Savitri 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 1st July 2013 Written Update

Savitri tells RK she knew it was hard for him inside the fourth Dwar too. RK asks if she was worried about him (he’s blushing ). He then bursts into laughter and says Damyanti is worried about RK. He reminds Savitri how he had told her she would start to care about him by the end of the journey. Savitri is uneasy. RK asks if she was really worried about him. Savitri avoids the question and walks ahead. RK is very happy.

Vishgati is looking in her magical bowl, she sees everything that has happened. She is pleased to know RK gave up his Pravesh Mani for Savitri as he will now get to find out what she is up to. She thinks whatever Savitri was doing uptil now she couldnt see but now her son RK will see everything and get to know her reality.

Savitri and RK walking together, he tells Savitri

they will soon be in TaaraDwar. They see a river. Savitri thinks to herself how they will cross it. RK tells her not to worry, as long as he is there he will not let her drown. She tells him if shes not afraid of dying then why will she be afraid of drowning, he knows this very well. As Savitri walks forward RK answers back saying you may not be worried about your life but he is worried about her life and she knows it too. Savitri ignores him and continues walking. As she walks to the edge, the river parts and steps form. Savitri hesitantly takes the first step. She and RK walk down together and across the river.

They enter a cage where there is a woman sitting spinning. Savitri tells the woman she thinks they got lost on the way to TaaeaDwar and if she could tell them the way. The woman in a harsh tone tells them if there was no other way then probably this is the way to TaaraDwar. She tells them there is no danger here. All they will see here is their past, present and future. If they dont see it then theres no danger. RK asks her what riddle is this. She tells him it is not a riddle and tells them the way to TaaraDwar. RK surprisingly asks thats it, theres no danger. The lady replies there is one danger, of getting lost. She tells them she will give them a ball of wool, one end will be with her and the rest with them. If they drop the ball of wool then they will not be able to get it back. The wool will be lost and so will they. Savitri asks who she is and what the wool means. The lady replies its the wool of your life, it shouldnt break or be lost. She tells them it will show you your past, present or future and it is up to you what you make of it. RK looks at her curiously.

Dhoomketu sitting high up on a cliff with his eyes closed. He has a vision of a meteor hitting earth and Damyanti slashing her neck. The meteor lands on earth and a temple emerges. DK opens his eyes and says he has waited 1000 years for Damyanti, will she be successful this time, will he be free.

The lady holds out her hand and the ball of string comes in her palm. She puts it at the top of her spinning wheel which magically ties itself then gives it to Savitri. She tells them to go one by one otherwise the string will get tangled. RK tells her Damyanti wont go alone. The woman tells him he can go without the string but he will get lost and nothing will be of use to him. Or he can return the way he came from the steps. RK insists on not letting Damyanti go alone. Savitri tells him not to argue. This is the first time there is someone who wants to help her without wanting something from her and wants to help her. They dont have much time and they have to trust her. RK tells her to go ahead and be careful, he will come behind her. If he sees any danger then he will handle it. As Savitri takes a few steps the woman says she told them there is no danger inside, they will only see visions of their past, present and future lives. If the ball of string drops then the vision will disappear and they will get lost. She asks Savitri if she knows what shes saying. Savitri replies yes. Savitri starts walking.

Savitri walks into the beautiful white cave. On one wall she sees Satya and becomes happy. Its them when they were in Andaman dancing outside the tent then in the tent on the bed. Savitri thinks its the most adorable memory of her past. As she walks further she sees herself in the present, in the cave, saying, if it was up to her then she would drop RKs string of life right here then he would be trapped in this cave forever and all her problems would be over. But until this journey ends she has to keep RK with her. Savitri thinks how it could be possible as she was thinking about this just a while back. Her past and present are completely right but what will she see in her future.

The woman tells RK its his turn to go in now. RK tells the woman to be quiet and takes the ball of string from her and enters the cave. RKs sees his past, it him taking out his heart, going on his knees and offering it to Damyanti and she giving him the ‘if looks could kill’ look. He says it his most loving memory from the past and laughs.
In the present he has Satya tied up and holding a dagger to his neck telling he can kill him now as he is complete(his body). Damyanti will only be his, Satya says no. RK laughs and brutally slashes Satyas neck RK is very happy as its what hes been dreaming about everyday and its going to come true.

Savitri is walking, she sees the tunnel in the cave coming to and end and says she hasnt seen her future yet. She sees her future and is shocked. She is looking completely different, not like the simple Savitri. She is with Satya and RK and telling Satya she has made her decision, she is now only RKs Satya says no to her, it cant be. Savitri tells him it is, she is not going to repeat the mistake she made 1000 years ago. She turns towards RK and holds his hand. Satya is in tears. (Ridhi is looking beautiful in the future scene ). Savitri is shocked and says how can it be her future. she must change her future and her destiny. Savitri is afraid about her future. She thinks if she can see what she doesnt want to then RK will be able to see that she wants to capture him in the future, she must stop him. She runs back.

RK is about to look into his future, he says what can he see new in his future. He has seen his future and it will definitely come true. His future is Damyanti and she will be his. He sees Savitri picking up his legs, in the red cloth. Then he sees her with the shining triangle. He asks himself what she could be doing. Before he can see anything else Savitri shouts out to him. He sees her come running, she almost falls. RK drops his ball of string and runs to her. Savitri sees his ball vanish. He asks whats wrong, if there is danger ahead or if she is afraid of a danger ahead. She tells him the coming future can be scary. He asks what she saw in her future. She tells him the same thing that happened to her 1000 years ago and she wants to change her future. RK tells her he is her future and was her future. She lost whoever she chose because he, RK, is her future. There was no place for Veer in her life then or Satya in her life now. His visions were showint him that too. He turns around to see the future vision has vanished. Savitri is relieved. He realises he has lost his ball of string and wonders where it is. He remembers when he dropped it.
RK turns around and walks towards Savitri. He asks if she was really scared about her future or she didnt want him to see his future or shes hiding something from him. He orders her to answer him or else he will throw her ball of string away and they will both be lost in this cave forever, together. He’s standing behind her and caressing her hair with his face and saying how they will be very close Savitri moves away. RK backs he rup against the wall. He tells her they are at a place where they will be alone here for the rest of their lives and no can separate them. He cant ask for more than this. He tells her to answer him.

Its night and Dhoomketu is still at the top of a cliff. He is holding two balls of light in his hands and is struggling. He says to alert RK, Vishgati has sent a message to him.
Savitri is walking behind RK in the woods. Something in her bag glows, she covers it with her dupatta.
RK thinks why does he feel his mother is calling him. Savitri thinks why RK stopped all of a sudden. RK turns around to see Savitri hiding her bag.
Dhoomketu saying Vishgati is meditating as she wants to change RKs future.
RK comes face to face with Savitri and looks at her.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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