Savitri 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 6th May 2013 Written Update

As soon as Savitri opens the chest and takes out RKs arm a storm erupts. Vishgati, RK, Gulika and Nagraaj are pleased that Savitri has got the arm whereas Savitri is terrified. Vishgati asks Vikrant if he knows what to do and if hes ready, he replies he is.

As Savitri walks ahead with RKs arms Nagraaj orders his army to go after Savitri and take the arms from her before the Devi awakens. Savitri shouts to them to stop but still they come forward. Just then Vishgati and Vikrant step in front of her and start a battle with the pisach. Vikrant with his gun and Vishgati with a sword. Vikrant tells Savitri to head towards the mandir but she gets surrounded by the pisach. Vikrant and Vishgati fight them off. Savitri looks in shock and amazement at Vishgati who is fighting the pisach so expertly. As Vishgati

comes face to face with Savitri, who is unable to say anything, Vishgati tells her to leave as she has to reach the mandir.
Savitri asks her who she is as she looks like Satyas mother. She replies she is Vishgati, Rahukaals mother. Again Savitri is shocked to hear this. Vishgati tells her she may look like Satyas mother but there the similarity ends. But they both have one thing in common. They both love their sons alot and she has been protecting Savitri as she has RKs arms but now she is sure Savitri will win this fight. She orders Savitri to leave for the temple, and she does. Vishgati and Vikrant fight the pisach as Nagraaj orders to kill them.

Nagraaj runs after Savitri and just as she approaches the temple and is about to take the first step he takes RKs arms from behind. Nagraaj asks her if she thought she would be able to take RKs arms to the temple and flies off before Savitri can do anything. She is about to follow him when she hears a voice from behind. She turns around to see the soul of the Baba whom RK had killed. He tells her how hes seen even though she lost her nuptial ornaments she didnt lose them, looking at the blood coming from her maang. He holds out a sword to her and tells her she should do what a married woman has to. She has attained RKs arms but she now needs to free the pisaach. Give them salvation. Savitri asks how can she do that? The baba tells her only she can do it as they want to be free and dont want power, unlike Nagraaj. She has to free them from the Devis curse and also Nagraaj. If she kills Nagraaj before the Devi awakens then she will be able to free the pisaach. The baba throws the sword to Savitri who catches it. He tells her to do what her aim is in life and what she has been sent to do. To realise her power which she till now has been unaware of. The baba disappears. As she holds the sword, lightening from the sky comes to the sword, giving it power. Savitri remembers the day Damyanti killed Savitri. Both are shown with the same look. Savitri shouts Nagraaj and heads towards him. He is shocked to see Savitri in this avatar. She fights the pisaach expertly. Vikrant is also surprised to see her like this and so is Vishgati who also looks proud of her. Savitri handles the swordfighting very well and even handles the pisaach when quite a few of them attack her together. Nagraaj looks on in wonder. (The whole fight sequence is worth watching). As Nagraaj is tying up RKs arms Savitri approaches him. She tells him he attacked her from behind but she will take RKs arms in front of him. Nagraaj asks Savitri what is this form of hers, so much strength. She replies it is the power of a Devi who is awake even being asleep. And its their end. Ha asks if she will kill them, she will never be able to do that. As the fight continues Nagrraj loses his sword and Savitri cuts off his head.

Gulika is praying a mantra to free RK when RK tells her to stop as its not working. Gulika keeps on praying when Vishgati shouts out to her and tells her she cant free RK. Using her powers Vishgati frees RK. RK asks his mother where Damyanti is and where are his arms. Vishgati replies where they should be.

Savitri battles witht he pisaach and fights them off.

Gulika tells her mother, Savitri has RKs arms and she has left her alone without helping her. Vishgati tells her not to forget Savitri is also Damyanti and she doesnt need anyones help. She will return once her work is done. Vishgati tells RK to return to Skeleton Island. She tells Gulika to take him with her. RK refuses to without Damyanti. Vishgati pointing a finger at RK orders him to go as Savitri will come with his arms. And tells Gulika to show the right path to RK atleast now. Gulika tells her she had waited 1000 years to bring back RK. Vishgati tells her she knows why she is doing all this and orders her to take RK. She tells RK his mother has returned and will make sure he gets his whole body back. Gulika fumes in anger.

Ashish and Leena are outside the police station waiting for the police officer when he arrives. Ashish asks about Savitri. The police officer tells them there is no news on Savitri yet and it is best they return back home as it could take a while. Leena refuses to go without Savitri. The police officer tells them he will keep them informed and to return back home. Leena agrees to go back to Kolkata.

In the temple the bells start to ring and the pisaach are vanquished. Only Savitri and Vikrant are left. Savitri is happy.


In the temple, Savitri saying how Damyanti was not able to save Veer from RK but now Savitri in the form of Damynati will save Veer in the form of Satya from all troubles and obstacles and even from RK. Savitri puts on a ring which has powers.

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