Savitri 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 24th July 2013 Written Update

In Damyanti’s Room

Damyanti is sitting on a chair and Vidu removes the cloth from her plate, showcasing the food and she smiles. Chandal Singh and his servants are spying on her and wishes for her to eat the food. Damyanti looks at the food and praises it. Damyanti smells the Kheer and is even happier, she decides to have it first and says so. Chandal Singh is happy and his servant says that now it would be best for them to leave form here.

Damyanti is about to have the Kheer when Veer stops her and takes the bowl. He says that he would have to have it first to see if it it safe for her. They get into a rift when she sticks to her decision of not letting him have her food first and he is also not listening. She snatches the bowl and in anger Veer throws away the plate. Damyanti in anger

says that she is going to complain about him to her father and tell him not to appoint him as her bodyguard. She leaves. While Vidu questions Veer if he doesn’t trust him ?

In The King’s Court

The minister is telling the King that they need to increase their army powers because many people form outside the kingdom are entering inside our kingdom. The king tells him to talk about this to the Senapati. He is about to continue further when Damyanti enters inside with her friends. She complains about Veer and her father tells her to be calm and Veer enters from behind.

The king tells him that whatever he did was wrong and lectures him. he tells him that this sort of behavior is intolerable. Veer says him to forgive him but he didn’t have any other choice. He says that whatever he did; he has good reasons and proofs for it. He asks the king to accompany him. The king tells Damyanti to go and sit with the queen in his room and asks the minister and Senapati to accompany him. They leave.

Damyanti seethes in anger and says that now he would again do some magic and trap the king. She leaves in anger.

In The Corridors

Veer takes the king and all to the kitchen where they hear Vidu talking to the and asking her to wake up. Veer says that he was left suspicious when Vidu told him that the cat became sick when she had the Kheer. He recalls that he himself came and saw that the cat was dead. He further says that he told the princess to not have the food but she didn’t listen and he had no other option than to throw the plate. He says that maybe he is wrong but he couldn’t take the risk.

The king orders the minister to take the act to the Rajguru and examine the reasons for her death and to also examine the food that is spilled in the princess’s room for poison. The minister leaves and he tells Veer and Vidu to join him in the court. He orders for the Senapati and Chandal Singh to be sent to court.


Update Credit to: catty2000

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