Savitri 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 18th February 2013 Written Update

The opening scene … A beautiful palace … an architectural masterpiece …and awesomely furnished interiors,… shows beautiful Princess Damayanti … in flowing royal blue robes and heavy ethnic jewellery running to save her lover … Senapati Veer, who has been tricked into fighting a duel unto death by Raahu Kaal .Bone of contention Princess Damayanti.

As the princess D …gallops away on her horse she is warned of the dangers ahead, by the religoius Priest … , but she pays no heed to his warnings , she is determined to save her love from the Rahu Kaal… but before her eyes RK uses “chhal and bal” and throws S V over the cliff and Pr D fails to save him .But not before the lovers promise each other to be born again … a 100 times if reqiured… just to be together again and

take their revenge from RK.

Pr D is now full of vengeance as she returns to her abode …wants to take badla from RK … as per the advice of the religious heads … only those weapons washed with Pr D’s blood can kill RK… so thus she kills him and cuts him up into 52 pieces and buries him at 52 different Pavitra Sthals …

1000yrs have passed SV is reborn … shown as little boy Sathya (ahhh…the sweetest name in the whole world )to a middle class Bengali family in Kolkata… and a baby girl is born in a boat… on a rainy stormy night …parents drown but the baby is saved by the sister of RK … Kulika…who transforms into a hawk and brings her to the shore…the head priest of Dhakhineshwar Mahakali temple who senses the “Mahaan aatma” and “jeevan ka maqsad” of the baby and advises the new born to be handed over to the convent for good bringing up … Her name is Savitri …

Little boy and baby girl accidentally meet in a freak incident and LO !!! The janam janam ke soulmate s recognise each other and remember their past too… This was the only supernatural element tonight …

Aim of Sathya -Savitri .. to be tog as lovers again

Aim of Kukila … to take revenge from S-S for her brother’s death

Aim of RK to be alive again and rule over the world with terror like the God of Death

What I liked was the Awesome set, the costumes, acting by the entire cast was good, the scenes at Kolkata were good and appeared natural , the photography and cinematography was good , director of lighting did a good job … the fantasy element was kiddish, dunno how the Hawk appeared soo real though … the den of RK was silly with all the toy like skulls they could have just placed a few real ones that a hundred artificial ones… there was nothing scary …only an annoying Hawk…

Update Credit to: Sumana

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