Savitri Devi 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and SDCH are in trouble

Savitri Devi 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir waiting for Sanchi and decides to wait for sometime. Pragya comes to Veer and asks why you are after my friend. Veer says I don’t want to argue with you and asks her to go. Electricity goes off. Pragya blames him for the same. Veer says I am not responsible for all the wrong things in hospital and says he have to switch on the fuse now. He goes. A goon comes there and aims gun at Pragya. Pragya gets shocked. Goon asks her not to run else he will shoot her. Pragya is shocked. Veer comes there and tries to snatch the gun. Veer and Pragya see the goon’s face as he falls. Pragya thinks she has seen him somewhere. Goon says if anyone tries to act smart then he will shoot Pragya. Veer asks what do you want. Goon says he wants dean of the hospital. Veer thinks what

he needs from Sanchi. Isha says Dean is not here. Veer asks him to wait for Dean and asks him to leave Pragya. Goon says I will not go anywhere and asks Veer to tell staff members to vacate the hospital. Veer says nobody will go out without Pragya. Goon shoots in air. Isha asks Veer to go. Veer recalls Sanchi telling about code black and sends code to everyone. He asks Nurses and doctors to leave the hospital right now. He asks Garg, Vinod to get the hospital vacated.. Riya asks what happened.

Veer says it is an emergency and asks them to leave the hospital. Riya asks him to tell and says she can help him. Veer asks her to follow code black and make everyone leave from the hospital. He says it is about safety. He gets the hospital vacated and comes to goon. Goon pushes Pragya towards Veer and locks the door. He asks everyone to sit and keep their hands on their heads. Sanchi comes to meet Investor and thinks Pragya sent me to an isolated place. She calls Pragya. Pragya’s phone rings. Goon says nobody will pick the calls. He throws the phone on floor and asks Veer to get up, and take everyone’s phones. Sanchi calls Isha.

Isha’s phone vibrates. She thinks if I don’t pick her call then she will doubt that there is some problem here, and thinks she shall stop Sanchi from coming here. She sends her message and asks her not to come to hospital. Goon asks her to give phone. She sends the message before giving phone to him. Veer collects everyone’s phones and keeps it down. Sanchi gets Isha’s message asking her not to come to hospital, danger. She thinks Veer must have done something and calls Isha, but her phone is not reachable. Sanchi looks on tensed.

Goon asks them to tell where is the dean? He holds Pragya’s head and asks her to tell where is dean? Pragya says she will not tell him even if he kills her. Goon is about to hit Pragya with pistol, but Veer asks him to stop and says I will tell you. Goon leaves Pragya. Pragya asks Veer not to tell anything, says although you hates her, but don’t have the right to risk her life. Goon asks her not to argue and asks Veer to say. Veer asks him to come closer and says he will tell. Goon comes closer. Veer says more closer. Goon comes near him. Veer shouts and says I will not tell you. Goon hits him. Pragya and Isha shout his name. Goon says you both are very clever. He asks Subramaniam to bring two chairs. He makes Veer and pragya sit on the chairs. Subramaniam ties them with rope. The goon then asks Subramaniam to tie the bomb to them. Everyone is shocked. Pragya and Isha cries badly. Goon says this bomb will blast this building in 90 mins. He says if someone can stop this blast then it is me. He asks to decide between Dean or their life.

Sanchi comes to the hospital and asks why there is nobody here. She sends message to Isha. She thinks what is the problem. She comes to the general ward and knocks on the door. The goon asks an intern to check. She checks and says Dean is here. Goon opens the door and aims gun at Sanchi. Sanchi is shocked.

Sanchi asks the goon what he wants? He says he wants dean. She says she is the dean and asks him to leave everyone. The goon slaps her hard. Sanchi falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Anu88

    Thanks hasan for update………not bad episode……. eagerly waiting for the today episode………hope CVS make kanchi and praveer pair…….

  2. Swethaa

    can’t veer call police or told riya ki call police an attacker is in hospital
    and where are the security guards???
    when sanchi came to hospital where were all interns/doc patients who came out of hospital..are they gone home????

  3. Point hai

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