Savitri 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 16th July 2013 Written Update

The episodes starts with damyanti all scared to see the tiger and tries to move her mashal infront of it while on the other side nakshatra is all worries is finding damyanti. She is really worries and thinks to go back to the mahal and inform every one
Veer comes with his black horse and heavy costume lokking very handsome :p he hears the tiger roaring and is tensed he gets down and runs towards the cliff while damyantis mashal has fallen, veer is still running like a vampire
The tiger is moving toward damyanti and veer comes and puts his hand forward and guess what the tiger stops and the veer back ground music plays veer standing with his sword and damyantoi at his back scared
Intense eye lock between veer and the tiger
Damyanti tells veer why is not attcking and veer says that

he does not attck innocent animals and the tiger literally after having a deep eye lock with veer turns his face and goes way
Damyanti questions veer on what he means by inncoent animal and does he mean to say that damyanti is the culprit she says that she feels that veer brought the animal she asks his name and idnetity and veer says he is a soldies and the kind has appointed him as her body guard from today
Damyanti speaks to herself saying that everyone knows she is not there and everyone is worried and veer agrees to her veer says the kind hiself has send him to look for her damyanti says that he should not tell the kind anything about the tiger or the cliff to her father veer then responds saying that he has to tell everything
Damyanti says its her order that he should not say anything to the king or else the results will be not too good
Damyanti starts to leave and veer goes behind her

Then comes RK scene looking as hot as ever and gullika behind him in a cave looking place and RK looking around very keenly
A womens voice is heard asking RK who is he and what he wants and RK says that who she is
Her eyes are shown and she is angry and says who he is and how dare he come at her house with out permission he is a FOOL
The women comes out and RK grabs her neck sand straggles her keeping his eyes closed at first and then opens them and tells her that she should leave now and how dare she speak to him like that and he tells her he can kill her now but he does not attck weak women and then he let’s her go
The women looks at RK with intense admiration and says says its the first time some one had won over her
She then touched RKs arm seductively and asks who he is .RK turns his face
Gullika comes to the rescue and says he is rahukaal and the girl then kneels down in respect and all worried
RK asks gullika whether does she know her the girl and gullika agrees and says that her name is vishkaniya and she is the maid of kali bhoomi and she has send her to champanagar so that she can do the work which is eyeing on Jay Singh
Gullika then asks vishi if she has done the work given to her and vishi says yeah and looks at RK seductively again
On the other side damyanti and veer are walking and damyanti asks veer why he is following her and veer says that its his duty and he warns her to walk slowly as she can fall due to the stones and damyanti trips over a stone and falls in the hill and veer pulls her up using his manly force asnd damyanti faints and veer carries her
On the other hand RK and vishi and gulli are around a table and vishi tells them that she went to the mahal and nows know a lot
RK asks gulli how comes she went in anmd no one saw her ?? And gulli says that she can change herself as a snake
Vishi shows them a map and explains it ( sorry the hindi was so hard I did not understand) Rk says that all he wants to know where is the secret
In the morning att al gathered at the mahal and the senapati says that before he and chandal singh could reach there Veer had already saved damyanti he says its their good fortune that veer asked her otherwise …
Damyanti cuts in and says that nothing would have happened and the king gets pissed off and says that there is a limit to stubborness too her he tells her why did she go dispite the fact that he was refused
And damyanti is really screamed at she does argue back but is told to shut up and is told that veer will stay with her like a shadow and damyanti leaves
Then Nakshati is screamed at and she nods her head and leaves.
The king tells veer that he is very pleased with him and veer says its his duty
The king says he wants to give veer something and veer says he wants that his freind vidhu should get an opportunity to learnt hsi kind of art from the raj guru qnd he should be given a chance and that would be his gift and the king agrees and praises him again and agrees and the king says that veer is allowed to use all kinds of strategies to control the princess and then veer smiles and million dollar smile and goes
On the other hand RK and team go to this place and can’t enter due to the magical surroundings RK tries to break it but is unsuccessful and gullika is very worried and tells RK what if people get to know that they r here and RK tells her that he is no not scared of anyone and all he is bothered about about is the magical power and how to reach it
Vishi then says that she will try to go and find out about the secret and RK says she does not have to try she has to get the secret out
The scene shifts where RK and team are standing in a cave and RK says that finally they got a way which is an underline pipe and he says he would go and find the pipe and get into the mahal and gullika too supports him
Vishi says that RK shoulkd not go there as Rk is the king od evil powers and if he goes to the pure power the raj guru will immediately find out That they are are evil power out
Vishi says she can go as a snake and do everything but Guulika says that RK should go with her as its neccesary to search for the powers
Vishi again says that its very dangerous and its better that she should go and find out about the. Under ground way and then take RK with a safe route so he should stay safe
Gullika says that how dare she say that something can harm RK and she says that maybe VISHI now wants all the powers herself
RK says that he will go end of discussion
And RK and vishi both leave leaving gulli alone and she smiles her evil smile

Precap: Damyanti and team complaining about veer

Update Credit to: vampire

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