Savitri 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 29th July 2013 Written Update

At mahal Nakshatra ear biting an already angered Damyanti…
Nakshatra starts her biting session as how she hasn’t seen a snob like Veer as in how dared he rejected to play flute on Damyanti’s command..Uttara interrupts and says that perhaps veer is a kind of shy due to which he didn’t played…Damyanti announces with anger as now she won’t be silent and will give good reply to Veer. A dasi comes in and says that Princess is being called by king.
King says Damyanti that she should accompany next day for mahadaan
King asks Damyanti to sit and announces that the very next day they intend to beggin Chandrotsav proceeding by starting with Mahadaan and asks damu to accompany.
Chandal Singh brings new people to kill damyanti during mahadaan
Chandal singh hands over small

knifes to 5-6 people dressed like women with ghoonghad praising their ability while bhoothnath adds why those people didn’t arrived about him Chandu was saying about the other day. He adds that he would have arranged better men than those to which a man with ghoonghat catches his neck and throws him away reveling that they r indeed the same spies chandu told about,,..Chandu says how none noticed them entering the country and they managed to fool senapati too… Chandu says that damyanti must never survive the attack.
Rajguru comes and informs King about spies within country and adds presence of kaali shakti people ..
Rajguru says that some spies has entered the country but their aim is still unknown and so the protection to princess must be more tightened. King agrees to it while rajguru adds to have seen foot print of kaalinagar nivasis within the kingdom..He says he has appointed his ayyars on work and any progress will be reported
Rk’s saadna is interfered by RK suffering from cold and Vishkanya trying to protect him by bringing up fire close to his body.
The temperature withing the guha in which RK is doing saadna lessens and he starts shivering with cold. Vishkanya who sensed his problem brings up a bowl of fire close to him heating his body.
Bichhoo bits Vishi but still she remains to held on fire bowl…
Just while Vishi was holding bowl a bicchoo comes to attack her ..It starts off from her leg and reaches hand further biting her while he ignores the pain and continues carrying the bowl
Gulika comes and taunts Vishi as how she is affected by poison of Love
Gulika comes right then and takes vishi from their throwing away bowl.. She says vishi is just a slave and RK is the king.She adds that he is powerful enough to protect him and he doesn’t want any help from a mere slave. She taunts
She makes Veer stand in sunlight and paints his picture.. She says that she is starting her maha daan with his painting being given to him
Veer denies to take it
She spills colours over picture and spoils it
King and Queen makes her understand the meaning of daan and how donor is small in front of recepient…
RK wil gulika enters Chanpanagar

Update Credit to: snowdream

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