Savitri 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 21st February 2013 Written Update

Satya keeps on looking at Savitri, gets attracted to her. Misti smiles seeing both of them. Kids are playing with coloured paper planes. One lands on Satya, He looks at it throws it back. Saviti tells kids to play.
One soul, a men’s, named Preetam, comes to meet Savitri, asks her o help him. She refuses initially but agrees later on. Misti asks her whom is she talking to? Savitri says no one. She asks Mishti to look after the children. Preetam’s soul gets her to the river bank where his family members are doing his Shardhha puja. He shows his wife who is crying, standing away. His bro & mother are not including her in the puja, considering her responsible for his death. Asks her to stop them as his bros were going for his asthi visarjan.
Savitri stops his brothers from doing

the asthi visarjan. They refuse to listen to her. Their mother comes asking to know what is the matter? savitri tells his mother, it is his son’s wish that his asthi visarjan should be done by his wife Jyotsana. She tells Savitri, he used to hate Jyotsana. He used to love her but.
She tells him about the incident when Preetam was 8 years old, had fallen down & got hurt. You went running to find a doc about him. You cared only for his pain not yours. Preetam’s mother asks her how does she know about this? Savitri says her son Preetam told her. He wants to talk to Jyptsana.
Savitri becomes a medium in conveying Preetam’s message to Jyptsana- In their last moments, they were in a car, he was driving, was thinking about telling her how much he loves her & will continue doing so till his last breath, suddenly his car hits a passing Truck, resulting in that accident. He loved her & asks for forgiveness on behalf of his family members.
Hearing this his mother crys. Asthi visarjaan is done from Jyotsana’s hand along with all family members. Preetam’s soul is freed, is shown going in a boat in water. She thanks Savitri after the rituals are over for making her aware of her husband’s love. Wishes Savitri to get one who will love her a lot. Preetam’s mother blesses her with all the happiness of the World.
While returning back Savitri passes through a Majadur Union’s moracha, attended by Satya & his father. Once again their hands touches, making Savitri faving the similar feeling of an familiar touch & connection. Satya turns back looking for her but she has already gone.
In the cave, Kulika tells her bro. Rahukal, there is some Mayavi Shakti which is stopping Satya & Savitri meeting. She sees Baba, says he is giving power to Savitri.
Baba comes to a place, looking at the sky says he has fulfilled the responsibality given to him. Veer & Damayanti have returned after 1000 years. But they were very brave, where as these 2 are ordinary Humans. One Angel baba (couldn’t find his proper name) comes from Sky. Tells him to have patience. Baba continues, first he gave her power to face death, then he arranged for her & Satya’s meeting, so she remebers her past birth.
The Angel baba tells him to beware of Kulika, she shouldn’t know about Pious powers, that are protecting Savitri. Baba asks the Angel Baba, why so much secrecy is maintained, who answers, the moment Veer & damayanti meets, the pcs of Rahukal’s body at the Pious places will get activated & will Unite. Once Rahkal is back then he can not be finished. So Veer & Damayanti’s meeting should be stopped till they remember their past birth & realize their strength.

Precap: Mishti tells Savitri, she has seen love in his eyes. She asks Mishti who is he? Satya is the answer.
A cop comes in a jeep aat satya’s house, tells his mother about an arrest warunt for Satya.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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