Savitri 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 23rd July 2013 Written Update

the epi starts wid damu telling that veer is her responsibility and whenever veer needs her help he should talk to her directly. Chandu looked annoyed. They all leave. Chandu makes a plan to give damu poison in his chakchak style.
Scene shifts to rk. Vishi is telling rk abt paras mani. Gulika tells dat they should acquire da paras mani. Bt vishi told them it is nt easy to get paras mani. Only raja gharan’s ppl can touch dat paras mani. She adds dat paras mani can protect itself frm da evil powers. Gulika asks rk how they will go there and acquire dat. Rk in an almost dark place cuts his hands and blood falling in da ground. And suddenly da atmosphere changes and there appears a skelton of head. And he starts performing blackmagic.
Scene shifts to veer who is tensed abt da atmosphere being

changed. Uttara comes and tells veer dat damu is praising veer. Veer is feeling shy. Then nakhatra appears and tell them dat veer has nt done a great job by saving damu. She had saved damu many times bt never claims fr da reward. She does ayyari and attacks veer wid a dhanuk,then a fire ball. Bt veer survives. Uttara rushes to call damu. At last nakhsa attacks veer wid a bunch of dhanusks and veer survive wid da help of his soward and attacks back. Then damu comes and scolds naksha and she says dat she will show her worst if they fight among themselves. Then damu goes to her father and veer follows there. She tells them dat when she will b da queen,she will help da ppl. And then mahamantri comes wid a plant and da king is smelling da plant. Damu asks why they need to smell dat and its a dhania plant.they laugh at damu. Bt king tells dat its saung and it’s exported frm neighbour kingdom in order to help da praza. In da kitchen vidhu is cooking da foods fr damu. And then chandu gives her man a bottle of poison and da man mixes da poison wid kheer and hids himself. Vidhu is abt to take a food fr damu. And he sees a cat and feeds it wid some kheer. Da cat is dead. Vidhu takes da food to damu nd in da way he meets veer. He tells him abt da incident. He goes away. Then vees recalls vidhu’s words abt da cat falling ill after eating da kheer.

Precap:maharaj is saying da there is poison in kheer. Vidhu says dat there was poison in da food. And chandu goes to suggu and tells dat damu is dead and he will go b4 king wid his crocodile tears.

Update Credit to: MUNIASTUART

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