Savitri 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 22nd May 2013 Written Update

On the Road:
The man tells Savitri your married, but you both didn’t consummate your marriage, your husband is not strong enough to give you the pleasure of being a wife. Savitri is shocked to know how come he knows about their marriage consummation, Vikrant tells the man to shut up. He replies why are you jumping into this, just because your girlfriend left you within 3 months. He then tells Savitri realizes that Vikrant has been listening to all about their marriage consummation, she feels embarrassed & requests Vikrant to move, the man continues to make fun, he tells her why are you running behind that husband of yours instead leave him & find someone new. Savitri tells him I came to you as I thought I will ask you about Dhumketu but you are blabbering other stuff, saying so she leaves.

The man suddenly says I can blabber about Rahukaal, Tara Dwar & Pravesh Mani in a similar manner. Both Savitri & Vikrant freeze!

He tells Savitri you got down from the car to ask me why I waved at you twice, because you desired to meet me. Savitri is spellbound she reacts you’re Dhumketu! He replies no I’m Rahukaal & keeps laughing, look at your at ur faces he says, then stops them to reveal his identity that he is Dhumketu & let’s be serious.

He tells Savitri – I’m happy to meet you, turns to Vikrant & says sorry can’t say the same for you. He tells Vikrant no need to go to Kolhapur to meet him between 10 – 6. Vikrant is like how come he knows, he further adds that not only Vikrant, everyone thinks he is insane. Vikrant is taken aback! Dhumketu says he can read minds.
Dhumketu asks Savitri why is she doing this for a man who is unable to support her in this trying times, Savitri pleads him to help her unlock the mystery of Tara Dwar. He says not now, I’m not in right state of mind. Savitri tells him to give his address, she will come & meet him, he replies didn’t you properly listen to the sadhu, you can meet ke only if I wish to & disappears. Vikrant taunts Savitri, you are asking help from this crazy man to save your husband, God is enough to save him. Dhumketu re-aapears & says God only has been saving you all this days, he tells them take this handful of rice, if you want you can eat this & suddenly senses something. He opens his eyes & tells you should immediately rush home your Satya has turned Ravaan & will kill his mother, go stop him. He gives them both a fistful of rice.

At RC House:
Satya is holding Leena by her throat & drags her to the stairs, he keeps on asking where is Savitri, Leena is unbale to breathe – she is worried about Satya’s behaviour, she asks him what happened to you. Savitri comes in & sees this. She screams for Satya – she runs towards him & freezes on the spot as she could see the magic snakes over Satya’s shoulders. Upon seeing Savitri, Satya pushes Leena down, Leena falls from the stairs & is unconscious. Savitri runs to her aide. She then tries to stop Satya. The black magic effect seems to fade in Savitri’s presence, Savitri tells Satya to look at her & use his will power to overcome it. Satya tries to but the snakes take over & instigate him to hit Savitri. Satya holds Savitri & tries to hit her at head using a flower vase, Savitri manages to somehow dodge it. Satya then again holds her & tries to drag her, it is then Savitri notices his fingers & finds the ring missing. She understands. Satya throws Savitri to floor. Rahukaal who has been noticing all this laughs at Savitri. Savitri asks him what is he doing here, he says he has come to help Savitri realize how wrong her decision was to chose Satya over him. For last 1000 years I have suffered your hatred, now you will suffer the same hatred from him.

At Crematorium:
Vikrant is trying to practice something, he is meditating. Dhumketu appears & asks him what is he doing. Vikrant counter questions him what is he doing here, he appears only when some one thinks of him, Dhumketu corrects him saying he also appears as per his own wish. Then Dhumketu asks Vikrant, what is he doing – Vikrant says he is practicing the art of lighting a bonfire. Dhumketu says use a match stick, Vikrant says he can’t, Dhumketu says if you don’t want to use a match stick use a lighter – Vikrant says he is praticing the art of lighting the bon fire with his body heat – that’s an art. Dhumketu then tells him a story of 2 brothers – one good, one carefree. One police officer, the other a shortcut taker, then one day a demon kills the good brother. Vikrant looks at Dhumket as he is narrating the story of Vikrant & Dev.

At RC House:
Savitri tries to take Satya to temple, Satya throws her away. Rahukaal mocks Savitri saying see your Satya is hitting you, Savitri tells its not Satya, its your black magic effect thats making him hit me. Savitri tells Rahukaal, what do you think you will make my husband do wrong & I’ll stand & see this, I will help him regain his composure. I’ll find the ring back, Rahukaal tells her forget the ring, handle your husband first. Savitri goes to find the ring, Rahukaal uses his powers to throw the ring that Satya has removed out in garden in the bushes.

Rahukaal makes Satya wander in brothels, he tells Savitri your husband will do everything that you consider as bad & cheap. He will become a slave to all bad habits. Satya under the influence of black magic goes to a pr*stitute – Savitri s helpless. Some guys surround Savitri & she is very scared.

Update Credit to: poppins

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