Savitri 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 7th May 2013 Written Update

Starts with Savitri beheading Nagraaj’s head, as the temple bells ring the rest of the pisaach are vanquished. Savitri walks towards the temple leaving Vikrant watching her. As she nears the steps the soul of the baba appears and tells her to leave the sword and RKs arms there which she does. She enters the temple and thanks the Devi for helping her, just then Babas soul appears again and interrupts Savitri and tells her the Devi didnt do anything, she herself did it all with her inner strength. And the Devi is grateful to her for lifting the curse on their land. The baba holds out his hand and opens his palm. Savitri asks him what it is. He replies she has completed one task and many more await her. This ring will protect her. As Savitri holds out her hand the ring magically appears on her palm. As

she holds the ring it starts to glow. She puts the ring on her right hand index finger, as she does the ring glows and beams out light. As Savitri looks at the ring she has flashbacks of herself as Damyanti, her parents, Veer, her and Veer together, which makes her happy. Then she remembers RK kiiling Veer, Veer falling off the cliff which upsets her. Damyanti cutting off RKs arms and head and her killing herself.
Savitri thanks the Devi, the ring made her remember everything about her past life. She thanks her for making Savitri and Damynati as one. She tells the Devi, she knows Damyanti could not save Veer from RK but now the same Damyanti in the form of Savitri will save her Veer in the form of Satya from all troubles and obstacles and even from RK. She asks for the Devis blessings and turns to leave. (Savitri’s walk, posture and the way she talks is like Damyantis). She thanks the baba and tells him she has to leave now. Baba happily disappears. Savitri turns around to look at the Devi, closes the doors and leaves. when she reaches the bottom of the steps she picks up RKs arms and the sword and leaves looking more powerful and stronger.

At the temple people have gathered to pray at the temple. Two ladies talking how a woman came and relieved the pisaach from the curse. She must be a Devi.

Gulika in the form of the hawk appears where Savitri is with Vikrant and transforms herself into human form. She asks for RKs arms but Savitri pulls out her sword, points it to her neck and asks to meet RK. Gulika tells her to do as shes told otherwise her husband will be killed. Savitri replies if Satya gets even a scratch then she will destroy RKs arms right here and is about to do so. Gulika angrily tells her what shes doing is not right and flies off.

As Mohe Piya plays, Savitri closes her eyes and thinks of all the tender moments she and Satya shared. As shes reminiscing, RK asks her if shes dreaming about him, well he’s here
Savitri turns around to face RK with an angry look on her face. She points the sword to his neck. Vikrant pulls out his gun. Both RK and Savitri stare at each other. Savitri with hatred and RK with love. He tells her she looks good like this, like Damyanti, brave and strong. He tells her to return his arms so he can touch her. Savitri tells him its, Savitri not Damyanti, Satyas Savitri. She orders RK to go and get her husband then he will get his arms. RK tells her he will but Satyas arms will also be cut off like this. Savitri warns him if he does that then she cut his arms into tiny pieces wher it will even be impossible for her to put them together. RK angrily shouts DAMYANTI. Savitri stabs him in the stomach. But nothing happens to him. He reminds Damyanti (thats what he calls her) she has forgotten that in order to cut him into pieces she needs to join his body together. Savitri has flashbacks of when Damynati cut RK into pieces. RK pulls out the sword from him and quotes these lines about how she cuts him up and also joins him. (Sorry, theres some words which i didnt understand). He goes behind her smells her hair, tells her shes the reason for him breathing. Shes the reason for him being complete, he’s her Rahukaal and she’s his Damyanti. Gulika is not liking all this. He tells Savitri he feels his Damynati has returned. The same hatred, the same fire in her eyes and he is liking it all. RK tells her she will join his body then destroy him. Savitri tells him she will, just like she did 1000 years ago. Vikrant is a spectator to all that is happening in front of him.
RK tells her if she does anything to him then it will be her biggest mistake as he has her husband. Savitri replies she knows he has her Satya but also not to forget as she has both his hands for which he has waited 1000 years. Savitri warns RK if he doesnt bring Satya here now then she will cut his arms into pieces.

As Vikrant takes out RKs arms from the cloth, Gulika runs forward but Savitri stops her by slashing her arm with the sword.


Gulika telling Vishgati they had one weapon till now, Satya, but RK himself let him go. Satya comes to Savitri and she hugs him.
RK tells Gulika, let Satya go to Savitri but he wont be the same Satya that she wants. He will be the Satya that he, RK, makes him. Satya is unconscious and RK puts his hand on Satyas head whilst Savitri watches. RK laughs evilly.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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