Savitri 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 26th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins Sarthaks sprit departing and Savitri fainting. Sarthaks mother haplessly tries to seek help by stopping vehicles but no one helps,until Satya arrives. Satya is lead inside the hostel by Sarthaks mother. Satya is stunned to see Savitri,and touches her,post which Savitri is yet again hit by a current on his contact. Satya takes her to the hospital as it begins to rain.

Meanwhile Gulika tells shapeless Rahukal that she knows those Powers that lay in the Himalayas are helping Savitri.But she will do everything possible to get Satya and Savitri together,so that Rahukal can come to life again.

Meanwhile Satya and Sarthaks mother reach the hospital along with Savitri.Satya tries all means to call Mother Superior but all the phone lines and telephone cables are jammed.

Satya sends Sarthaks mother with a ward boy going to Kolkata so that she can inform Mother Superior of it.

Satya is called by the doctor who refuses to admit Savitri,citing that its a police case.Satya is livid,but just then the doctor gets a call from the head of the hospital(actually Gulka,who has changed her voice) who orders him to admit Savitri immidiately. Savitri is admitted,as the nurse wonders how this call got connected despite all lines being blocked.

Satya is sitting outside,when Gulika in disguise of a nurse approaches him to fill an undertaking to be signed by a relative,without which treatment cannot get started. Satya gives his details,after which Gulika asks if Savitri is his wife?(Savitri Rai Chaoudhary?).Satya initially is reluctant to give her name as his wife,but later does it for Savitris sake. Gulika gives him the pen to sign when Satya suddenly sees claws instead of her hands and recalls his last encounter with Gulka(where she is disguised as Damyanti).Satya leaps out of fright,as Gulika is stunned.After Satya signs the papers Gulka leaves.

Satyavan is praying to Jesus and asks him to take care of Savitri,she is the only one she considers his own,and promises henceforth HE will look after Savitri.The Doctor announces that Savitri is fine now,and Satya thanks Jesus.

Satya enters Savitris room and quietly sits next to her,lovingly looking at her face.Savitri wakes up and is stunned to see him.Satya tells her he knows she was in the hostel to do someones good.Satya tells Savitri he feels like there is a connection between them,and asks her if they can be friends. Savitri shakes Satyas hand and is yet again struck by a stong current on contact,and starts getting convulsions.

Precap: The Angel tells Baba that once Savitri gets her hands on this special book,she will be able to regain all the powers she possessed as Damyanti.Gulika says she wont allow this to happen.

Update Credit to: shruti

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