Savitri 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 26th July 2013 Written Update

All are assembled at Rajmahal and Maharani expresses her objection in upsenapati insulting veer . Chandal singh asks if she called him to insult him in front of a normal sainik. Maharani says he has no right in insulting veer ike that and hence must seek pardon to him in front of all. Chandal singh asks if his behna is saying him to beg pardon to which maharani replies that its not a sister but maharani asking upsenapati to ask for forgiveness in insulting a sainik .

Chandal singh does drama and boasts is it what he is getting for fulfilling his duties and responsibilities.He adds of doubting veer yesterday today and also tomorrow, and questions why is none others seeing the same.He announces that he will never ask for forgivrness from veer even if he had to sacrifice his post as upsenapati, as

he thinks himself truthful

All are silent while veer says he doesn’t need any sorry from chandal singh. Princess Damyanti interrupts and says that upsenapati will have to ask pardon as he is the one to do mistake.

Senapati asks chandal singh , if he don’t want to ask forgiveness then as per his words he can give his resignation.

Chandal singh out of no choice asks forgiveness and leaves the place announcing that he asked pardon only for sake of his sister and niece.

King further adds that he had never doubted veer and his silence was mistook by veer . He asks veer to take back his post.

Chandal singh is at sugu kota and is found destroying vases and other breakable items out of anger. He was about to take a candle stand that sugu stops him enquiring why is he taking out his anger on her articles. She asks him seductively to handle the candle stick back and like a obedient dog he does.

He says how he was insulted in front of all by his sister and niece. Just then bhootnath enters and says that its all damyanti’s idea to make chandal singh ask pardon to veer in front of all. Chandal singh announces its more than enough and now damyanti should be killed by chandrotsav. He says abt calling some1 to fulfill the task. Bhootnath is all horrified and says they are dangerous. chandal singh says he is yamdhood and in front of him none of rajguru’s ayyari will work and none can win over him.

Damyanti along with friends is moving to veer’s hut in faith of getting a thanks from him. On reaching closer she sees him playing a Flute while vidhu is lying on bed. She is mesmerized by his play while vidhu notices her and welcoming her tries to call veer who is unaware if damyanti’s presence. Damu stops vidhu and herself moves closer to veer. On sensing her presence veer stops playing flute and gets up , while damu asks why he stopped playing.

He says that he can’t play flute in front of her which mocks damyanti yet again. He adds that he can’t play in front of any third person. Damyanti is all angered and says it was she who made upsenapati beg pardon to veer and sill he left mahal without any notice. Veer says thanks to all that damu did and again becomes silent further irking damyanti. She asks was it all that he had to say . She snatches the flute and orders him to resume his post back and he will get his flute back when he gains courage to play it in front of her. She leaves with her friends…

precap: Rajguru is discussing with maharaj about entry of other kingdom spies in the country and asks to tighten princess’s security. he also adds that the presence of black powers in the country

Update Credit to: snowdream

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