.The show turn in a point where veer’s really needs a lovely wife who will help him and protect him from her step mom.veer’s father do not interest to make his children happy he always hear his wife’s word.If they do not another new female lead then sanveer must be married in future there sanchi will struggle for both hospital and her family or producer should divide the show like isqbaaz one side will be family drama and another collage drama.
    I request you every fan of jndsd please if you comments here then please do not change your name that you use in jndsd this page I remember only @diya but now she is absent many are you sewson fan?

  11. WardhaRosYY

    love Kancgi

  12. hello plz CVS make kabeer and sanchi as an pair I love them ??

  13. Kriya agarwal

    I luv kaanchi toooooo pls cvs kaho kuch to scene dikhayein dono k

  14. Saachi veer make perfect couple.Bcoz they together can bring Malhotra into right path
    Moreover kabeer is her teacher.She is supposed to respect him.Please avoid complications between them.

  15. i love kabeer and sanchi pair, please make them together, they look awesome

  16. saachi and veer perfect couple
    for each othar

  17. Best couple is saanchi and kabir.I love both of themmmmm…They look together awesome…..??

  18. Yeah we want Kanchi

  19. U r ri8 wardha we want kaanchi kaanchi kaanci

  20. Kabir look so adorable and cute when he smile finally cvs show her happy side hope so romantic side see soon love kaanchi

  21. Episode – 43
    06:00 PM – 07:00 PM, 12 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Khushboo wreaks havoc at home by pretending that she has seen a ghost. Meanwhile, Sanchi reaches the disaster management room where illegal medicines are stored.
    Episode – 44
    06:00 PM – 07:00 PM, 13 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Veer places a bet with the other interns and promises a reward to the one who makes Sanchi cry. Later, Piya faints beecause of the fast.
    Episode – 45
    06:00 PM – 07:00 PM, 14 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Dr Kabir sees a pair of keys in a patient’s pocket that is reflected in his x-ray, he holds deems Sanchi responsible for leaving them there.

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