Savitri 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 4th July 2013 Written Update

Continues from yesterday with Satya shouting out to Savitri and him being led away, RK puts the crown on Savitris head.
RK asks Savitri how she feels with the weight of the crown on her head, he had told her it was very powerful. He says he has looked after the crown more than his life and she should do the same. Savitri sightly nods her head. RK leads her to the throne.

Gulika is enjoying what she sees. She says Savitri has after all trapped RK in her web to get what she needs. RK is a fool.

Savitri sits on the throne, RK goes to sit on the other one and proudly watches his subjects dancing.

Gulika and Vikrant watch from the side. Gulika says she will also help Savitri get the fifth triangle so she can open the door of powers but she, gulika will insert the trident. She orders

Vikrant to stay where she is and watch what she does.

Savitri is looking uncomfortable on the throne. Gulika is in guise again, thinking she has to make sure RK doesnt recognise her as he will in whatever guise shes in. She will have to find a way to help Savitri.
Jewellery and ornaments are brought to RK and Savitri to touch. Savitri is becoming nervous. Gulika covers her fave with a veil, she goes to one of the gothic woman and points her fingers on her back. She whispers something in the womans ear and gives her a tray with four glasses.

The woman offers the tray to RK who takes a glass, she tells him his followers would like it if he joined in with the dancing and celebrations. RK happily agrees and gets up whilst Savitri and Gulika watch.
RK goes amongst his people and closes his eyes with his arms stretched out. Savitri takes off the crown and lloks at the triangle. Gulika approaches her and tells her she has come to help her in getting the fifth triangle. Savitri says what triangle is she talking about. Gulika tells her to drop the act and to do what she is supposed to do. She knows what Savitri has been sent to do and it will also be of advantage to her too. Savitri asks if she knows then tell her what to do.
Gulika using her powers makes a triangle appear and tells Savitri to exchange this fake one with the real one from the crown.
Keeping an eye on RK, Savitri holds out the crown to Gulika who puts the fake triangle on the crown, a bit of magic and the triangle is exchanged. Gulika gives the triangle to Savitri, who is very pleased to have acquired the fifth triangle. Gulika walks away. Savitri puts the crown back on her head. RK turns around to see SAvitri sitting there. He goes to Savitri and asks her who was the lady who she walking to. Savitri says just one of his followers. He tells Savitri what his followers want to see will happen now. Him celebrating with his queen. RK takes off her crown and puts it on the pillar, he leads Savitri to the dance floor Savitri takes her bag with her too. They go to the middle and face each other. Rk puts his hands at the side of her face, not touching yet. He seems a bit hesitant and Savitri looks scared. She takes a step back. As he is about to touch her face the sky rumbles, they all look at the sky. One of the followers says its almost time for the mandir to open. Savitri tells him they should go to TaaraDwar, as its time to get his legs. They both go followed by RKs followers.

Satya is sitting in the woods, crying and remembering everything what Savitri said to him. He asks himself why his Savitri said this to him, he doesnt understand anything and doesnt know what to do. Suddenly he gets pains in his head and starts to remember when he was held captive by RK and tortured, He holds his head as he can remember everything about that time. Someone puts a hand on his head with a bright light, its Dhoomketu who is very weak himself. He lets go of Satyas head. Satya opens his eyes and says he remembers everything, it was RK. DK struggles as he tells Satya TaaraDwar is about to open and he can foresee Savitri is going to fall into trouble and he is the only one who can help him. He, Satya has been worrying till now why he couldnt help his wife, the time has come, dont let your wife be unsuccessful. Go and help your love, your wife, your Savitri. When she needs the help the most you are the only one who can help her. DK continues telling him to go and help his wife. Satya wipes his tears and goes. DK hold his head in pain.

As Savitri, RK and his followers head towards TaaraDwar, Savitri prays to Devi ma to give her the strength to fulfill what she has come to do. Gulika and Vikrant are also amongst the followers.
RK turns around to see Savitri in thought and asks her what shes thinking about. She replies nothing. She tells him the door to TaaraDwar is near, she will go and get his legs then call him. As she walks forward RK tells her to stop and eyes her bag. He tells her shes going to go get his legs then what is the need for the bag, he will look after it (joru ka ghulam though i dont believe in this but couldnt help saying it ). Savitri says its ok and clutches her bag. RK asks her what is in the bag. He asks for it again. Suddenly the moon beams light towards the door and it opens making it hard for RK, Gulika and the others to see. Vikrant and Savitri are the only ones not affected by the light. Taking this opportunity Savitri runs ahead. Gulika tells Vikrant to go and do what he has been told to do and not to try and do anything else. Vikrant quickly runs in before the door closes.
Gulika walks forward and as RK turns around he sees Gulika and asks her what shes doing there. She tells him she has come to protect him as she does not trust Savitri, if she will bring his legs or not. He asks if that was the case then why did she let the human go in. She tells him he is her puppet, she has sent him in to keep an eye on Savitri and if she tries anything then Vikrant will stop her.

Savitri enters inside to see some platform steps and on the top is a triangle with key holes to put the trident. Savitri realises its where she has to put the triangles, the time to open TaaraDwar has come and its time for RK to be held captive.
Savitri also sees the chest which has RKs legs. She opens it to see them wrapped in the red cloth. The legs glow and rise up out of the chest still glowing. The chest vanishes and RKs legs are in mid air glow. Suddenly it rumbles and the door opens. RK happily tells Gulika the door is opening and Savitri is coming out with his legs. Gulika thinks she has to get in there before RK, now only Vikrant has to do his bit.

The legs come down to the ground still glowing in a circle of light which is glowing too.
Savitri says she has to join the triangles before RK comes in.
She puts the five triangles in their place, whilst shes doing this Vikrant comes from behind. When the triangles are in place thet glow, Savitri says the triangles are in place, where is the kaalchakkar. Vikrant is sneaking up on her. She thinks what the three signs in the middle of the glowing star are. Vikrant picks up her bag from the ground and takes out the trident. Whilst Savitri is rearranging the triangles, Vikrant lifts up a big stone and yelling goes towards Savitri which makes her turn around. Savitri shouts to him to stop just as he throws the stone. DK also appears and binds Vikrant in the magic light and the stone breaks into tiny pieces. Savitri looks at DK to see him in a trance.
Just as RK and Gulika are about to enter, there is another rumble and a magic globe surrounds the entrance which stops them from going in. RK angrily says if Damyanti is coming with his legs then why the protective beam. He wants to know which shakti is stopping him from entering.

Savitri takes the trident from Vikrants hand, he falls to the ground. She remembers what what DK had told her about how to put the trident in. If she puts it in the wrong way then the Kaalchakkar will open. RK and Gulika have entered too and Gulika looking worried. RK sees his legs, Gulika telling him to get the trident from Savitri whilst she turns around to put the trident in. DK saying if she puts it in the right way then she will acquire all the powers of TaaraDwar. As Savitri is about to put thr trident in Gulika runs forward and hold her hand to stop her, they struggle. RK steps in to the circle. Vikrant also gets up and tries to pull Gulika back. Savitri is about to put the trident in when someone, i think its Vishgati who holds a knife to her neck.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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