Savitri 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Continues from where it finished yesterday with RK having backed Savitri against the wall. Savitri fumbles with an answer. RK angrily moves and tells her he wont fall in her trap again. He tells her to swear on her husband and tell him why she came after him. He has her cornered again but Savitri moves away before he can get any closer. He repeatedly orders her to swear on her husband. Savitri doesnt reply. He tells her he has been keeping a distance from her so that he can acquire all his body parts and if that is not going to happen then he has nothing to lose. No one can stop him from making her his, no one. He tells her again to swear on her husband, on her Satya but Savitri remains quiet. He tells her her silence is saying she doesnt want him to see his future and wants to trick him. He looks at the

ball of string in her hand. He puts forward his hand towards the ball, and tells her she will be trapped in this tunnel and she will be his forever.
Savitri quickly answers, she swears on her husband that she was very afraid on seeing her future. RK is surprised. Savitri remembers what she saw in her future. She tells RK she wants to change her destiny thats why she came running to him. She was really scared. RK turns away then agrily turns back and asks Savitri for forgiveness for suspecting her, suspecting his love. He keeps asking for forgiveness and wants Savitri to forgive him in words. Without any feelings she replies “Kiya”.
RK is happy and tells her he is proud of her Raajkumari that she doesnt want to repeat history and wants to change her destiny. Savitri thinks to herself the destiny which will take her far from her Satya then she will change that destiny. She told him the truth about being scared on seeing her future. But there is one more truth. RK interrupts her thoughts and tells her to lets go. He walks ahead with Savitri walking behind with the ball of string. She says to herself she now knows what Dhoomketu meant when he said to keep RK close to her. She will now have to be more careful and only let RK see what she wants him to see. They come to the end of the tunnel and the ball of string glows and disappears. They look out to see mountains in the distance.

Satya is in the woods looking and shouting out to Savitri. He trips over a stone and falls, he hurts his knee. He prays to god to protect his Savitri and save her from any danger. He has to reach the mandir to be with his Savitri, until then he asks god to protect her and not let any harm come to her. He gets up and starts walking with a limp.

Savitri and RK are in another part of the woods. Savitri talking to herself but RK can hear and she wants him to hear. She says the Dwar cant be far, she has even lost her rice, how can she go ahead. She remembers what she read in the Mayavi Kitaab about where RKs legs are kept. Protected by Devi ma in a mandir, where Raajkumari Damyanti had kept them.
She again talks to herself so RK can hear. She doesnt know what to do, how will she do it. RK asks her if she is asking for his help. Savitri tells hi she was thinking how to go ahead. RK tells her she might feel awkward in asking for his help but he doesnt mind helping her. He is with her and she does not need to worry. He tells her he will take her to the last gate at TaaraDwar. Savitri asks him how can he. RK replies those who dont have trust ask questions. You trust me dont you Damyanti so why ask questions. He tells Savitri to come with him. Savitri follows him.
RK is walking ahead and Savitri is behind him at a distance. Suddenly she is engulfed in what looks like a mini tornado and falls down. So does her bag and the triangles fall out of the bag. She sees this and so does Vishgati who is watching in her magic bowl. She realises Savitri has collected the triangles to trap her Rahu. Savitri already has four and she will get the fifth one at the fifth Dwar from which she will be able to make a star and it will help her to hold RK captive in it for 2000 years. Vishgati is scared. Savitri is putting the triangles back in her bag just as RK turns around. He comes towards her just as Savitri ha sput the triangles back in her bag and he doesnt see them. He asks her what happened. She tells him she tripped. He offers his hand for her to get up but Savitri doesnt get it and gets up on her own which he doesnt like. They start walking.

Vishgati who has seen everything tells herself she has to stop it. For her son RK she will acquire the strength and will not let anything happen to him. she closes her eyes and a light glows on her forehead.

Dhoomketu is meditating atop a mountain when he is surrounded by a magical globe. Vishgati is heard chanting a mantra which DK can hear. He closes his eyes. He realises Vishgati is meditating to acquire strength so she can alert RK. She is getting powerful and even he cant stop her. He has to alert Savitri. With all his srength and powers he tries to free himself from the magical globe but is unable to do so and collapses.

RK and Savitri are walking and the rice in Savitris bag start to glow but she doesnt notice.

DK manages to get up and says Vishgati has sent a message to RK, he must stop the message from getting to RK. Using his powers he makes the globe disappear.

As RK is walking he hears his mother calling him. He stops and says why does he feel his mother is calling him.
The rice in Savitris bag are glowing very brightly now. Savitri sees this and covers her bag with her dupatta. RK starts walking again. Suddenly he stops walking, Savitri thinks why he stopped. He turns around and goes up to Savitri. He tells her the fifth Dwar is near now and she will see how brave and powerful he is.

As they are walking RK again stops and freezes. Savitri wonders why he stopped all of a sudden again. DK appears before Savitri. He looks weak and is surrounded by a light. He tells Savitri to listen carefully as she doesnt have time. The triangles are glowing because Vishgati wants to alert RK. (Sorry, i thought the rice were glowing). DK is in pain. She asks DK if Vishgati knows what she is going to do. DK replies yes, she does. Vishgati wants to change RKs destiny. Once her meditation finishes she will be so powerful no one will be able to stop her, not even him. Thats why she has to get the fifth triangle as soon as possible and enter TaaraDwar before Vishgatis meditating ends. You have to complete your motive he tells Savitri. He bends over in pain. Savitri is worried about him. DK continues telling her she will get the fifth triangle from RK and to get it she will have to do what she didnt want to do. She will have to be who she never wanted to be. He says he cant stop time for long and his powers are getting weak. He will not be able to help her further. She will have to do whatever she wants do soon. She has very less time and Satya … before he can say anything else he bends over in pain and disappears.
Savitri wants to know about Satya and is very worried about him and starts to panic. She says what can happen to Satya, he has the ring, Devi ma will protect him.
RK comes back to life. He goes to Savitri and asks her why she stopped. She replies he stopped too. He says he felt something weird. Savitri tells him its a magical land something must have happened. She tells him they dont have much time and should proceed towards the fifth Dwar, they have to get his legs. They soon get there, RK tells her they came at the right time. As he walks ahead Savitri has a wicked smile.

Savitri and RK are greeted by RKs followers. RK tells her he has returned to his land after 1000 years and his subjects want to greet their king. Savitri sees the fifth triangle. RK holds out his hand to her and asks if the hatred she has for him has ended then to hold his hand and walk with him. Satya is also there and watching with tears in his eyes. Savitri puts her hand in RKs and says she accepts. Satya shouts Savitri.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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