Savitri 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 28th May 2013 Written Update

At RC House (Satya-Savitri’s bedroom):
Savitri & Satya are standing face to face, when suddenly Savitri notice the snakes creep into their room, through the mirror. Savitri turns around & stands in front of Satya – shielding him. She warns them not to come close to Satya & go away. Satya can’t see the snakes nor can he understand what is going on, he keeps on asking Savitri what’s going on, Savitri tells him to go away & tells the snakes to leave Satya & go away.

She tries to fight the snakes but fails, the snakes dodge her & surround Satya. They capture him & he undergoes behavioural change – his eyes turn red & he seethes in anger. Savitri keeps on talking to him not to listen to the snakes, but in vain, Satya is already under their influence.

Suddenly Savitri’s phone starts ringing, Savitri hears it ringing but she is more concerned about attending to Satya than receiving the call. The call gets disconnected

At RC House (Garden compound):
Vikrant keeps on calling Savitri & looks over the Roychoudhary house, wondering why she isn’t receiving the calls. He worries for Savitri & thinks he should go & check what the matter is. He again dials her & walks inside the compound towards the bungalow.

At RC House (Satya-Savitri’s bedroom):
Savitri tells Satya not to listen to what the snakes tell him, her phone starts ringing again. Satya picks up the phone & sees Vikrant’s name flashing. He fumes, Savitri tells him not to misunderstand, and it’s not what he is thinking. Satya recollects Savitri meeting Vikrant alone, he throws away the phone on bed & moves towards door. Savitri asks him where are you going, he catches Savitri by her neck & attacks her, he tells I’ll kill Vikrant & pushes Savitri, she falls. Satya rushes outside, Savitri runs behind him & catches him, Satya pushes Savitri to a door & strangulates her. She tries to speak & tells him that Vikrant is Dev’s brother. The snakes instigate him that Vikrant has come here, don’t let him go – kill him. He pushes Savitri & goes out

At RC House (Garden compound):
Vikrant is about to enter the bungalow but suddenly stops. He turns around & sees the same star formation with a snake inside it – that was formed of the rice which fell from Savitri’s hand when Satya attacked her for the first time. Vikrant goes & kneels down & starts checking it. He recollects the lines recited by Dhumketu & recognizes the design as Rahu Kaal’s symbol. He then starts searching in & around the design, then starts digging it.

At RC House (Living room):
Satya runs down the stairs, Savitri follows her. Babumoshai calls out to Satya, he sees Savitri & tells her some Vikrant has come to meet her. Satya fumes, Savitri quickly wipes her tears & tells Babumoshai she will meet him. Satya says how dare Vikrant comes here, he is standing in front of a storage unit & very cleverly he pulls out a sharp scissor & tells Savitri to wait till he’s back.

At RC House (Garden compound):
Vikrant is digging the ground below the design, Satya spots him in garden & kicks a flower pot that comes in his way. Savitri rushes out & shouts at Vikrant to go away, but he is unable to hear as he has earphones plugged in. This infuriates Satya who strangles Savitri. Here Vikrant finds the ring that Satya had removed & Rahu Kaal had thrown out of window so that it is never found. Satya leaves Savitri & proceeds towards Vikrant, Savitri tries to stop him but his pushes her, Satya starts hitting Vikrant, Savitri shouts at Vikrant to go away as Satya is under Rahu Kaal’s influence & will kill him. Satya keeps on hitting Vikrant. Savitri intervenes, but he uses all his force to push her away; Savitri falls down & is hurt badly.
Babumoshai, Leena & Ashish come out hearing this commotion, they don’t understand who is Satya fighting with & why. Babumoshai & Leena rush towards Satya & try stopping him from hitting Vikrant but he pushes them away. Ashish is unable to understand anything & is worried.

At Kali Bhumi:
Rahu Kaal is taken aback with Vikrant finding out the ring. He thinks how a normal human can find the ring which even Savitri could not. He feels Vikrant will ruin his entire plan. Rahu Kaal screams that he has to stop Savitri from reaching that ring. He uses his power to get the ring back. His mother stops him. She asks him what does he want, why is he doing this. Rahu Kaal tells her that he cannot tolerate defeat from Damyanti, his mother tells him she has already defeated him.

Rahu Kaal says Savitri loves good & hates the evil, she loves Satya because he is good, he wants Satya to commit & fall for evil, and I want to destroy Satya. His mother reprimands him saying if you finish Satya, Savitri will be finished & Savitri’s end means his end as no one else can find Rahu Kaal’s body part. She asks him to concentrate on his powers. Rahu Kaal tells I am forced to stay back Damyanti but I will win.

At RC House (Garden compound):
Savitri is hurt but she manages to get up & in the process finds the ring, she rushes towards Satya who is about to attack Vikrant with the scissors, hold him & presses the ring on his forehead. Satya immediately is back to normal as the snakes leave him, he falls unconscious, and Savitri slides the ring back on his finger& hugs him tight.
Leena is worried for Satya who is sleeping peacefully. Babumoshai gives first aid to Vikrant who is badly injured. Satya wakes up to find everyone around him tensed. He asks what the matter is, all are shocked as he doesn’t remember anything. He looks at Vikrant & asks who is he & how come he is injured. Leena starts to say something, but Savitri covers up & tells Satya he fell unconscious following his ill health & Vikrant met with an accident. Satya goes & sits beside Vikrant, sees him & tells Savitri to hurry up & call the doctor as Vikrant needs medical attention.

Leena, Ashish, Vikrant, Mishti, Babumoshai, and Satya – all have gathered at one place & are enjoying. Savitri is on the terrace, Rahu Kaal tells Savitri, one ring & so many lives, whom will u save. My snakes will take over some or the other & then he/she will create terror, who so ever is influenced, it will hurt you only as they are yours. He plucks rose from the plant & crushes it.

Update Credit to: poppins

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