Savitri Devi 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi determines to get Dr. Malhotra punished

Savitri Devi 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi asking Dr. Malhotra to start the reverse countdown. Dr. Malhotra is about to slap her, but she stops his hand. Sanchi tells that she will not leave from the hospital until he is punished. Savitri asks him to accept his crimes. Dr. Malhotra laughs and tells Savitri that he didn’t hope she will do such a thing. Jaya tells him that they will make him pay for his crimes. Dr. Malhotra tells her that nobody will give job to Sanchi. Hen asks them to pick the stuff and leave. Savitri warns him not to shout at Sanchi. She says you are staying with this crime since 15 years and asks if he has sold his shame also. She says you had killed Sunil Bhai Saheb and confessed infront of me and asks him to confess infront of all. Dr. Malhotra tells that this hospital have just your

name and not right. This hospital is mine and asks security to kick them out. They are thrown out of hospital.

Dr. Malhotra says he don’t want to see their faces and the inauspicious things and throws Sunil’s Aasthi kalash. Sanchi, Pragya, Isha, and Jaya picks the ashes. Jaya says first you had killed my husband and now you have throws his aasthi. She says you have proved that you are an animal. Dr. Malhotra asks what she will do. Jaya swears to get him behind bars within 24 hours. Dr. Malhotra asks everyone to leave and asks his employees to get back to work.

Sanchi and Jaya come to the police station and tells that they want to file FIR against Dr. Malhotra for killing her husband. They play the CD and tells that Dr. Malhotra’s hair style was good. Sanchi says can’t you identify the seriousness of the case and says you lost the chance to get 3 stars from 2 stars. She tells that she will get Dr. Malhotra punished and also will get his police uniform out from his body. Inspector gets tensed. Sanchi takes the CD and walks out with Jaya. Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that Komal double crossed them and Jaya escaped with the CD. Dr. Malhotra is upset with her. Gayatri says she didn’t kill anyone like him and is supporting her murderer husband.

Dr. Malhotra shouts at her. Savitri comes and asks him to accept his crime. Dr. Malhotra asks her why she is wearing mangalsutra of his name and breaks her mangalsutra. Savitri thinks she thought she will get her husband back after serving the punishment, but today he has broken all ties. She determines to make him confess the crime.

Sanchi asks Jaya why she has hidden the truth from her. Jaya says she didn’t want her to know the ugly truth of Dr. Malhotra. Sanchi says if she had known then she would have punished him long back. Door bell rings. Isha and Pragya come there. Sanchi gets emotional and says sorry. Pragya and Isha tell her that they didn’t believe on Neeta and understood that she is lying against them. Sanchi hugs them. Jaya says Isha and Pragya helped her else don’t know where she would had been. They decide to get Dr. Malhotra punished.

Jaya tells Dr. Malhotra that just like a stain on his shirt, truth can‘t change and he will be punished. Dr. Malhotra is about to slap Jaya. Sanchi stops his hand and warns him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is only remain to watch that he throw ashes ? ….Drama hai toh kya hua aisa koi drama ke villians nahi karte….over dikha rahe hai…..RS ka dimag ghoom gaya hai aur agar mera ghoom gaya toh sara set tabah kar dungi inka apne tandav se ? ……priya vikrant ka track kab band karoge …..Veer aur Kabir ko gift wrapper me lapet kar showpiece bana do….In donon ka toh koi kaam hi nahi hai serial main……Ye indian serials ne kasam kha rakhi hai ki bina overacting aur melodrama ke kuch dikha hi nahi sakte…….Main pagal ho jaungi in 2 rs logon ke chakkar main ? …..poore episode main bas ek baat hi acchi lagi ki Sanchi ne Malhotra ko thappad nahi marne diya….Chalo maharani bahar toh nikli apne rone-dhone wale mode se.

    1. Dhruti

      i also felt same niyati ise acchhe to foreign shows he pura concept base hi hota he for example descendant of the sun(south Korean drama ) mast he pura medical or army base tha ye show itna mast tha sacchi muje ab serial dekh ne ka man nahi karta ab……
      ab agar kaveer help bhi kare to koi bhi matlab nahi he because you can’t trust that person that you love most then what is the meaning of relation????
      sanprasha rocks yuppie friendship to asi hi honi chahiye…………………..
      but i still hope for kanchi i don’t know why???????

  2. how superb

  3. Prakruti

    How shameful is Dr Malhotra.. And Kabir… I was expecting him to take Sanchi’s side, but he was quiet even after knowing the truth… This was so disappointing..

    1. Otakustuff

      Same! But spotlight is yet to be shifted to Kabir or veer or anyone else for that matter….Even m dying to know what Kabir thinks…he better not be Malhotra’s puppet anymore

      1. Prakruti

        Hope so…

  4. Shining

    Wow Chalo Sara saach Bahar as Gaya . now eagerly waiting for next episode

  5. Forget everything. East and west only friend ship is best. Luv u trio

  6. Shining

    Ha yaar kajal prasha is far better than kaveer. They trust sanchi

  7. Aaj thoda aacha Tha par age kaya hoga. Sanchi kise ki Pyaar ko accept Kare ge. Bcoz ye serial phale see hi love triangle Hai…. Ab tho Dr mal tho ko jail Jana padega

  8. I hope saanchi veer ko maaf karde

  9. Soon sdch is going to become gdch

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