Savitri 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Savitri lights candle in front of Jesus and cries. She considers Jesus her everything , she follows his path always ,then why all these are happening with her , since childhood she can see dead people (flashes of the spirits popped up with her words) and now why this dream is coming ?( flashes of Rahukal were shown) . Savitri says she is scared, she can’t understand why all these are happening with her and her tears continued rolling. In the meantime Mishti ran towards her and says he is lost in your dream, Savitri ignores her but she kept saying , that he has fallen love with her and his eyes were expressing it, she has seen the way he was watching her. Savitri turned back and Misti shouted Satya..Savitri stopped . Mishti says the person was Satyavan Roychaudhry son of Ashish Roychaudhury ,

they belong to a very rich family. She very well knows them.

Satya at his home was asking to someone to come soon on phone and then only he starts dreaming about Savitri. A detailed dream sequence was shown of Satya and Savitri romancing with the song Ishq Sufiyana ( the scene was really romantic) . then danced , flower showered on them and at last he hugged her only then the dream broke and Satya found Savitri is nowhere near him , he smiles .

Meanwhile a gyp in full speed stopped before Satya’s house, the person holds his revolver ,on the mirror his sunglass were shown , then he jumped from the car and takes out his sunglass, a servant comes and the person asks for Satya and says he has come to arrest Satya , the servant got shocked , then Satya’s mother comes and asks what had Satya done? The person comes to her and says he has arrest warrant for Satya , Satya’s mom says then go and arrest him , the cop got shocked , Satya’s mom says Satya is also waiting for him . then both of them laughs and give a high five and he winks to the servant and enters into house embracing aunty. Kulika flies over their mansion as form of Hawk.

Satya asked his friend’s help as a cop to trace the girl for whom he has fallen for. But his friend says there are thousands of girl named Savitri in this city how he will find a girl with the help of just a name? Satya becomes impatient and scolds him that in spite of being in police he can’t find a girl then how will he arrest the criminals? Dev (well not sure was it the name) says there are hints to arrest a criminal , Satya says then he already gave hints, the girl’s name is Savitri , she came with children in Victoria Garden for picnic , what else does he need? Dev gives a fade up look . then Satya remember and shouts Bus , the bus in which they came there was a church’s and school’s name written on it. Dev thinks and says in this area there is only one church ok he will investigate. Satya continues saying that he is not understanding what’s going with him , first time he saw her then it seems like Dev interupted teasing him addressing him 1942 love story.

Here Savitri in garden was saying to Mishti when she met Satya it seems she has met him earlier , Mishty continued teasing her . they were lighting the candles when mother superior comes to Savitri and says someone from Sreerampore has come to meet her . Savitri becomes confused and goes out of prayer room in search of that person , and she gets scared to see a woman while turning back . the woman says she comes to know about her from Debu’s mother ,she has come to her with much hope, Savitri becomes uncomfortable. The woman continues Sreerampore is suffering from horror only Savitri can save people of Sreerampore. Savitri tries to ignore her but the woman held her hand and started pleading .saying she is talking about her own son , from last 3 years he has snatched Sreerampore’s peace. Only Savitri can free his spirit. She knows Savitri can see dead people . Before Savitri could say something mother superior comes and says that she is not saying Savitri to help the woman but she only can say that first time someone has come to her like this and none returns on empty hand from the home of God. Savitri agrees to help the woman.

By boat Savitri sails on the Ganges with the lady. The lady chants Gayatri Mantra before she rides on boat.After the boat starts sailing the mother unfolds the story of her son Sarthak, once who was praised by people of Shreerampore , Sarthak studied in a college of Shreerampore and stayed in college hostel . He was good in both study and sports. But once she got a call from his college that Sarthak is missing for 4 days . Mother reachesto the college and principal informs her Sarthak is neither in college nor in hostel , they searched him everywhere but he was not found , only then a peon horrified ran to them screaming , and led them to chemistry lab where mother found Sarthak naked and bald with LOSER written on his forehead. After that Sartak remained silent forever. One day he watched herself on Mirror and went mad crying like crazy and started hurting himself with compass in a closed room, mother shouted to stop him and knocked the door but couldn’t open the door. and Sarthak died in front of everyone’s eyes. After that incident mother got to know that some students are being killed ( some blo*dy dead body were shown) in the college and everyone is sure that Sarthak is doing this as his cry was heard in that time. The boat reached to Sreerampore , the woman again chanted Gayatri Hymn. Savitri asked the reason , she said Sarthak always chanted the hymn and believed on its power.

Precap of next week
Savitri reached to the college , the spirit had become destructive now , the woman said she has made mistake bringing Savitri here, she asks er to go back , but Savitri still goes to talk to Sarthak , Sarthak attack her pulling her hair and says he will not leave anyone , Savitri becomes terribly injured , the mother went to seek help and stops the car driving by Satya. Savitri was brought in hospital and Satya warnsto princiapal he will not leave anyone if anything wrong happens with Savitri. A nurse asks his name he answers Satyavan Roychaudhury , the nurse looked at him.She is none other than Kulika . She mutters Roychaudhury with twinkling eyes.

Update Credit to: Kadamvari

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