Savitri 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 9th July 2013 Written Update

Rajguru comes in with his men to talk over the issue on illegal tax collection.
Chandal singh comes in with the dead body of r soldiers and announces that those are soldiers from neighbor kingdom who collected tax and tried to destroy peace.

King n other looks confused while queen seems to be proud of his brother and his boasting.

Damayanti moves closer to a dead body and on questioned by king replies that the soldiers r not from neighbor kingdom as they carry champanagar emblem in their arm.

Chandal singh excuses by saying that perhaps they made it fake but maha mantri says that its not possible as the seal of kingdom is kept in a safe place under strict protection.

Senapati adds how he was corrects and says since they r among soldiers of kingdom they mi8 be working

for some official whom they consider master.( he gives crude look to chandal Singh)
Chandal singh does drama on getting a hind that he is being doubted. He boasts this is all that he gets from truthful service and questions queen if she called him to mahal for this day. Finally when all was silent to his drama he threatens to kill himself in case some1 doubts him.
(he took sword to neck and waited till king says a word)
King falls in that drama and say that none doubts him and ask him to leave.
Senapati asks king if he could ask some rajguru men to follow chandal singh and check but raja says chandal singh is emotional and will feel bad

Senapati further says that now damayanti should be given a ankhrakshak as they can’t even believe near n dear. King agrees and ask mahamandri to take action n find one.
A man is shown racing with a horse and finally he gets hold of horse. Getting on it he says ur name is badal and so u run like a badal but today veer won over u

Damayanti still upset with king and says that she will never allow ankhrakshak and if king persist she mi8 even leave mahal alone. She questions as why is king bothered of her safety aand who is her enemy who would hurt her. queen says king to let damayanti know the truth.

King takes damayanti with him to place where a small fountain is seen. He asks soldiers to leave and asks not to say a third person regarding the matter he is about to say her .Then he turns a knob making the structure move and a underground step appear.

King n damayanti moves down and finally they reach a place where a globe of bubble is seen protecting a stone.

Damu asks what’s that and king replies its stone of sampathi and also called unnatipashan. He adds that during earlier times their ancestor was worried of kingdoms sampathi and hence did a great tapasya to please god by standing on water till neck. But then as god didn’t appeared the kind went down water- jalsamadhi. After some days the king was back alive carrying a stone given by water god. Its this stone and also called unnatipashan.

Its stone of power and well being and one who has it will be the strongest so the kingdom is protecting it from centuries , and after him damu must protect the same.
The stone is kept inside kingdom so that with its power whole kingdom is prosperous. Damayanti takes the stone in hand and king further takes it. He says only a royal person can touch it.

He adds that he intended to say damayanti all these at her 21st year but due to her stubbornness regarding protection he was forced to say it now. He says that the stone must be taken out every 13 yrs on chandrotsav day . thats when pooja and abhishek of stone is done. He says on next such day king queen n damayanti will together sit for pooja.

He reminds damayanti not to say all these to any1 not even her friends ..

Precap: Damayanti taking blessings from king and king asking her friends not to let damu alone not even for a second(perhaps she is going to attend festival.) Chandal Singh’s soldier admirers hear it and give eachother a wicked smile to each other.

Update Credit to: vampire

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