Savitri 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 18th July 2013 Written Update

At Chandal Singh’s Place

Veer is still tied to the poles and Chandal Singh is mocking him. He says that he can bear the punishment and not agree to what he says ? Veer replies in a determined voice that he can bear any punishment but will not compromise with his duties. Chandal Singh is enraged and orders his men to keep on beating him till he doesn’t agree to what he says.

At The Palace

Damyanti screams as and gets up form the bed. Her mother, doctor and Rajguru are sitting beside her. She is frightened of the injection and they are trying to make her understand that she has to take it. She complains about Veer but her mother and everyone defends him for they know the truth. She gets up of the bed and walks towards the balcony where she drops the vase and becomes upset. A maid

comes and informs the Rajguru that the students are ready to perform Aiyyari.

At Chandal Singh’s Place

Chandal Singh’s servant is about to whip Veer when someone holds it from behind. All turn behind and are shocked while Veer smiles. It is the Senapati and he stops them and everyone is scared. Vidu begs him to free Veer while he nods. He looks at Veer and then asks Chandal Singh about the matter. He blames Veer for everything while Senapati screams at him saying that Veer has been selected as the princess’s bodyguard and the King has allowed him to use any way in protecting the princess. He continues saying that if he punishes Veer or speaks anything to him, he first has to take permission from him. Veer is freed while Chandal Singh is left humiliated and in anger (His servants run off). The Senapati and Veer have a chat.

At The Grounds

Rahukaal and Vishkanya are about to enter the palace when some arrows come their way but Vishkanya saves Rahukaal. The arrows disappear. She pleads him to let her go first so that any danger would first approach her and not harm him. She changes into a snake and proceeds into the palace.

At Rajguru’s Place

Damyanti is watching the people practice Aiyyaria and her attention is diverted and by that time the doctor pricks in the needle and she doesn’t realizes. She is watching someone practice the invisible trick and smirks thinking of something. She asks the Rajguru to teach her Aiyyari, especially the invisible trick. Rajguru laughs and says that she wants to learn this so that she can run off the palace without anyone knowing ? She still tries to negotiate with him but is unsuccessful.

At Chandal Singh’s Place

Veer and Vidu have a talk and Veer still defends Damyanti when Vidu says of taking revenge from her because Veer believes that it is his duty to protect her dignity. Veer and Vidu leave to meet Rajguru.

At Rajguru’s Place

Damyanti is still trying to talk the Rajguru into teaching her Aiyyari but he says that not everyone can learn it and she feels offended. Veer and Vidu walk in and as soon as he hears the princess’s name he downcast his eyes and starts with his blind act (ROFL).

Rajguru asks him about his parents and education but he says that he has learnt everything from this mother Earth. Guruji asks him that if he would like to learn Aiyyari because he has all the capabilities of a person who can learn everything in Aiyyari. Damyanti is extremely angry for Rajguru selected him over her.

Precap : Damyanti screams at Veer that their fight was left in between last time but now she wants to finish it and show him that he is nothing in front of her. Nakshatra and Uttara look at them worried. Veer is enraged and he draws his sword and is shown slashing it down and Damyanti closes ehr eyes.

Update Credit to: catty2000

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