Savitri 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 8th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Vishgaati’s curse on savi and its narrated on background how Satya and Savitri went back 1000yrs, where Savitri is born as Princess Damayanti of Champanagar. (Glimpse of savi as a baby)

The adult Princess Damayanti is shown doing sword fighting practice with three of her friends.. (In the fi8 finally one of her opponent opens the blue shawl that covered her face and Damyanti is exposed) …At the end Damyanti wins over and expresses her happiness in winning while the 3 of her friends says how much they r tired and asks to mark an end to abhyas…

One among them adds that Maharaj will be looking out for them as they are out far from Mahal and that too from pretty long time..

Damyanti smiles at that comment while Senapati of Champanagar arrives with 3 of his

soldiers in search. He reminds Damyanti that its not good to come so far from Mahal and that too without soldiers. Damyanti replies proudly that she is too much safe with her three brave, intelligent sharp friends Nakshatra Poorva and Uttara. Senapati wasn’t happy with Damyanti’s words and ask her to reach back mahal soon.. Damyanti nodes and leaves for Mahal, while Senapati asks one of his soldier to follow Damyanti without her knowing.

Damyanti on the way back asks her friends not to say any1 at mahal that they came this much far. Her friends nodes to it… Damu continues how she wish to live on her likes and to fly like a free bird.
Her friends ask what kind of a partner damu wishes as dadi says Pati should be 4 years older, 4 inch taller, 4 times more richer …Damu smiles at that statement and says how they r wrong… She says that she want a person like a mirror with a beautiful heart and ability to win 1000 hearts

Back at Mahal. Maharaj Jaisingh calls his Pradhan Mantri and almost starts saying that how as a prime minister and friend he remained a shub chindak of the kingdom, and hence today…
But then Maharaj was stopped abruptly by Daamyanti who comes in asking permission and sits down to take rest.. Maharaj looks happily at his daughter and enquires about her practice to which Damayanti replies that it was all awesome.

Maharani(Damu’s mom) asks Damu if she moved far away from Mahal in name of Practice. damu stammers at that Questions and turns her face to avoid giving an answer. Maharaj asks her to go and take her food as she need to attend Raajneeti class( Politics) soon after that. Damu says that she hates Politics class.

Maharaj asks then what is that she wishes. Just then she says her wish to visit neighbor kingdom and attend festival there. Maharani says that ofcourse she can and adds that her father and half soldiers will accompany her. Damu says no to that idea and makes a puppy face.

Maharaj says that he is afraid of damu’s security as there is something due to which all are their enemies. Further Maharani asks damu to understand her father and complains how damu is against keeping an angrakshak. Damu says that she dont like angrakshak as she hates some1 always roaming around her.

Maharaj says at end that he don’t want damu to be away from his sight and remarks it as his final decision. He asks PM to come out with him to have a talk about some kingdom matters. He also asks maharani to accompany..
Damu too insist to accompany saying that taking part in kindgom matters is also a part of politics class..King agrees and damu is happy

There at a Kota a woman is shouwn dancing in front of a official.

King says PM that since the kingdom hardly got any rainfall,, the farmers are in bad condition and that its due to which he decided to eliminate tax, but then now he came to know that the tax is being forcibly collected from farmers by some people.. He adds its injustice being done to farmers …


The assistant senapati at kota, Chandal Singh romances with Sugandha, the kota women. He hands over some coins to her for her pleasing him, but then she rejects it saying that how Chandal Singh’s sister and her childhood friend is ruling the kindgom as Queen and how she is still a kota women. Further she adds that its chandal Singh who can help her in attaining her goal i.e in reaching Mahal.


Senapati soon enters Rajmahal and convinces Maharaj that its a insider who is collecting taxes from poor and says that he has appointed some soldiers to find the culprit. Maharaj says that its not enough and that they will discuss with Rajguru for a plan to catch culprit. (Two of Chandal Singh’s loyals overhears this and rushes to inform chandal singh regarding same)

Some soldiers enters Kota with the forcefully acquired ornaments from poor farmers..Chandal Singh congratulate them and adds how this plan will help in turning poor people against Maharaj and also increasing his assets.

The 2 loyals reaches Kota and informs Chandal Singh regarding the talk at Rajmahal.

Sughandha asks all worried “Prannadh now what shall we do” Chandal singh says aloud that now the soldiers will have to be presented in front of king as culprit.. The soldiers are afraid and one says that its for him (his master ) that they did so now how can hehand over them to law.
Sugandha says that the soldiers are already blurting out everything now if they r threatened at Jail, they r sure to blurt Chandal’s name in front of King..

Chandal smiles evily and kills one soldier with his sword while all others looks shocked…

(Must say Chandal smile like a dog urghhh so irking to hear)

Precap: Veer racing with his Horse(like the krissh movie scene)…and finally caught hold of him..Getting upon it…He kisses it saying that Your name is badal and just like ur name u r fast like a badal but then today i won over you :

Update Credit to: snowdream

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