Savitri 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 19th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with baby Savitri being looked after by the Nuns as well as Debu’s Mother looking after Savitri.As time passes by Savitri grows up to become a yung girl of 7/8 years of age.

At a picnic at Ganga Ghat,Savitri is talking with Debu’s mother about Debu when she spots Debu.Debu’s mother is alarmed when Savitri tells her that Debu is waiting for her for so long,as she had promised him Kulfi.Debu’s mother is told by Baba-Savitri is no normal child-she is a blessed child.She is the one who can see the dead,not only see them but talk to them too.

Debu’s mother asks Savitri to take her to her son.Debu tells Savitri to tell his mother that he waited for her that day to get Kulfi for him.Debu’s mother recalls what happened that fateful night-she left Debu near the

Ghat.Debu through Savitri tells her that after she had left him near the Ghat,he got pushed into the river by the crowd-hence drowning and dying.

Debu’s mother breaks down on realizing her son is dead,as Savitri is alarmed that the boy she was talking to is a spirit.Savitri is scared,but Baba explains her to her powers-how how she is blessed,with powers that are God given only once in a 1000 years.How she will be the one to provide liberations to many souls.

Debu’s mother,Baba as well as Savitri sit for Debu’s last rights pooja,placing 2 Kulfis in a leaf bowl as that was Debus last wish.Debu tells Savitri to take care of his mother ,he cannot see her crying like this,and tells her that now he will leave.Savitri puts the leaf bowl in Ganga,and with that Debu’s spirit gets liberated.

Debu’s mother touched Savitri’s feet and expresses her gratitude for liverating her son.And hence names her “Savitri”-the one who can fight death.However Savitri is scared and runs away recalling all that she has been told.As Savitri runs,a leap of time happens and Savitri has grown into a beautiful young woman(Riddhi-yeah!).

However Savitri sees not one but many spirits haunt her asking for liberation.

Savitri runs to the Church and asks God-Why her?Why not anyone else?.

Mother Superior arrives and tells her that she is blessed to have such a power.Every religion has the concept of a soul being liberated-being it Hinduism or Christianity.But not everyone gets liberated and many stay back as spirits-it is she who can give them thier final destination. Savitri says she is scared-and always wonders why only her.Mother Superior tells her that she is a blessed child,and soon she will come to know the purpose of her life.

Meanwhile a young man is driving down the streets of Kolkatta with two singers sitting behind his bike singing(Bengali tune-with Hindi/Bengali word).

He drops them near Ganga Ghat and finally Grown up Satya’s face is revealed.He asks the singers what did the song they were singing mean.They say it was a song about Love-how no one can escape it.Satya grins and says he will never fall in Love,as the Singer smilingly says he will never know when it will happen to him,love happens to everyone.And one day he will realize it when he hears a “ghanti” bell ringing.

Satya smiles and leaves,meanwhile Kulika(in hawk avatar) is watching,and leaves to meet Rahukal.

Kulika smiles and tells him-that Damyanti and Veer have been reborn as Savitri and Satyavan-now its time thier story will get its Yamraj-otherwise how will it be complete?

Savitri is in a bus as Satyavan tries to see her face.Both of them come face to face as they try to save as nest and Savitri gets flashbacks of her past.

Update Credit to: shruti

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