Savitri 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 17th July 2013 Written Update

At The Palace

The episode begins with Damyanti and her friends walking around her room. Damyanti is cursing Veer and Nakshatra says that if she wouldn’t have tricked her then he would have not got a chance to coem in between. Damyanti says that he has done all this just to get the praises of the King. Veer replies from behind that he only did what was needed of him. Damyanti is all angry and walks towards him and asks that how did he dare to disobey her. She asks him if eh is her bodyguard or her father’s. Veer replies that he is the King’s servant and he has to tell him all that happens with her. One of Damyanti’s friends from behind supports Veer, angering her further. She is walking around Veer and says that he is her bodyguard and would protect her but not listen to her instead her

father. He replies that he would only do his job. Damyanti says that, “Fine, do what you want to and i will do what I want to!” Her friend is all Ga – Ga over Veer and is praising his looks and all while Nakshatra replies her to keep quite.

Damyanti sits on her bed and asks Veer if he knows that anger is harmful of a person’s body. He replies in affirmative and she says then he has to take care that she is never angry. She tells him to sing. He is silent and she gets angry and says that why is he quite ? He tells her that he doesn’t know how to sing. Damyanti gets angry and says that if he wants her to not get angry then he must a sing a song. Veer starts singing (). Damyanti tells him to stop and says him that she told him to sing and not imitate a donkey. Veer curls his fist in anger but doesn’t say anything. Nakshatra laughs. Damyanti tells him that singing is not his job and asks him to tell a poem. He says he doesn’t know any poem. Damyanti is angry again and gets up and says then does he know some jokes or a riddle. Her friend interrupts and says that she can tell her a riddle while Damyanti tells her that she is not talking about her. She walks ahead saying that she wants to see if he can do anything other than talking about her to her father. Nakshatra picks up a fruit plate and walks towards her saying that he cannot make her time pass and that is only possible through her friends. Veer draws his sword at Nakshatra and says that his job is to only protect her and not to pass her time. Veer coolly picks up a fruit and tastes it and steps back saying that they are safe and that the princess can have them. Damyanti says that she knows this because her friend shave brought it and they are not her enemies. Nakshatra tries to shout at him but he stops her. Damyanti asks him that why doesn’t he looks at her ? He says that he has taken an oath to not see her face and Damyanti tells him why didn’t he also take an oath to listen to her. He tells her that his oath only included respecting her and she tells him to stop laying with words. She tells him to go out of the room for she needs to dress up. He tells he friends to get out too. Nakshatra again gets into a rift with him and finally he agrees to go out and count till 200 (). He leaves. Damyanti tells her friends that if he will never see her face then he would never know who is the princess among them. The three smile.

Vidu is being taken into the palace to the Rajguru. A guard leaves him at a place. He is left amazed looking at the people performing Ayyiari.

At The Palace

The door opens and Veer turns around and sees Nakshatra dressed in the princess dress and assumes it to be the princess. She tells him that she is going for a stroll and he follows her. Damyanti and Uttara come from behind and tells her to go that way and she would go behind Veer and see how he would stop her from going anywhere without seeing her.

At Rajguru’s Place

Vidu is not able to answer any of the Rajguru’s questions. He asks him to tell one skill in which he is perfect and he replies cooking. The Rajguru tells his man to take him to the cook and that he would help him and he would see if his skill in cooking would help in Ayyiari. Vidu is left disheartened.

At The Palace

Damyanti and her friends are dressed in the same dress and are wlaking around Veer and laughing. Veer is in a dilemma, thinking about the real princess while Damyanti tells him to find her. He recollects the night eh had picked her in his arms and the anklets she was wearing. He keeps his sword in front of the real princess and tells her that she cannot go any further form here. The three drew out their swords and Damyanti says that no one has been born yet who can stop her and that she would go wherever she wishes to, if he dares if should try to stop.

Veer picks up his sword and the three attack him together but he stops them. The four fight and Veer is winning.

In The Corridors

Chandal Singh is walking along the corridors with his servant and is cursing Veer. He spots them fighting.

In Damyanti’s Room

The three are still fighting and Damyanti gets hurt. Chandal Singh picks up the chance and starts shouting at him. Nakshatra takes Damyanti with her and Chandal Singh takes Veer with him.

Outside The Palace

Vishkanya and Rahukaal are walking outside the kingdom when she tells him that he shouldn’t go any further because the effect of his presence is clearly visible as the flowers and grasslands are all fading away but Rahukaal says that his powers are nothing in front of Champanagar’s powers because very soon the flowers and all return back. Vishkanya says that still it is not safe for him because many might notice the slight change also. She tells him that his sister knew that it is dangerous for him here but still she insisted on him coming. It seemed as though she is his enemy and not his sister. Rahukaal gets enraged and chokes her while warning her to never say anything about his sister again. She starts to say something but he walks ahead.

At Some Random Place

Veer is tied to two poles and is being whipped and he is bleeding but eh doesn’t even flinch. Chandal Singh says that he has to accept that whatever happened was done purposely while he just keeps on staring at him. Vidu comes and begs him to stop this and atleast tell him his fault. Chandal Singh says that he would be whipped till he doesn’t accept that eh hurted the princess on purpose. He further says that if he accepts then he would be thrown out of the job but if he doesn’t then he would be killed and he draws his sword. Veer justs looks at him.

Precap : Chandal Singh’s servant is about to whip him again and is mocking him when someone holds the whip form behind and everyone turns to see the person and are shocked while Veer smiles.

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