Savitri 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 30th May 2013 Written Update

Dhumketu blesses Savitri & with his powers transports her to RC house.

At RC House
Savitri is surprised to see herself home. She goes into their bedroom & calls for Satya, but he is not there. While passing through the corridor, she goes into Vikrant’s room – he is also not there. Savitri worries for Vikrant as he is injured & still not recovered. She comes down to the living room searching for Satya & Vikrant, she looks for Leena, Ashish & Babumoshai in all the rooms – even they are not to be found. She hears Satya calling her & rushes to the living room. Savitri recollects what Rahu Kaal had said – one ring, so many lives, Satya, Mishti, Leena, Ashish…. Who will you save? She gets scared thinking Rahu Kaal has done something to Satya.

At Kali

Rahu Kaal’s mother stops him from going to Tara Dwar, as she has seen Savitri with Dhumketu & with good powers like Dhumketu getting associated with Savitri – she is more powerful. Gulika offers to go to Tara Dwar instead of Rahu Kaal, she asks her mother to give her the Pravesh Mani – she’ll go to Tara Dwar, her mother refuses. Rahu Kaal says you don’t trust me, she assures him that she does but thgis time it is not safe for him to go to Tara Dwar. Gulika insists again, but her mother says no – even one small mistake by you & we all will be finished, Gulika retorts saying what do you think your son will make no mistake – this angers Rahu Kaal, who shouts at Gulika how dare she doubts his powers & capabilities.

At RC House
Satya again calls for Savitri, she turns around & sees him standing – she is elated to see him, she runs to him & hugs him tight. Satya tells her you forgot. She asks what, Satya says come & takes her along to the terrace – as soon as they open the door, the lights lit up & everyone sings happy birthday for Savitri.
Mother Superior, Mishti, Vikrant, Masi, Leena, Ashish, Babumoshai everyone is present, Satya had organized a surprise birthday party for Savitri. She is surprised to see this & is equally happy. She meets everyone, takes blessings from Leena & Ashish. Ashish tells her to cut the cake that Leena has specially made for her, Satya corrects him that not only Leena, Mishti also has contributed in baking the cake, but the icing has been done by him. Savitri cuts the cake, feeds Satya & everyone else. They enjoy.

At Kali Bhumi
Rahu Kaal’s mother warns him not to go to Tara Dwar, Rahu Kaal says I heard you, but I will do what I wish, I’ll go to Tara Dwar. His mother pulls out a sword & threatens to kill herself if he goes there. Gulika watches in horror. Rahu Kaal stops her, but tells her that she helped him regain his hands & organs but its of no use to him as his mother thinks he is not capable of. He takes the sword & tries to harm himself, his mother stops him.

At RC House
Leena brings Savitri to temple & gifts her a necklace that her mother in law had given her as birthday gift, she teases her that now she has to gift this to her daughter in law. Both Ashish & Leena bless her, Ashish says they are grateful to her for bringing back the happiness, Savitri is overwhelmed, says she wants to tell them something. After much hesitation she tells them that she & Satya are lovers from past birth – which is shocking & unbelievable for both of them. Savitri narrates the story of Veer-Damyanti to them & tells them an evil power didn’t let them be together last birth, this time also the same evil is trying to come in between them.

At Kali Bhumi
Gulika tells her mother to believe her, she tells she will go with Rahu Kaal & protect him. Her mother tells her Rahu Kaal won’t listen to me, at least you try to convince him not to go to Tara Dwar. Gulika tells if he has decided he will go, but you bless me with powers, I’ll go with him & protect him, her mother is skeptical. Gulika says you think I’m selfish, I waited for 1000 years for Rahu Kaal, protected his body parts for 1000 years. I will protect Rahu Kaal. Her mother gives her the power. Gulika thinks once I reach Tara Dwar I’ll be more powerful, then I’ll show my true colors & destroy everyone.

The sadhu & Vikrant are lying unconscious, Gulika uses her powers & hypnotizes the sadhu to work according to her. Savitri leaves for temple.

Update Credit to: poppins

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