Savitri 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 19th July 2013 Written Update

Episode start with damyanti being rejected for ayyari training and further veer entering with vidhu. Right in front of damyanti, rajguru asks veer if he wishes to learn ayyari and further praises veer that how he is eligible to learn ayyari being a responsible dedicated sainik. Veer asks for an apology and replies that he is not interested in training as he is a warrior and hence wishes to be best in sword fighting so he doesn’t want to loose concentration in his field. Rajguru praises veer 4 his dedication and accepts his decision but also adds that his school door will be always open to veer and he do can come n learn if he wishes.

Damyanti is pissed by all these and after a hot glare session she says veer that he is wasting his time during which he needs to serve her and adds him to meet her

back at her room. She takes permission from rajguru n leaves angrily.

As soon as damyanti leaves , vidhu says to rajguru that veer is never gonna say himself as if why he was asked by senapati to come there. Vidhu takes off veer’s shirt to show the wounds all over his body and soon rajguru asks them to follow him for medicine.

Damyanti is at her room and angry over the fact that she was ignored and rejected by rajguru to learn ayyari and at the same time veer was offered all easily. She feels dejected as all people in mahal are behind veer and his talent after the small task of saving her from tiger. She is angry over the fact that veer is taking more time in reaching the room. She brings out her intention in learning ayyari and just then remembers nakshatra and uttara being themselves ayyars. Damyanti asks them to teach her to which both friends give a disappointed node, as teaching ayyari is just in hands of rajguru. Damyanti is all sad and sits down that nakshatra and uttara brings out the idea of teaching veer a lesson by their ayyari skills. Damyanti is joyful hearing that and soon veer comes in.

As soon as veer enters and bows down in front of damyanti, she signals her friends to start their play. First nakshatra through her skills creates an animal( same animation as in mahadev) . Damyanti and friends acts as if afraid while veer takes out his sword to kill the same. But as soon as veer tries to hit animal with sword, it disappears. Veer is confused and backs off that uttara brings up her skill to create a man with sword. Again same drama occurs and at the end damyanti and friends laughs out loud.

Damyanti starts off abusing veer as he is nothing like the one others are praising and how he is incapable as in not even differentiating fake n real things. She boasts…If he thinks that saving her from tiger is a great thing, then he is wrong as that can be easily done by a normal hunter. She went on and says that she doesn’t need a bodyguard and she herself is capable to protect her and also that he is an insect infront of him. further she asks veer to take out his sword and resume sword fi8 which got interrupted earlier because of his inefficiency in controlling sword thereby cutting her hand.

Veer is all emotionless and takes out his sword only to throw it in air. While other 3 were shocked n feared, the sword comes and falls over a scorpion which was proceeding towards damyanti. Veer comes closer and bends to take his sword. He replies damyanti that he doesn’t have the responsibility of fighting with her and his duty is only to protect her. He adds how he is one among a poor citizen who is asked to do a duty and he shall always do his duty in protecting her even if he have to shed his life. He further says by considering him as enemy she is just hurdling his duty and her safety, so she must talk to king straightly regarding taking him off his post, thereby relieving him and herself. Damyanti is very much angered and ask if he is teaching her to which veer replies coolly that he is just helping them both from the tension.

Damyanti is all angry while he takes permission n leaves. Once he leaves damyanti is all sad and disappointed. She asks his friends what veer meant all along the speech. How could he say her to be incapable in protecting herself. Nakshatra an uttara tries to pacify princess and says that veer is a fool and just like his body fat is accumulated in his brain too.

Damyanti is all sad that king enters. He enquires damyanti as why she was sad. She covers the matter and asks why he was there and that she woukd have reached him if he instructed. King says that they hardly had a good talk all those days while arguments were more and he just came to spend some time with his daughter alone. He asks her to accompany him while damu says if he wishes she shall send his friends out. King rules out that idea and takes damyanti with him while veer follows.

Nak n uttara is suspicious as why king took damyanti out alone. King again asks on the way as why she being raunak of country is disappointed, if some1 talked to her harshly or anything. Damyanti nodes in disapproval and they proceeded. After reaching a place within mahal king asks veer not to accompany as they are safe there. Veer nodes and moves away while king and damu proceeds to a room…

Veer is walking through the corridor and thinks if he had done wrong in saying all those to princess…he walks forward that he sees a snake(vishkanya) moving through the mahal. Veer follows the snake but then it gets hidden behing a pillar and gets transformed to vishkanya.. She in human roop walks away and veer stops her questioning if she saw a snake..She covers her face with dupatta and replies that she hasn’t. seen… Veer is confused and vishkanya walks away in disguise of a mahal serwant…

King takes damyanti to the place where parasmay is kept…and driving soldiers away, he says damyanti that he brought her for doing pooja on parasmay…

They moves down the underground path and reaches the place where stone of prosperity is kept. On entrance itself damyanti gets uneasiness and a fainting sensation…Ignoring it she sits down with king for pooja while she continues feeling uneasiness. Vishkanya who followed them too reaches the place and identifies that its that stone which is the strength of the kingdom and its prosperity.

Precap: Uttara comes to damyanti and informs her that how she was misunderstanding veer..and declares the truth that its him who saved damyanti at kalimandir..damyanti is shocked hearing that ( today i realised that damu haven’t seen veer at his small hut evvn after entering lol and he being bed ridden) :

Update Credit to: snowdream

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