Savitri 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Savitri and RK arrive at a place where some people are chanting out RKs name and welcoming him. Savitri looks around in wonder. RK tells Savitri they are the followers of evil powers and are greeting the King of Evil. Savitri asks how is it possible for this happen at Devi mas mandir. RK tells her its possible (Sorry i didnt understand what RK was saying here). Rk tells Savitri to come with him, she does. Some people bow down in front of RK. He turns around and tells Savitri theres no need for her to be worried as these people are his and they wont harm her. Savitri tells him she never knew he had this many followers, till now she thought he was only a stubborn demon but these people really think highly of him, they are his subjects. RK is pleased to hear all that. She asks where they have to go now. He

takes her to a place where there are more people shouting out RKs name. Savitri asks what is all this. He tells her they are greeting their king after 1000 years. As soon as the doors of the mandir open he will get his legs and he will also get his powers and that is the reason why his subjects are celebrating. Savitri is looking around. RK holds out his hand to her and tells her if the hatred she has for him has gone then to hold his hand and come with him to his throne as his queen. Savitri looks at him and his stretched out hand.

Gulika shows Vikrant where the fifth Dwar is and tells him they have to go there. And ahead of it is the temple where Savitri will get the powers. She tells Vikrant he will have to get the powers from Savitri and give it to her. She starts to walk and Vikrant follows. The ground breaks apart, like an earthquake. Bright light beams erupt from the ground. Gulika recognises it as a message from her mother, Vishgati.

Savitri holds out her hand and puts it in RKs, which surprises RK. She tells him she accepts. She tells him he has shown her his strength and powers many times but she was oblivious to it. But seeing your subjects showing you respect and love she has understood he is truly a king. She calls him maharaaj Rahukaal. RK is over the moon. He takes her to where the thrones are. (They are open mouths of monsters ). RK tells everyone to greet the princess, to greet his Damyanti, his love whilst still holding her hand. Everyone greets Savitri.
RK turns towards Savitri and holds her by the shoulders. Savitri seems to look happy but she isnt. He tells her, he told her a day would come when he would win her (RK, she is not a prize or a trophy ) her hatred would lose and his love would win and the day has come, she is standing with him as his. She is only Rahukaals. Savitri says no, she is still not his.

Gulika is talking to Vishgati, through the beams. Vishgati tells Gulika she is doing penance because of RKs destiny which Savitri has planned for him. She cant leave until her penance is over, she has tried to warn RK but DK made it impossible. She will have to go and warn RK. Gulika asks to warn RK about what. Vishgati replies, Savitri has been collecting the triangles and on acquiring the fifth the triangles will become a star and open a blind well which Savitri will use to hold RK captive there for 2000 years. Gulika asks if just by forming a star the blind well will open. Vishgati says it wont, Savitri has a trident which DK gave her, it will either open the well or release a mountain of powers for which everyone has gathered at TaaraDwar to attain. Gulika thinks she only wants the trident to open the powers. Vishgati says if the trident goes the right way then the powers will open otherwise the kaalchakkar will. After forming the star, Savitri will dip the trident the wrong way which will captivate RK. She tells Gulika to go and save RK.
Gulika thinks she now has to wait for Savitri to form the star. She wont be able to touch the pure triangles but Vikrant will be able to take the trident from Savitri and gain the powers. Before Savitri opens the kaalchakkar she will have to get the trident from Savitri.

Satya is looking for Savitri. He gets caught in the wind and sees the fifth Dwar. His ring begins to glow, he goes towards the fifth Dwar saying his Savitri must have gone that way.

RK asks Savitri what does she mean by she is not his completely. She tells him to look at her. She is still dressed in her old life as a married woman with all the symbols, showing him her wedding bangles and her sindoor. Is she is to be his then she has to get rid of her old life, She will have to dress according to him. She takes off her bangles and tells him she doesnt want anything of her old life. She wants to be dressed according to her new lifestyle so she can say she is his RK asks is that it. He claps his hand and two gothic women appear in a puff of black smoke. He tells them to take the princess and dress her in a new attire. Savitri sees the triangle glowing on the crown. She tells RK the queen will have a crown too. Rk says no, the crown is for him. She will not be able to handle its weight and powers. Savitri tells him so RK only wants to share only his love with his queen, not his powers. She says its his decision, she had heard when two people love each other then they share everything. She didnt know RKs rules regarding love are different. RK tells her if she wants the crown, then she will definitely get it. Savitri is happy. RK tells her, her wish is his livelihood, her smile is his life. She is his queen, his love and everything is hers. She will for sure get the crown. Savitri turns around to look at the crown which has the triangle.

Satya is at the entrance of the fifth Dwar, the ring is glowing. He says what kind of a place is this. He enters through the gate calling out to Savitri. He sees fires burning and people dancing. They surround him. Satya manages to get around them.

RK is pacing on the platform where the thrones are. His subjects are chanting and dancing.

Savitri has milk poured over head, washing away her sindoor.

Gulika and Vikrant also enter the fifth Dwar.

RK is still pacing
Savitri comes, dressed in a long black dress and heavy dark makeup looking gorgeous She still has the bag with her. RK turns around and sees Savitri. He cant stop staring at her. She walks up to RK and he hold his hand out to help her up. Satya also arrives (Ooohh fireworks). He is shocked seeing Savitri there.

RK is putting the crown on Savitris head. Satya runs forward and just as RK is about to crown Savitri he shouts Savitri, which makes her and RK turn around. Savitri is shocked on seeing Satya. Gulika and Vikrant also come and become spectators.
Satya asks Savitri who the man is and what is she doing with him. RK puts the crown back on the pillar. Savitri stumbles back. RK points his finger at Satya which has a bright light at Satya. He tells Satya how dare he come there and the light hits his forehead which causes Satya pain.
Savitri asks Satya why he came there and tells him to go from there. Satya asks her what shes saying. Savitri tells him he heard right, Satya is shocked. She continues saying she is tired of living with him, arguing with him. She doesnt want any more problems, she needs rest, power. Satya cant believe what he’s hearing. She tells him she wants to live with someone who has powers, will always protect her, looking at RK. RK tells her, and he is that companion, who will always protect her. He was her companion 1000 years ago and will be now also. He touches the side of her face. Gulika and Vikrant are spectators to all this.
Savitri turns around and tells Satya, the mistake she made 1000 years ago, she will not repeat it again. She tells Satya to go. Savtya cant believe what is happening and tells her the same. He tells her shes lying, she is his, her Satyas. Savitri looks away. Satya tells her what the matter is, there must be something. He tells her to tell him and they will find a way and solve the matter together. RK who cant hear anymore tells Satya there is only one way and that is his way back. RK holds Savitris hand and tells Satya, Damyanti is now only his. Satya shouts no. RK shouts back, Savitri tells RK to leave him and do what he was going to do, looking at the crown.
RK orders his men to throw Satya out.
Satya is crying and pleads to Savitri to look at him but Savitri has her head turned the other way. Two of Savitris men take Satya away with him still calling out to Savitri. Savitri looks upset. RK puts the crown on Savitris head but she still looks upset with tears in her eyes.

RK is amongst his subjects, his eyes closed. Savitri is sitting on the throne, she takes off the crown to get the triangle. A woman in veil, its Gulika, comes and tells Savitri she will help her in getting the fifth triangle. Gulika makes another triangle appear. She hold the triangle in front of the real one on the crown. Gulika leaves and Savitri is seen holding the triangle. RK asks Savitri who was talking to her. Savitri and RK are in the crowd. RK is about to hold her face, Savitri looks a bit scared. RK thinking what everyone wants to see will now happen.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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