Savitri 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with damyanti and the king sitting in the puja, damyanti is feeling uneasy but still tries to sit and pray. The king stands up and so does damyanti but she wants to faint and the king is worried and asks damyanti why she is soo weak and damynati says she is feeling weak and like someone is pulling her energy out since she entered the room and she says that last time she came nothing like that had happened but what has happened now ?

The king worriedly tells her that has she commited a sinbecause things like that only happen when u have commited a sin or said something she was not supposed to as a princess ,the king asks if she hurt someone with her words or did she hurt an innocent person , damyanti the recalls her words to veer
Damyanti hids the truth that she insulted

The king then advices damyanti that she should not be hurting anyone if she wants to worship paras money.Vishkaniya is hiding right there and she over hears there conversation .

On the other side vidhu is complaning to himself that he had come to learn AYAARI but he is working a servant and veer comes and asks him if he saw a snake and vidhu. Is soo scared of a snake and stammering he asks which snake and veer tells him if he would know he would not have been asking and he warns vidhu to say safe and in a hurry vidhu bangs into damynatis freind uttra and she screams at him, the vidhu tells her that veer is the soldie who saved damyanti outside the kul devi mandir and he was the one who risked his life to save the princess infront of the tiger .Uttra is all shocked.

scene changes and damyanti says she knows who she has hurt and she asks for forgiveness that she can not him the name of the person she has hurt and the king says he would not even ask. But she has to repent and damyanti asks how and the kings says that she should think herself he says maybe she could ask for forgiveness and damyanti is shocked and asks if there any other way the king says no and if that person forgives her then only she can touch the paras money and that would mean her repentance is accepted. And then the king let’s damyanti go and tells her to think over all that he said.Damyanti nods and leaves and veer is right behind her. And while walking she has flash back of all her father said to her and what she said to veer
And veer then calls her and says sorry to her for all he said
and the veer spots a snake and he stops dmayanti from moving and goes while uttra tells damyanti the truth at that time she tells her that veer saved her from kaali mandir and he saved her from the tiger and also he was beaten by chandu but did not say that it was damyanti who challnged him first

Damynati is very stressed and literally wants to cry she realises her mistake and thanks uttara and goes in search for veer to apologize to him
Damyanti tells veer that she never knew that the senapati was soo harsh on veer and he beat him blue and black she says uttara told her that he was the one who saved her and she says that she understands that he is angry and she asks for forgiveness and VIDHU comes and says that why is veer speechless. Damyanti asks veer why he is quite dispite the fact she has asked for forgiveness VEER tells her that she should go back to the room and damynati asks if that’s all he has to say and Veer nods and says yes and damyanti leaves and veer is behind her
Vidhu says to himself that in the battle filled veer is a hard metal and infront od the princess he is a soft bottle gourd ( ROFL)
And vidhu has a small conversation with uttra which has uttra complaining on veer and vidhu says he will explain him.

VIshkaniya goes to RK and tells him that she now knows all about the paras mani and she says that the way to reach goes from a hiden tunnel and RK asks if she saw the paras mani and she nods in yes.

Chandu again starts his chak chak but fails miserably as he is not successful in provoking the commander against veer. Damyanti then steps in the scene and screams at Chandall singh and tell him that no one can hurt her body guard without her permission and he yells at him BAD

Precap: chandu’s one servant puts poison in the kheer and chandu says byee byee the princess in his chak chak chak style

Update Credit to: vampire12345678

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