Savitri 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 9th August 2013 Written Update

Episode beging with chakachak giving instruction to bhondu as in how they must argue like he and senapati used to do before so that none douts them. Bhondu says he is fed up of acting and wishes to leave the job as he is feared of getting caught. Just then Veer comes in opposite direction and they maintain themselves.. Bhondu says veer that he is now given the responsibility of mahal protection while Chakachak adds that veer must never fail in his job (just then he sees damu n uttara coming) and should protect his niece as its his dharma, dhayitva and adhikar to take care of princess.. he says Even if maharaj gave full freedom to damyanti there is still danger to damu’s life

Damu is enjoying veer’s condition and says as how instead of serving at kingdom province he got opportunity to protect

mahal. she boasts as how he got opportunity to serve her once again and so she shall live with peace then…

At sugandha kota chakachak beating up bhondu on him threatening to leave the job…bhondu says how he is feared of getting caught while chakachak assures him he shall be safe always…and says in mind how after accomplishing his task, bhondu will be killed and chakachak himself shall take senapati post.

RK gets back his power and further thanks Vishi as with how much bravery she saved him. Vishi is happy and says her life is nothing in front of his and she shall always stay by RK’s side…RK says he is impressed by vishi’s dedication… Gulika doesn’t likes all this and is feared of RK falling for vishi leaving damu and therefore failure of her plan.. She says that vishi is best to enter Champanagar mahal on their behalf…RK too is happy with idea and asks Vishi to enter mahal as Damu’s dasi and make a way for his entry to mahal. He says how he can’t stay away for long from princess…Vishi agrees sadly but makes it in her mind that she shall enter mahal for RK but then will take Damu out of her way

Damyanti at room is going to get ready for her night out and Uttara comes in to question..Damu says she need to go for her mission and asks Uttara to help her in dressing up so that vidhu could never identify her..After getting ready she moves out asking uttara to take her place at mahal until she returns and promises to return back soon. She is moving through the corridor that bhootnath sees…He asks her to ask and moving closer asks who is she and what is she doing there? Damu is in ghoonghat and replies that she was inside mahal and now moving out. Bhootnath asks who she is and she replied herself as dasi and is moving out as her work is done.. Bhootnath insist on she taking off her ghoonghat and inorder to escape she slaps him saying how dare he asks her so…(lol she called good colourful words – neejh, dust, paapi and so on…) She moves out

Damyanti once again reches veer’s place while he is seen making some sticks..(don’t know what for)..Seeing her vidhu calls as how she came again..Next moment Veer takes a knife to her neck and asks her what she is doing there and who she is… Damu is feared and says that she did told yesterday that she is savitri and now if he don’t likes her coming there she won’t but instead take the knife off her neck… Veer asks how come Princess got information about their meeting and her visit to his hut.. Damu stammers and says, she is princess so its obvious that she keep all information of whats happening nd all…Veer is not convinced while damu to get over topic moves to see whats being cooked making excuse of being hungry ( lol she is hungry whenever she sees veer) Veer again goes to her and questions as to say the truth..Damu then says why don’t he got and ask khuzat rajkumari rather than questioning her..Veer is angry and scold her for not respecting princess… damu is impressed by him and smiles… To avoid further talk she again makes hunger a reason and moved to vidhu..she asks him when will the khichdi be ready… Vidhu replies he is cutting bamboo shoot and after that it will be ready..Damu asks don’t he have people to do it and vidhu replies that she is behaving too much like princess but then asks how do she know there is people at mahal to do all these…damu is again in shortage of words and replies that she has friends at mahal so she know it that there is lot many servants at mahal. Now when veer is famous at mahal she thought there would be many people to help him too.. Vidhu says he is equivalent to 2-3 helpers and damu smiles at it…Vidhu is irked and says if she has friends at mahal what is she doing there..

Vishkanya in disguise like an old women is at market looking for a way to enter mahal just then she sees Chakachak and bhootnath…who is then using his upsenapati tag to get ladoo from a soldier ( kanjoos).. She gets and idea and takes snake form to bite him…after biting him she goes to a distance and transforms back while Chakachak is all crying and screaming so do bhootnath…Chakachak screams to call vaidya and gets unconscious.. Vishi therefater comes and says she shall save chakachak..she drinks the poison… and saves him

Chakachak and bhootnath together catches damyanti in disguise who then uses ghoonghat to cover her face..She is forced to raise ghoonghat by chakachak


Update Credit to: snowdream

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