Savitri 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 27th May 2013 Written Update

At RC House (Satya-Savitri’s bedroom):
Savitri remembers what Dhumketu had said about Satya being unconscious for next 12 hours & within that she has to find the ring & put it back on his finger. She realizes that only 40 minutes is left back & starts searching for it desperately, she searches every nook & corner of their bedroom.

Rahu Kaal appears & tells her why put so much of effort to find something that no more exists… Savitri is shocked! Savitri asks Rahu Kaal what he did to Satya, Rahu Kaal comes very close to Savitri, tries to touch, she dodges him & trips while doing so, Rahu Kaal laughs, he says forget what I did to him, think just think what all he must have done with that girl behind closed doors. He must have touched her, hugged her. Savitri asks

him to shut up. He tells Savitri, now he is sleeping, but as soon as he wakes up, he will be under the influence of my snakes. You have only & only two options with you:
1st: Become mine, accept me & my love & be happy forever
2nd: Keep on waiting for Satya, his love & acceptance & die waiting.

At RC House (Living room):
Ashish is sitting on the sofa & sipping his tea. The snakes crawl towards him & bite him, he goes under their influence. Leena enters the room with a tray full of tea & cookies. Ashish slams his tea cup on the center table & says enough is enough, I will not tolerate this anymore. I am blind but that doesn’t mean I am unaware of things going around me. Leena is taken aback by this behavior of Ashish. She asks him what happened. Ashish replies, I came back to my senses, don’t I understand anything? My daughter-in-law is trying to fool me.

On the road:
Vikrant is walking on the footpath, looking at the roadside stalls. Suddenly a man comes from behind & hands him over a bunch of balloons. Before he could understand anything, the man runs away; Vikrant recognizes him – its Dhumketu! Again before he could make out anything out of it, another man comes & reprimands him for stealing his balloons. Vikrant is surprised. The Balloon seller tells him to pay for the 2 balloons which he had pricked. Vikrant pays him.

At RC House (Satya-Savitri’s bedroom):
Rahu Kaal corners Savitri, Savitri looks at an unconscious Satya, and she feels helpless but puts a brave front. Rahu Kaal mocks her saying who are you looking up to for help, look at him he is unable to protect himself, what he will protect you. You’re mine, that’s the only option, he laughs & goes. Savitri recollects what Rahu Kaal just said about 2 options: be his & live or wait for Satya & die. She is very scared for Satya.

On the road:
Vikrant starts walking on the road, in search of Dhumketu. He finds him at a sweet shop & runs to catch him, but by the time he reaches there, Dhumketu is already gone. The shopkeeper comes to him with a plate of sweets, Vikrant gets irritated thinking he may have to pay for this also. The shopkeeper tells him it has already been paid for by that person & points towards Dhumketu who is standing at a distance. Vikrant smiles at this gesture & thinks now he won’t chase Dhumketu, if he has to tell anything to Vikrant, Dhumketu will certainly come. Dhumketu smiles at Vikrant. Vikrant walks away. A little later a beggar asks Vikrant for a rupee, he gives away, but is irritated as he had to spend. The beggar again asks for money, this time Vikrant loses patience & holds him to find Dhumketu.

Dhumketu tells him this is why he doesn’t has any girlfriend, girls like guys who can make them smile, have good sense of humour. If you constantly keep thinking about your revenge & don’t care for others, it won’t take you anywhere. Vikrant gives a confused look, Dhumketu tells him, think about the person you are using for your benefit, think about them, and their lives!
Vikrant says you are talking about Savitri, Dhumketu says that you think, my dogs are hungry, I have to think about feeding them & he goes. Dhumketu stops after few steps & recites 2 lines, repeats it & goes.

Vikrant recollects what Dhumketu said about others’ lives, he thinks about Savitri & dials her number. His calls go unanswered, Vikrant wonders what must have happened for Savitri’s not answering his calls.

At RC House (Satya-Savitri’s bedroom):
Savitri goes to answer the call but then decides not to as Vikrant is the reason for tensions in her & Satya’s relation. She ignores the call, looks at the clock – just 2 be0 minutes left. She decides to talk to Satya & clear issues between them. Satya comes back to his senses, he wakes up & greets her good morning; Savitri is so overwhelmed on seeing Satya normal that she starts crying. Satya wonders what happened, Savitri hugs him tight, he wipes her tears off her cheek & they hug each other. Satya has body ache, he frees himself from the embrace & touches his forehead & asks Savitri why is it paining, did he hurt himself, Savitri asks him, don’t you remember anything of what happened last night, Satya replies no, Savitri checks the time, only 5 minutes is left.
Savitri’s mobile rings again, it’s Vikrant. Both Savitri & Satya see the caller’s name, Savitri ignores the call, Satya asks her who Vikrant is, he remembers Savitri had gone to meet him alone, Savitri tries to talk to him, he moves out of the bed. Satya says the love between them is over. Savitri tells him he is mis-interpreting things. Satya asks was my love not enough that you went to meet him. Savitri asks him is he doubting her, Satya replies no he is doubting his love for her, as he is not perfect for her, Savitri hugs him & tells him you don’t know how lucky I am to have you as my life partner, you are the perfect man I could have ever had.

Satya asks her why you went to meet Vikrant. Because he is Dev’s brother. Satya rubbishes this claim saying Dev never had any brother. Savitri tells him that Vikrant & Dev had tensions between them & were not in touch. Vikrant had seen her call last on Dev’s phone, he wanted to meet her to know about Dev’s death, as she was the last whom Dev spoke before accident. She says like Satya, she too was unaware of Dev’s brother, she knows what Vikrant told her. Satya is sorry, he holds his ears & stands, tells Savitri he won’t eat till she forgives him. Savitri hugs him. The clock strikes completion of 12 hours, Savitri looks at it & is worried, Satya asks her what happened, she murmurs time, Satya tells her don’t worry you’re not late, this clock is 5 minutes fast.

At RC House (Living room):
Ashish is furious, he tells Leena, I have right to know about what is happening in my sons life, how can he misbehave with his parents. All because of that girl, I’ll throw Savitri out of this house, he proceeds towards Satya’s room. Leena tries to stop him, he pushes her away; she manages to hold him. The clock strikes 12, the snakes leave Ashish & rush towards Satya’s room. Ashish jolts back to being normal, he asks Leena, why is she holding him. Leena says because you were very angry & wanted to throw Savitri out of the house. Ashish is shocked upon hearing this. Leena too is shocked & breaks down as what has started happening in the house.

At RC House (Satya-Savitri’s bedroom):
Savitri & Satya are standing face to face, when suddenly Savitri notice the snakes creep into their room, through the mirror. Savitri turns around & stands in front of Satya – shielding him. She warns them not to come close to Satya & go away. Satya can’t see the snakes nor can he understand what is going on, he keeps on asking Savitri what’s going on, Savitri tells him to go away & tells the snakes to leave Satya & go away.

At Kali Bhumi:
Rahu Kaal laughs & tells they are my snakes, they are my flag bearers of evil deed. They listen only to me & nobody else! Their job is to force Satya do evil & this time when they take over Satya – he will be ruled by Anger, let’s see what your Satya does, when the snake takes over him this time & laughs.

Rahu Kaal’s mother warns her not to go to Tara Dwar, Rahu Kaal says I heard you, but I will do what I wish, I’ll go to Tara Dwar. His mother pulls out a sword & threatens to kill herself if he goes there. Gulika watches in horror.

Update Credit to: poppins

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